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South Island, Here We come - Road Trip in South Island, New Zealand

 Hi, everyone..

It feels like ages since I share some stories and photos here, especially since my family and I have a little break in the South Island of New Zealand in the beginning of 2023.

As I shared this, we have been on the road for quite some times now for our summer break, my first annual leave after moving to Aotearoa, New Zealand. Finally, we get the chance to come back to the South Island after entering this lovely island as we first arrive in New Zealand on November 26th, 2021.  Super excited indeed!

We do have a lot of plans and itineraries prepared as we travel around 11 days.

I shared in my Instagram that we flew from Wellington to Christchurch and started our road trip from there.

So far, we have planned to visit so many cities, among others Christchurch, Akaroa, Fairlie, Lake Tekapo, Mt. Cook, Lake Pukaki, Twizel, Wanaka, Queenstown, Glenorchy, Milford Sound, Te Anau, Manapouri, Riverton, Invercargill, The Caitlins (Slope Point, Curio Bay, McLean Falls, Florence Hills Lookout, Nugget Points Lighthouse, Kaka Point, Balclutha), then Dunedin (where we are going to watch Red Hot Chili Peppers and Post Malone concert YAY!). Milton, Otago, Lanarch Castle and back to Queenstown to fly back to windy Wellington.

Phewww… I know it was a long itinerary but for sure us, the Frakarsas, is super excited and thrilled to continue our adventure. 

Semangaaat dan bismillahirrahmanirahim .. alhamdulillah semua berjalan lancar.

So, South Island, here we come!

I will definitely share our complete story of the Road Trip in South Island, New Zealand. But first, allow me to share some of the highlights of our 11-day trip. One of my favorite destinations is Milford Sound.

the majestic Milford Sound.. with Lady Stirling Fall on the right side

But other cities are amazing as well. 

First, we arrived at Christchurch after flying from Wellington for about 1 hour 15 minutes. Here we stayed one night, picked up our rented car, and explored the city. 

As we landed at Christchurch in the afternoon, we went directly to pick up the car at the airport and headed to the city. First agenda, late lunch! We went to the Riverside Market, having an appointment with Mba Nana, the owner of Indo Tempeh food stall, one of the successful Indonesian entrepreneurs in Christchurch. As the name suggested, Indo Tempeh sells Indonesian delicious cuisines and produces tempe, the famous soy beans cake which has been dubbed as Indonesian traditional food. The Frakarsas is indeed a big fan of it and whenever I find great tempe, wherever I live, I always get them.

collage of our rendezvous with Mba Nana from Indo Tempeh, CHC

After getting our tempe and lunch, we headed to Crowne Plaza Hotel Christchurch to check-in. We only stopped by for a while and then continued the trip to Castle Hill. 

Then, on the next day, Akaroa is our first destination.

Next, Lake Tekapo.

Well, more stories and photos will definitely come, just bear with me okay.
Do you like some of the places I mentioned above?
Which one is your favorite?

Visiting Castle Point Beach and Lighthouse on the second day of 2023

Castle Point Beach and Lighthouse, Masterton, New Zealand

Welcome back, every and I hope 2023 is giving you a great start!

Again, wishing you nothing but the best for the new year, and may your days be filled with happiness, joy, great memories, and love.

My family and I were enjoying a short trip to Masterton area, around 2.5 hours drive from Wellington. We visited Castle Point Beach and Lighthouse on the second day of 2023. This place is quite famous and many people come and visit it on various occasions.

Castle Point Beach and Lighthouse, Masterton, New Zealand

Before I spill the complete story, here are some pictures my family and I took along the trip. 

Castle Point Beach and Lighthouse, Masterton, New Zealand

Castle Point Beach and Lighthouse, Masterton, New Zealand
Our first family picture in 2023

It was a beautiful day indeed. As you know, even though it is summer in New Zealand at this moment, we do have wet, rainy, dan cold days. So when that particular weekend has wonderful weather, we headed to the beach. We have explored some other beaches in NZ as well, enjoying the breeze and stopping by at some cafes along the bay.

READ: Enjoying Lunch at Beach House and Kiosk at Taputeranga, New Zealand

This time, we would like to take you to Castlepoint beach and lighthouse.

This is the second lighthouse in the North Island, New Zealand that we have visited. Before that, we stopped by at Cape Palliser, as well as Putangirua, the famous pinnacles that became one of the movie sets of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Castle Point Beach and Lighthouse, Masterton, New Zealand

This is the second lighthouse on the North Island, New Zealand that we have visited. Before that, we stopped by Cape Palliser, as well as Putangirua, the famous pinnacles that became one of the movie sets of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

As we did the trip on the second day of the new year, we were actually planning to go camping again. On Christmas break, we went camping at Kaitoke Regional Park (will share the story later, folks) and the kids did enjoy it. Now that we had another 3-day break, we were thinking of going camping in a different place. But apparently, picnic is lovelier and there we went.

