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January Sky

It has been quite sometimes I did not post my snaps on NYC sky.
Surprisingly, January has been crazily busy for me.
Meeting after meeting has confiscated my days and besides, the weather was rather wet, cold, and gloomy in the last couple of weeks. And the recent dynamics in politics is a bit worrisome as well.
I'm not going to bother you with what we discussed inside this organization, but you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Well, back to my hobby of peeping up the sky, recently we had some sunny days.
And trust me,  it's good to welcome sunshine again!
Although the crispy, freezing winter wind still come and get you.

So I rushed myself out and snapped a view of January sky.

And it's great to be outside!

Grayish ..but much, much better

Although the sky is typical greyish winter, but looking at Merah Putih, the national flag of my beloved Indonesia, majestically raised up there against the backdrop of the UN flag and clear sky, makes me feel good.
And proud.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do :)

the sphere within the sphere...

Join us on Skywatch Friday and be blessed by majestic skies' photos from many corners of the world

Happy 70th Anniversary, United Nations!

October 24 is the United Nations Day.
We celebrate it every year  and 2015 is rather special as the UN reaches 70 years of continued works for a stronger institution and eventually, a better world.

happy 70th anniversary..

To commemorate this special event, #UNBlue has been lit in many corners of the world, beautiful engulfing hundreds of landmarks across the globe.
Including in Borobudur temple, Indonesia. 

Borobudur..beautifully lit in UN Blue.. Photo is taken from UNIC flickr

As I am here, we take our time to visit the UN headquarters that day and capture the moment when #UNBlue shines regally in that building.

the UN in UN Blue :)

Together with Bo, I took the liberty to take pictures in the UN Headquarters, where I spend most of my time participating in various global discourses and negotiations, particularly in the field of human rights.

happy birthday UN..

cheers from me and Bo :)

UN Blue and Indonesian blue :)

And we even have the Empire State Building lit in Blue, as we saw it from Long Island City. 

Empire State Building in blue from a far :)

Amidst the many achievements of this intergovernmental organizations, many have thought that the UN hasn't done enough to address so many ongoing issues and conflicts across the globe. 
It might be true, to some extent, to certain cases. 
But can you imagine if the UN doesn't exist?

                                   So keep the hopes soar high.

For a stronger UN.And a better world.