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WW: Enjoying Lunch at Beach House and Kiosk at Taputeranga, New Zealand

Welcome to Taputeranga Bay, New Zealand

Wellington has been a bit of a mixed lately in terms of weather.

It’s cold in general but we do have sunny days in this winter time. Most of the times, the temperature is between 14 - 8 deegres Celcius, with rain or strong wind.

One of the best ways of enjoying this heartwarming weather is by going out. So in one of those days, I went out enjoying lunch at the Beach House and Kiosk at Taputeranga, New Zealand.

The Beach House and Kiosk is located next to Dive Wellington and pretty much in front of the Taputeranga Bay. During the wonderful sunny day, we can see the Kaikoura mountain in the South island, with its snowy peak. Breathtaking indeed!

These are some photos I took around the cafe and its surroundings.
I really love the ambiance and the food is lovely as well. I have my egg benedict with smoked samon and it was delicious.

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Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, My Heartsie Girls and Friends

sunset in Ngawi, New Zealand 


It's been a lovely week here in Wellington although we do have some drizzling days. Again, the temperatures have dropped and I kept cooking at home to feed our rumbling tummies and to keep the house warm as well. 

I have been meeting many more counterparts again and lives have been super busy indeed. Well, as expected, once the COVD-19 protocol is a bit more lenient, we will then have more face to face meetings. 

these grilled scallops are soo yummy!

So, my week has been filled with many working lunches and courtesy calls again. And Wellington is indeed a great place for a foodie or those who are adventurous when it comes to food. Let's see some of the delectable plates I have here!

date cake, toffee sauce and ginger gelato!

Fresh oysters from Bluff, NZ

For sure, I will share more of my culinary adventures here in NZ on the next posts!

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Having Fun at Scorch - O - Rama Restaurant in Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington is indeed a beautiful city packed with cool, lovely restaurants dotting around this capital of New Zealand. One of my favorite spots is the Bay area, where we have long lines of shores and beaches. Here, we have the  famous Oriental Bay, Scorching Bay, Karaka Bay and more.

In Scorching Bay, the first beach area I have visited with the whole family during the new year (READ : One Fine Day at Scorching Bay Beach Wellington New Zealand) , we have one lovely restaurant that has become almost everyone's favorite. The restaurant/cafe/milkbar  is called Scorch - O - Rama.

If you like super heroes, colorful comic pages and figurines, Scorch - O - Rama Restaurant is here for you. I have to say that this is one of the  quirky and cutey restaurant in in town. Located at the famous  Scorching Bay area, you won't miss this place as it is super eye catchy and literally is located by the beach. In the front, you will see lovely decoration coming from sea shells with big name board and nautical theme decoration. 

As you step inside, you will enjoy the super hero, dreamy world as you will see super heroes everywhere. From the wall, the table, the bar, the chair, the decoration, the menu and more. Check out some of the photos I took while enjoying my lunch here and tell me what you think. 

Which one is your favorite?

As for the menu, they also have so many choices, coming with cute and intriguing names, plus an array of the healthy one as well. As you can see here, the drinks come with many interesting names especially from the milk bar and the super hero shakes, like the Wolverine, Hit Girl, and Captain America. 

these are the standard ones...

Check out this menu...

Although they are originally coming with spirits or alcohol, you can obviously order one without! And that's exactly what I did! I tried the Hit Girl with that lovely ice cream, chocolate and boysenberries.

My Hit Girl yaaay...

For the food, we really had to take a long time to decide what to order as the choices look all so well and again the names are so distracting LOL. I got thorn between Scorch - O - Rama Ding Dong, Jaws Benny, and Han Solo LOL. Again, we can ask for the customized one here, like for me, I take out all the bacon and pork sausages from my menu since I don't eat them. I ended up ordering the ceasar salad, spinach, creamy mushroom, and the salmon. Delicious indeed!

After finishing our meals, we simply headed out and took more pictures of the bay and the beach! I have to say the ocean is super inviting but too bad we have to headed back to the office obviously.

The bay is so tempting... nice dip in beautiful day indeed

super inviting...

So, what do you think?
Super cute place, right? No wonder this place is packed in weekends and whenever Wellington has a beautiful day!