We stopped by different cities along the way to get some food for the picnic. We passed Grey town and Masterton when we decided to get some fast food as I didn't cook for this occasion. Since the weather was lovely and it was still new year's eve holiday, the kids' favorite restaurant was packed and we got to line up a bit. 

Castle Point Beach and Lighthouse, Masterton, New Zealand

As we arrived at the beach, we found our spot and joined our friends on the picnic. It's lovely to have some relaxing time on the beach with good food, great friends, and wonderful weather. It didn't take long for the kids to run around and get to the beach to play with the water. We didn't really swim as the water is still freezing, at least for us, but the kids sure loved chasing the waves. We saw some Kiwi kids surfing in this area as well. I spoke to their parents and apparantly this is their favorite spot for surfing, especially when the weather is conducive.

I took the video of the beach as well as the lighthouse and feel free to check it out.

Once the kids were done playing in the water, we moved to a different part of the beach and walked up to the lighthouse.

Different from Cape Palliser lighthouse which has hundreds of stairs and quite a steep hike, here in Castle Point we have the ramp. There are stairs on top of the hill but it's very manageable. This makes the hike easier as well. It took us around 10 minutes to reach the top of the hill and the view is amazing. The lighthouse itself is locked so we cannot climb up to the lighthouse. It's only open for the designated official.

Check out my video to get better information about this place.

Well... That's our little adventure at Castle Point Beach and Lighthouse on the second day of 2023.

Cheers to more lovely trips in this new year. Share your stories with me in the comments and let me know if you have visited some lighthouses as well.

WW: Welcoming myself to Queenstown, New Zealand

Welcome to Queenstown, New Zealand
Welcome to Queenstown, New Zealand

Kia ora!

Hope everyone is happy and healthy wherever you are.

Welcome to Queenstown, New Zealand

I have just visited one of the jewels of New Zealand, one of the most wanted (if not the most famous) destinations in Aotearoa. Can you guess? Yes, Queenstown it is!

Listed as one of the most beautiful cities in New Zealand and dubbed as the adventure capital of New Zealand, Queenstown is beautifully surrounded by mountains, lakes, rivers, valleys and more jaw - dropping landscapes. With this blessed nature, Queenstown has been famous as the 'adrenaline hub' in the South Island. Well, from walking and hiking to the top of the South Alps, going down hills in snowy slopes, taking the funicular up and sliding down the luge, to mountain biking, paragliding and more, you get them all here.

Well, I visited this lovely city only for three days and its's a business trip as well. I only limit myself to enjoy the beauty of Lake Wakatipu, Arrow town and the city.

Welcome to Queenstown, New Zealand

So here it is... me welcoming myself to Queenstown, New Zealand.

Welcome to Queenstown, New Zealand

Welcome to Queenstown, New Zealand

Welcome to Queenstown, New Zealand

Welcome to Queenstown, New Zealand

Welcome to Queenstown, New Zealand

And psst, I will be back here again with #thefrakarsas in January 2023 for our real adventures! See you soon, Queenstown!

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WW: Auckland Harbour in the morning

Hi everyone..

I have been coming back to Auckland for more meetings and activities. In New Zealand, We have the biggest concentration of Indonesian diaspora here in the city so that we always have something going on here.

This time, I have some meetings with counterparts at the University of Auckland and Auckland University of Technology. Moreover, we had the celebration of Indonesian Language and Literature in Auckland as well, so that our team come back here ready for a lot of engagements.

In one of the mornings, we managed to explore the harbour part as we are looking for hearty breakfast. 

The waterfront in Auckland is quite big. It also houses the Museum of Maritime. I haven’t got a chance to check out the museum but hopefully next time I will have ample time to do so.

I strolled around the Princes Wharf, where you can see Hilton Hotel and many restaurants, as well as the Eastern Viaduct and Viaduct Harbour. 

We had our breakfast in this cute restaurant called Giraffe around the area.

I also managed to get some videos for my Youtube channel about this area. Check it out!

So do you like Auckland harbour area?

Such a lovely waterfront and I hope I can go back and explore more in this area.

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Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World and Friends

Here comes spring!

And, luckily, we still got some hail and freezing nights here in Wellington. Well, winter still want to lingers and we end up having cold start of spring. It makes things complicated as the changing weather somehow increase the humidity of the air in Wellington and my dear hubby has suffered several severe asthma attacks. The worst one happened when we visited Auckland and we had to rush to the ER to get extra treatment besides the inhaler and nebulizer we have at home. Good thing we got the new medicine that seems to work better and more efficient for him after three visits to the doctors and the ER. Hope things will get better soon for him.

On the lighter side, we really enjoyed our visit to Auckland. We tried Indonesian restaurants, visited and watched WRC - Repco Rally New Zealand and strolled around the city. 

It's a special occasion for many, especially for my hubby who has been really into racing cars and joined Indonesian Motor Association back home.  

Well, for sure I will try my best to share all the details of our trips with #thefrakarsas and share the joy of traveling around Aotearoa. Can't wait to do that hopefully soon.

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