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Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan

How I miss traveling so much!

It has been quite some times since I travel abroad. Since the outbreak of Corona virus in the beginning of 2020, - or in March 2020 for Indonesia, the world has unravelled the unprecedented series of events, which involve physical distancing and restrictions in traveling.

Here I am now trying to revisit my memories (and my external hard disks LOL) to rekindle the joy of traveling. 

One of the places I enjoyed during one of my long transit in Tokyo, Japan back in the last quarter of 2019 is the Meiji Shrine in TokyoLocated in  1-1 Yoyogikamizonocho, Shibuya City, Tokyo 151-8557, Japan. I stopped by in this very spot on my way to Shibuya district as well as Harajuka. I traveled with Vienna, one of my junior colleagues in the office. We didn't really have much time but we tried to enjoy the trip. 

Meiji Shrine is a vast place surrounded by by lush forest and beautiful garden. Since we didn't really have much time, we only saw the small part of this great place. As we had just landed early morning after a direct flight from Jakarta with ANA, one of my favorite airlines. We were tired yet so excited to see the city again. Meiji Shrine is our first stop.

Meiji Shrine was built and dedicited to the spirit of the famous Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken. Emperor Meiji reigned between 1867 to 1912 and Meiji the Great, as he was known, transformed Japan into a modern, industrial world as we know now.

Being remembered beautifully this way is really something indeed. What I like about this place is the fact that it's very close to the subway line, especially JR Yamanoto Line, especially Harajuku station. Our next stop at that time was Harajuku street obviously. Yoyogi Park, which offers beautiful forest and garden, is just around the corner as well. It was actually a good walk for me and Vienna as we have just spent some times sitting for 6 hours straight in the airplane during the flight. Not to mention the fresh air that we enjoy while strolling the park. 

Here are some photos I took while strolling around the area.

one of the gates

While strolling around the park, we saw many sake drums being displayed in wooden frame. Those drums look big and artistic, coming in various colors depending on the origin of the sake. I have seen some in many Japanese restaurant before but not this many. It was fun to watch indeed.

the sake drum from various areas in Japan. So lovely and artistic

Btw, I am sad to hear that the Olympics would be rescheduled but I can imagine that we all need to take all the precautious steps to protect all from COVID-19. I still remember seeing all the banners and excitement of Tokyo for being the host of the Olympics. Well, I guess we just have to wait and see.

So that's a little story about my visit to Japan. I wish I can go back soon and come and visit the Doraemon museum, my fave!

Well, I do miss Japan and I sincerely wish I can visit this amazing country again. Meanwhile, stay safe, happy and healthy!

Review APA Hotel Keisei, Ueno Akimae Japan

Hi , everyone... all is well? I certainly hope so.

I would like to share more about my trip to Ueno, Japan. I have shared the beauty of Ueno Park (read: Cherry blossoms at Ueno Park, Japan  ) and the surrounding temples as well as things we can do while transiting in Japan  (read: 8 Things you can do while transiting in Japan 

Now let me take you to the hotel I chose during my stay in Ueno, Japan. This trip took place in 2018 and it was my first trip to Japan, to be followed by other 3 transits and visit. I have to admit I do fall in love with Japan since my first visit! Well, who wouldn’t?

So, welcome to APA Hotel Keisei Ueno Akimae Japan!

I love this hotel!

It was located in a very strategic location because it is only a walking distance from Ueno station, which is one of the hubs for you who like to visit  Tokyo and the surrounding areas. It is only one fast train away from Haneda airport. Those who want to visit Tokyo on a transit or even spend the night here in Ueno. For me, it is like a great opportunity as I got a chance to  try shinkansen or the fast train as well. 

The hotel is not far the famous Ueno Park and all its wonderful temples and museums. It's also near American Market in Ueno, one of the landmarks in the area, and Hard Rock Cafe Ueno if you happen to collect some stuff from them like me and my hubby. Many food vendor and supermarkets are around as well.

