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Spring Break Road Trip 2017

I stepped out of my Ambassador's office with a big smile.
My 5-day annual leave has been approved!
Feels like dancing and jumping around as I have tons of plans playing in my head as the spring break is approaching.
Kiddos, better get ready and pack your bags!


the trip started with the Spring shower!
We are back on the road again!

On the first week of April, I have secured 5 days of my annual leave for our traditional Spring Break Road Trip. 
Yes, the Frakarsas is back on the road again.
For our second edition of Spring Break trip :).

Akhirnya bisa cuti juga!
Senang banget memang ya kalau cuti tahunan disetujui pimpinan, apalagi kalau selama setahun terakhir pekerjaan numpuk tiada habisnya :).
Sudah waktunya My Itchy Feet beraksi dan kali ini bareng dengan my munchkins.
The Frakarsas is ready to explore the world again!

If you still remember from my previous posts, we started this tradition since spring last year.
Our marvelous and unforgettable journey to the West Coast in spring last year really convinced us that Spring Break is the perfect time for traveling.
Lovely weather, not too hot, less crowded and much affordable (if not make-sense) price in terms of hotels, airlines, car rental and all travel-associated expenses.

Well, I have to admit that we start it a bit early, as the Spring Break at my kids' school starts on Monday, April 10th. But as there are three families in my division wishing to enjoy spring break with their family and kids, we manage to split the 7 working days for the three of us. So that my office won't be vacant.

And I chose to take Thursday to the next Wednesday for our upcoming break.
A well-deserve one, I suppose, particularly as I have worked my head over heels for the last 12 months. 
I just remember that the last holiday we took was spring break 2016! 
So it's high time to go unwind, enjoy some extra quality time with my loved ones, while exploring the countries and cities.

Unlike 2016, this trip won't be that ambitious.
Two countries and approximately 8 cities to visit.
I know, it's still crazy, considering that we only have 7 days to finish it.
But as my hubby rightly said, we are not joining an amazing race!
So, plans can be plans but the most important thing is we enjoy the journey.

Dan persiapan pun dimulai!
Selain rute perjalanan, saya dan Rudi juga menyempatkan diri untuk browsing berbagai informasi yang diperlukan untuk perjalanan kali ini.
Setelah sempat mempertimbangkan Islandia, Seattle dan Alaska, dan daerah Midwest, akhirnya kami memutuskan untuk road trip ke sisi timur Kanada dan perbatasan AS - Kanada yang masuk wilayah the Great Lake.

Rute kali ini dimulai dari NYC - Québec City - Montréal - Ottawa - Toronto - Niagara on the Lake, Kanada - Niagara Falls, AS - Albany - NYC.
Dengan waktu hanya 7 hari, rute kali ini memang lumayan berjibaku, karena bakal penuh dengan perjalanan darat, jalan kaki menyusuri berbagai kota, plus extra pijit kaki yang super pegel :). Apalagi di Toronto nanti kami akan nonton konser Bon Jovi - This House is not For Sale! 

Super excites indeed!

Setelah hotel, parkir, dan tiket selesai di-book, waktunya untuk menyiapkan logistik perjalanan. Untuk bagian makanan, no need to worry! Segala cemilan dan minuman kesukaan anak-anak sudah siap. Plus keperluan ekstra seperti bantal kesayangan Bo et Obi dan buku cerita et komik

So, first stop: Québec City!

Here are a few sneak peak of the first leg of our trip, all taken by my iPhone 6S Plus dan Ztylus lenses, before coming back with my full story (and drama :)) of the journey.

Le Jardin Jeanne d'Arc

the most photographed hotel, Chatéau Frontenac :)

Will surely get back with more :).
And I hope y'all enjoy your Spring break.

Cheers from Ottawa!