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WW: The Met Fifth Avenue NYC Revisited

Hi, everyone.

Quarantine mode really puts me back on so many trips down memory lanes. COVID-19 really changes our lives and as much as I am tired of doing it, I know it is still the best choice we have for now. 

beautiful painting at the Met 5th Avenue

So, this time, I am sharing some shots I took while I visited the Met, the Metropolitan Museum, in New York City back in 2018. I know I have posted some posts about this incredible museum because I always come back here whenever I got a chance. Even when I am no longer living in New York City, my last business trips to the Big Apple always had Museum visits in its itinerary. Yes, I do love the Met that much.

Well, here are some of the photos I managed to catch on my visit back in July 2018.

me strolling at on of the indoor garden in the Met

This time, I shared the visit I  took when the Met still had the Heavenly bodies exhibition. One of the most impressive exhibition they had, in my humble opinion. You can check more at my previous post Heavenly Bodies at the Met Cloister  to know more about it, when I enjoyed the same exhibition but at different location of the Met. The clothes and accessories that they were displaying are utterly beautiful.

Cheers from me

I managed to climb up to the roof top and lined up to see the exhibition they had there as well. Besides the remarkable art works, I did enjoy amazing Manhattan skyline. 

the wonderful view of Manhattan in the back...

I forgot the name of the exhibition in the roof top. It somehow reminded my of aliens or at least the typical aliens we saw on the movies. Pretty unique and intriguing for sure. A bit scary as well but still interesting.

Me looking at the art installation

Tell me what you think!

still an enjoyable sight under the Manhattan sky..

Then I came back inside again. This time, I was heading to one permanent section showing the grandeur of the past as well. As you see on the picture above, I was enjoying the collection at Robert Lehman collection as well as more European paintings, costumes and arts. All those Victorian glamorous ball room dresses with details to die for as well as delicate paintings showing interesting scenes from the past are really attention stealer. And I can't get enough of them! Let's take a look at them closer here.

what a slim waist line..

Much simpler but still beautiful indeed. Look at the shoes..

I guess this one is the Versailles..

I was wondering where it is exactly..

Look at the details!

Anyway, you can also check out more posts I have written about the Met in different locations as well as its remarkable collection. You can see why I simply can't get enough of it. 

The Met Fifth Avenue - Temple of Dendur and Egyptian Art

Heavenly Bodies at the Met Cloister

In Love with the Met Fifth Avenue

Hope you do enjoy the photos as well.

Do you also like museums? What is or are your favorite museum(s) so far? Do you also visit museums in different countries during your trip or visit?

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WW: Musée d'ethnographie de Genève

I was lucky to get a chance to Musée d'ethnographie de Genève during my last working visit to Geneve.

Early morning, before our flight in the afternoon, we took the bus to go to the Museums, aiming at  Musée d'ethnographie de Genève (MEG) and Patek Phillipppe Museum. I came here with my colleague, Nenda, who never visited Geneva before. So, it was like a trip down memory lane for me while acting like a non-professional tour guide for her. Fun!

Welcome to the MEG
First stop, we visited  Musée d'ethnographie de Genève and we only enjoyed the permanent collection, the free showcase, due to our tight schedule.

The Archives of Human Diversity, that's the name of the permanent collection of MEG. I have to admit that the collections, although not that many in terms of numbers, are certainly the selected ones. Carefully curated to show various objects of reference, rich in history and artistic works, the permanent collection of MEG is too good to pass.

Here are some photos I took during our visit and you can see why we love it so much and highly recommend this place to those visiting Geneva.

the domestic Buddhist Altar from Kyoto, Japan

the mask

The decorative eggs from Czech Republic

Chess set from bones

The dolls from ...hmm, I forgot

the Tantric dancing costume from Mongolia

the close - up

Totem from Papua, Indonesia

Too bad we cannot take any pictures at Patek Phillipe Museum but we did enjoy our visit here as well.

Here's the map of the Museum.

I will get more details about the Museum soon okay.

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Turn Back the Time at Museum of Jakarta History

Old Batavia. once upon a time..
It was one sunny day.
July 10th, 1710, that was the the date.

The Governor General of Batavia, Johan van Hoorn, just inaugurated the Stad-huis,  - the City Hall, right in center of Batavia.
People were gathering and many cheered the newly- opened building, which was said to replicate Dam Palace in the Netherlands. Government and local officials, socialites .. wrapped elegantly in their best suits and dresses to attend that celebration.
So glamorous... and everyone was in the festive mode!

Except those struggling for independence...and decent life.

Fast forward 400 years later, my kids and I stood at Fatahillah Square.
We were visiting the very same Stad-huis ..or now known as Museum Sejarah Jakarta, - the Museum of Jakarta History.
It's time to get to know the we love closer.

The Stad-huis was built in 1707 and inaugurated in 1710

Old Batavia.

Have you heard of those names of the cities before?

Welcome to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.
This city certainly has long and rich history, a melange of typical romantic, sad period of colonialism as well as the fierce struggle for independence. And for me, it is important to know the story of this beloved city. particularly for my kids who have limited knowledge and information about Jakarta as we keep moving around from one country to another. So I believe it's about time to bring the kids to a place where they can learn about the history of Jakarta in a fun way.

And the first thing that come to my mind is Museum of Jakarta History. 

Welcome to Museum Sejarah Jakarta

Museum of Jakarta History or Museum Sejarah Jakarta is also well-known as Museum Fatahillah, because it is located in Fatahillah square.
Fatahillah was the famous hero of our colonial time, being the commander of Demak Sultanate back in the 16th century and recapturing Sunda Kelapa Port from Portuguese.