The room might be small but it has everything you need. It is very compact yet it is still comfortable. I was enjoying the facilities they have inside the compact room which is surprisingly complete as well. Although it’s small, it has the comfy bed with all its pillows, robe, slippers, working station, all the charging station, evenbooks to read and hair dryer. They also put cute origamis on the sheet as a heartwarming welcome gesture. I am impressed!

The bed is comfy and the amenities are from Shiseido :). Can you imagine that? This brand is very famous and quite expensive in Indonesia LOL.  The rate is manageable and I believe it's sensible for the facilities and location they offer.

Happy to go back here again if I gat another chance to visit Ueno again.

So what do you think about the hotel? I will share more about my visit to Japan soon okay. Meanwhile, stay safe, happy and healthy.

Spring time in Japan

Staying at home for two full weeks, although amidst never ending home works for the kids and my own assignment, makes me take the liberty to dig up my files and post some old photos and videos. I realised I have tons of them even from 10 years ago, when we lived in Geneva, Switzerland , and took so many photos during our road trip to more than 20 countries in Western and Central Europe. Well, let's see whether I can bring them back alive and put them in My Purple World.

One thing for sure, it is now spring in many parts of the world, particularly in the western hemisphere. In Indonesia, spring is probably all year long, as we only have dry and rainy seasons along the year. 
And I love spring.
It always brings back the colors and the fun after a long, dull, cold winter.
It brings hope for new beginning, a new chapter of life.
Something to look forward to.

Well, as we are now fighting the pandemic, wherever we are, we long for that beautiful and warm spring, don't we? But as many of us are practising physical and social distancing, some are even in lock down, let's celebrate spring virtually. 

Morning cherry blossoms walk in Ueno Park, Japan
I still have so many photos of spring that I haven't really put here.
Including those from Spring time in Ueno, Japan, back in March 2018.
I transited in Tokyo on my way to Noumea, New Caledonia in the Pacific.
It was two years ago but it felt like yesterday.
That was also my first time coming to this Land of the Rising Sun.

I just managed to make the video of my spring trip to Japan.
I's been too long but not that long enough to forget how lovely the trip was.

Feel free to enjoy the photos as much as I do and tell me what you think about spring.

I did manage to go to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden as well to see more cherry blossoms and enjoy more spring in Japan.

But hey, spring time in New York City is also beautiful.
We had so much time enjoying the cherry blossoms in Brooklyn Botanical Garden, the UN Rose Garden, and Flushing Meadow, Corona Park, Queens.

Cheers from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Now I kinda miss the UN Headquarters which looks lovely every spring due to those beautiful lines of cherry trees blooming in the Rose Garden, against the background of East River and the Queensboro Bridge. Well, you can see how I miss those places!

Happy spring, everyone!

So how do you enjoy spring in your place?
Is it your favorite season?

Meanwhile, wherever you are, stay healthy, happy and safe!
Happy spring and cheers..

WW: Meiji Shrine, Tokyo, Japan

Meiji Shrine, Tokyo, Japan
Welcome to Meiji Shrine, Tokyo, Japan
My itchy feet is back on track!

This time, I have meetings in New York City for UN Security Council and I managed to have a brief transit at Tokyo, Japan, as I take ANA. It was around 9 hours lay over but with all the traveling to and from the airports (I arrived in Haneda and leaving to NYC from Narita Airport, mind you :)), I only managed to have around 3 hours enjoying downtown Tokyo.

This time, I decided to stop at Meiji Shrine in Yoyogi Park and Takeshita Dori in Harajuku area. It was a short but fun indeed!

Mini me and I :)..
The shrine is beautifully located in spacious Yoyogi Park, lined with plush green trees.
In the middle of it, we also see the 'sake wall', an interesting display of sake drum wrapped in straw and beautifully adorned with paintings.

I was happily taking pictures here and there obviously, while enjoying a nice stroll in Tokyo's summery day!

Complete story is coming for sure!
Meanwhile, enjoy some picture of it.

Cheers from Tokyo, Japan
Join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday and enjoy the link party!

Breathtaking View of Mount Fuji

Don't you love this view? Mount Fuji from Kawaguchiko
What do you have in mind when you hear the word Japan?

