View from the Top

Finally, I get some time to go up to the 86th floor of the Empire State Building.
And it was awesome!

Herald Square and the surroundings from above

It was lovely to be up here and I came here with my friends from Jakarta dan Geneve.
Surely it was a long line as everyone was  trying to get the sunset.

Here comes the streak of sunset :)
Here are some snaps from the top I took with my phone.

The view from the top is super nice, of course. 
It's good to see all those skyscrapers, cars, Hudson river, and the majestic sky!
Love it! 

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy the beautiful sky from all over the world 


  1. Amazing photos.
    I've also had the pleasure of climbing to the top of the Empire Sate Building, the view is truly extraordinary.
    Many greetings
    Divagar Sobre Tudo um Pouco

  2. Wow tinggi banget lantai 86.
    Potretnya pake iphone ya Mama Bo? Indahnyaa!

  3. Oh wow, these photos are beautiful! I bet it was even more breathtaking in real life!


  4. I like the 4th and 5th pictures down. What great views. Not something one sees every day.

  5. What a fantastic view you have shared with us. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us.

    Agra Taxi

  6. Amazing views! I am sure it was even more spectacular to watch the sunset over the city from way up there!


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