The statue of Hermes, seen from behind

We visited this place in one lovely Saturday.
The last time we went to this very place was in 2014, before heading to New York City.
At that time, we only visited Fatahillah Square as the museum was under renovation.
As we stepped into the Museum, I can see the major change inside, making me proud of looking at the serious works done by the Provincial Government of Jakarta with other relevant stakeholders.
We also asked for a guide in English to help my kids learn more about what we have in this Museum.

what's left from the prison

The first part we visited was the prison. 
Yup, the prison used to held inlander, us Indonesian the local people, who fought against the Dutch government at that time. As it was located in the City Hall, the prison is not to big.

Then we headed to see some original rooms from this building, where we saw some artefacts and objects from the colonial era, including paintings, furnitures, historical letters and documents and more. 

Can you guess who he was?

Such  long and rich history about trade, power, lust and struggle for independence. It feels like reading the whole novel about your city's affairs with every colonial power coming to visit and decide to stay for a while.

one of VOC's ships 
We saw the timeline of Jakarta, where the first Neolithic artefact was found in Condet, Pejaten, Kramat Jati and Bekasi,- all of those are areas in Jakarta and the surroundings, to the time when Portuguese came in the 16th century, followed by the Dutch not long after that. We also heard the story about VOC, Vereenigde Oost-Inische Compagnie or the United East India Company, - the trading company reigned in 1603 to 1800 in Indonesia. 

We also learnt about the origin of Jakarta.
How it transformed from Sunda Kelapa, Jacarta, Jayakarta, to Jakarta now.
Jayakarta itself means 'the perfect victory' and it depicted the glory of Fatahillah in winning back Sunda Kelapa from Portuguese at that time.

We also enjoyed some original furnitures and settings of the Staad-huis, with antique Indonesian-style furnitures with European-style ones made of native woods from Indonesia.  All those beautiful antiques are still in the very good state.

The original part of the Building

Obi standing in front of an ornate room divider made of track wood

Chair made of Jati - teak wood - and rattan

There are also parts when we learnt about the first encounter of civilisation in Jakarta and the surroundings, including some remnants from Tarumanegara Kingdom and some ancient inscription, like Prasasti Tugu.

replica of Tugu Inscription

Then after our long walk and visit in this museum, we had lunch outside within the museum complex and ate some traditional Jakarta food like kerak telor.
The kids loved it indeed.
kerak telor time!

Kerak tenor..bon appetit!

So,  really a lot to see and enjoy when you come down here.
When you are visiting Jakarta, make sure you don't miss this museum.
The ticket is very affordable, around Rp 5.000,- per person (less than USD3) for Indonesian and perhaps slightly more for foreigners. (sorry I forgot to ask).

the four of us 

The Museum of Jakarta History is located at Jl. Taman Fatahaillah no. 1, Jakarta Barat, Jakarta, 11110.

To know exactly where the museum is, check out this map from Google.

That's our story from our visit to Museum Sejarah Jakarta.
Will certainly share more from other fascinating places here from Jakarta.

Have you been to this museum as well?
Do you like it? What's your favorite part? 

WW: Welcome to Old Batavia

Here comes some snaps from our weekend stroll around Old Batavia.

Old Jakarta

Old Batavia or Old Jakarta is a beautiful spot in our capital city where many old buildings from the colonial times are still well maintained. 
Have you been here before?
To those who have visited Jakarta, they might think that Kota Tua or old Jakarta looks like a completely different part of the city. The European vibes is in the air and you can still be enjoy those unique architectures here. Recently, there has been some intensive rehabilitation measures taken by the previous Governorship in order to revive this historical spot. Apparently, those program went well as we see how wonderful this are now! Super proud indeed!

It also has so many beautiful museums surrounding it, including the Museum of Jakarta History, Wayang Museum, Museum Bahari and more.

Bo et Obi enjoying the museum..
We went to Museum Sejarah Jakarta, Museum of Jakarta History, which is located in Fatahillah Square.
We had a tour guide explaining the history of Jakarta as well as the items being displayed in the museum in English, so that Bo et Obi could fully understand the story.
They surely know more about the city we live in now and interesting (and dark) history of Indonesia's struggles in the beginning.
I will share more detailed stories about the Museum on the next post, okay.

What is that ma? asked Obi looking at some remnants from the Stone Age found near Jakarta

In front of Museum Sejarah Jakarta
The tour took around 1.5 hours and after that we had a little picnic in the designated area within the complex of the Museum.
That's decent time to see the collections in 2 floors of the museum, the Staadhuis building built in 1701 - 1710.
I have to say the last renovation done by the Provincial Government of Jakarta has transformed this museum into a much, much better place.
So, you should not miss it!

We also took the liberty to take some pictures here and there, including my outfit of the day. Yup indeed, my OOTD :).
I rarely do it but it was actually fun to have one particular part in my blog showcasing my curated costumes.

 So, what do you think?
This time my dress is not dominantly purple, but surely I wore some!

I was happily wearing; 
 ATBM (handmade, woven fabrics) batik outer in yellow, black and white, bought from my dearest friend's online boutique at IG @ggs_olshop 
 Jellyfish earrings (surely my fave, I keep wearing them again and again) in purple from @uniqlykamea (check out here IG account)
 Purple mini dress from H&M
 Wide leg pants from Macy's
White fedora from H&M
 Tory Burch sandals in sky blue and tan.

I love wearing Batik outer as it's very casual yet it's batik, our wonderful traditional fabrics. I love wearing them wherever I go and recently, we have so many interesting designs which are much more colourful and trendy.
Do you like wearing batik as well?

So, how was your weekend?
Hope you have an enjoyable one as well.
Do you like visiting old town or museums?
Any particular outfit you like to wear on weekends?
Share your favourites in your comments, please.

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