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Throwback Tuesday: A Visit to Prague, Czech Republic

Time for Throwback Tuesday here at My Purple World.

This time, I will take you to the beautiful Prague, Czech Republic.

We had a wonderful visit and road trip to Vienna, Bratislava and Prague back in  2010. It was during the Easter Break, when we enjoyed 4-day holiday in Geneva. 

The famous clock

I remembered vividly when we spent some times in the beautiful Old Tiwn Square of Prague. Enjoying its famous astronomical clock there.

Not to forget the famous Charles Bridge....of course. 

Although it was still a crispy cold Easter weather, but we certainly took some times in this lovely bridge. A lot to see and surely awesome...

We strolled around by the river, overlooking Charles Bridge afar.

We didn't have Nadine yet at that time and Bo was only 4. 

How we truly enjoyed the quality time with our loved ones :).
Including that blue helicopter baloon.

And finally, before heading back home, we had a glimpse of Prague at night..
More than happy to go back here :)

Do you have a lovely memory to share? 
Feel free to have your Throwback Tuesday as well