Ramen and sushi? Doraemon, Manga comics? or Mount Fuji?
For me, it's all of them.
But for sure, I have Mount Fuji on top of my list since this mountain is super famous and I remember my days at my elementary school when we learn about geography.
Whenever we talked about Japan, Mount Fuji would be directly associated to this fascinating country.

Therefore, I have been intending to visit this beautiful spot since the first time I came to Japan. Finally, at my 5th visit, I managed to come to this famous spot.
I got the change to see the breathtaking view of Mount Fuji!

There are many ways to visit this place for a tourist like me, including by taking buses and trains as well as taking the tour packages abundantly offered at the airport as well as tourist spots.

But I was so lucky as I have friends living in Tokyo and they were kindly taking me to Mount Fuji and the surrounding areas. My huge thanks to dearest Hadi Tjahjono and Nita Tjahjono, my batch - mates who are assigned in Tokyo now, and Mba Ragil, my new friend who accompanied us in this trip.

It was so much fun with you, ladies, and I'm forever grateful.

The plan that we had was visiting Sato - Nenba, the traditional village near Fuji Mountain, and Lake Kwaguchi, or Kawagichiko.
Sounds great, right?
It was proved to be a wonderful plan and the universe also conspired, as the weather at that day was sunny and beautiful!
Lucky us.

Sato Nenba, Japan
Sato-Nenba, the traditional village near Mt. Fuji
It took around 2.5 hours drive from Tokyo to Sato-Nenba and as soon as we arrived there we took pictures here and there and went up to Kimono rent shop.
Sato-Nenba is a traditional village where you can see, enjoy and experience the Japanese way of living. There are Japanese traditional houses, tea house, traditional drawing corner and of course, the Kimono and Yukata rental.

Yup, that's the main attraction that we planned to do that day as one of my dreams were wearing purple kimono with Mount Fuji in the background.

Welcome to Sato-Nenba

But as soon as we arrived, before hiking up to the hill, the view of Mount Fuji is breathtaking!
At the bottom of the hill, there are some fruits and flowers beds which beautifully bloom as well.

And we managed to wear our favourite kimono and took tons of pictures as well!
As you know, I chose the purple one with sky blue combination and golden obi.
The pattern is Japanese fans.
I love my kimono so much and we managed to wear the traditional sandals.

Cheers from me and mini me

The, after enjoying our halal lunch (yes, they do have restaurant serving halal beef curry rice and vegetarian ramen there) and Dzhuhur break in the praying area which has been prepare as well here, we headed to Lake Kawaguchi.

It was another 45-minute drive from Sato-Nenba and along the way the view was super breathtaking!

So I guess, before I get back to more details of my trip, I'd better share the photos I took with my phone.

For sure, this amazing view is so gorgeous and we just couldn't help taking pictures non-stop. Every corner is so beautiful.
Here are the proof of how wonderful this place is!

So, will you visit Mount Fuji and the surroundings?
I highly recommend it!

Happy traveling!

Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

What a week!

I have been traveling to New York City and Japan for the last ten days and I love it!
My Itchy Feet have been in action again after being stuck in tons of paper works and drafting in my office.

Beautiful day at Mt. Fuji with Mini - me

Besides strolling around some corners of Manhattan that I'm familiar with, I love the fact that I can stay one extra night in Tokyo so I got a chance to see more of Japan.
This time, I decided to go to Mount Fuji and the surroundings areas.

And I did make the right decision.

Do you like my Kimono?

Not only that the weather at that time was so beautifully balmy and perfect for a sightseeing, I did get new friends along the way as I went to Mt. Fuji with Nita, whose husband is my batch mate in MoFA, and Ragil, her friend in Tokyo. Nita drove the car with us and we really had a wonderful girls' day out!

We went to Satto Nenba and rent plus wore Kimono around the village.
Then we continued to explore Kawaguchiko, the lake of Kawaguchi, and took the ropeway (or I said funiculaire like the one in Geneva) to see the panoramic view of Kawaguchiko.
It was a perfect day!

Will share more stories on that on the next post, okay..and this time, you know you're joining my weekly linky party, right?
Hop in!

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