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Siomay time :)

Indonesia is indeed a culinary heaven.
If you have tried Indonesian food, I think you will nod as well..

We are very proud of the richness of our authentice cuisines and delicacies :).

Come to Indonesia and you instantly spot many interesting and of course delicious, culinary destinations.

And todaaay..I feel the urge of eating SIOMAY :).
Have you tried Siomay before?

Siomay is the Indonesian steamed fish cake.

We usually eat it together with hard boiled egg, steamed potatoes and cabbages, spinkled with spicy peanut sauces and sweet soy sauce on top.
Supeeer yuuum :).
If you are alergic to peanuts, you can skip the spicy peanut sauce and still enjoy this delicacy by dipping it to chili and sweet soy sauce. 

It might sound similar to shiumai that you can find in Chinese restaurant but Indonesian version is much more delicious. At least for me :)

And it's not that difficult to make.

So let's try it together..

Are you ready? 

Here are the ingredients: 

some of the ingredients..

For the siomay

-          White fish fillet, 1 lbs 
-          Fresh shrimps, 1 lbs 
-          1 medium shallot or red onion, or as you like
-          2 cloves Garlic, 
-          Salt and pepper, as needed
-          2 spoonful of fish sauce, if you like and as needed
-         Flour and tapioca flour, 1 lbs, as needed (I usually use the ratio 70%              four -30% tapioca)
-          Scallion, finely chopped
-         Grated carrots, for garnish
-          2 Eggs, for mixing 
-          Wonton skin, ready to use

If you like, you can also add the following:

-          Potatoes, steamed
-          Cabbage, briefly steamed 
-          Hard-boiled eggs

Peanut sauce

-          peanut, roasted or fried 
-          onion
-          garlic, crushed
-          chili if you like
-          brown or palm sugar
-          oil
-          salt

How to make it:

For the siomay, put the white fish fillet and fresh shrimps, together with the onion, and       garlic into the food processor and grind them all together. Once it's well mixed, add the salt and fish sauce, then add the flour and tapioca little by little to mix it well. Add the eggs and scallion and mix it well. 

Once our siomay base or the fish paste is ready, take a spoonful of it and put it in the middle of the wonton skin and shape it like a mini cupcake. you can garnish it with grated carrots on top. Steam it for about 15 - 20 minutes until it is well cooked. You can check it with the toothpick to know whether it is ready or not.

For the peanut sauce, grind the peanut, onion, garlic, chili (if you like) and palm sugar. Once it's well mixed, add some water to turn it into sauce. Warm up the skillet, put the  crushed garlic and cook it well, then pour the sauce and slow cook until it's boiling a bit and look like a thick sauce.

Serve the siomay, some hard boiled eggs, potato and cabbage,  with peanut sauce on top. 

If you can't take the peanut sauce, siomay is good to go as well without the sauce.

Hope you like it and enjoy :)