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ASEAN Matters - The 43rd ASEAN Summit in Jakarta

 And I'm back!

Pheew.. it felt like ages since the last time I post here on my blog.

So, happy to be back and I sincerely hope everyone is fine, wherever one is.

These couple of months have been super crazy for me. Starting from August the September, we have series of meetings hosted by the Government of Indonesia. As you are probably aware of, we are holding the chairmanship for ASEAN this year so I was assigned to go to Jakarta together with my Ambassador. The Prime Minister of the Cook islands as well as the Foreign Minister of New Zealand were joining us at the 43rd ASEAN Summit and its related meetings. 

It was indeed a special event as this year, Cook Islands is the chair for Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) and  PM Mark Brown, together with his team, came to Indonesia for the very first time. 

The signing of MoU between ASEAN Secretariat and PIF as well as IORA Secretariats

So you can imagine how excited we were welcoming this delegation and showcasing the best. of Indonesia, as well as ASEAN hospitality. Prime Minister Brown has been scheduled to join many important meetings and engagement during his stay in Indonesia.

So, as you can see, we have a week packed with meetings, signing ceremonies,  lunches and dinners, as well as side events. Many of them were specifically conducted between ASEAN and its dialogue partners, like the US, Canada, Plus 3 and all. So you can imagine how busy that week was! 

My Ambassador and I managed to come and join some of the meetings, including the opening and the closing of the 43rd ASEAN Summit, which was attended by the ASEAN Leaders and all the Guests of the Chair, President Joko Widodo. 

The opening session was great, with live music from Purwacaraka. It was fantastic ensemble for sure. 

The closing session was beautiful as well. I missed the viral dinner, as it was only for limited invitations. But we saw the fireworks on the street, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman to be precise.

After the closing session, on the day when PM of Cook Islands and the delegation was scheduled to leave Jakarta, we took some times to stroll around Anjungan Halte Trans Jakarta and took some mini tours as well as photos. I was lucky that by the time this place was cleared and temporarily closed by Paspampres, my mom and I were already there so we could take great photos here with the crowds.

I took him there and showed him the Selamat Datang statue as well as a little bit of history of Hotel Indonesia. Wearing his fresh teal Pacific shirt, PM Brown seemed to enjoy the scenery and took lots of photos as well! All in all, it was a successful visit.

I left New Zealand at the end of the August and stayed in Jakarta until the second week of September. I got a surprise so to speak while staying in Jakarta, as I was appointed as Director for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs at Kemlu. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, wish me luck for this new position ya.  I guess I have to get everything ready before moving back to Jakarta from Aotearoa New Zealand.
Will keep you all posted!

THE 42nd ASEAN SUMMIT - Behind the scene story

Hi everyone..

Cheers from ASEAN Foreign Ministers' Meeting venue at Ayana Komodo, Labuan Bajo

I hope all is well and kali ini saya ingin berbagi cerita di balik layar saat ditugaskan untuk membantu pelaksanaan KTT ASEAN ke-42 yang berlangsung di Labuan bajo, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia. Mungkin teman - teman sempat melihat exposure dan berbagai pemberitaan mengenai pelaksanaan KTT ASEAN tersebut di berbagai media massa dan media sosial. Pelaksanaan yang dapat dikatakan berhasil dengan baik dan menghasilkan banyak kesepakatan penting ini berlangsung berkat kerja sama dan kerja keras banyak pihak, terutama dari kantor saya, Kementerian Luar Negeri.

cheers from Labuan Bajo

Saya termasuk beruntung dapat bergabung dengan tim Kemlu dalam persiapan dan pelaksanaan KTT kali ini. Penugasan ini termasuk salah satu penugasan yang cukup mendadak karena saya mendapat informasinya sekitar 2 minggu setelah libur dan cuti bersama Lebaran, jadi hanya beberapa hari sebelum bertolak ke Indonesia. Alhamdulillah persiapan menuju perjalanan ke Labuan Bajo, Indonesia berjalan lancar. 

gearing up to welcome all the ASEAN Leaders

I flew from Wellington on May 5 and had a short transit in Jakarta, before flying to labuan Bajo the next day. I stayed in Labuan Bajo from May 6th - 13th, then heading back to Wellington on May 16th. It was a very intensive week with lots of meeting, coordinations, general rehearsals and last-minute adjustments for the series of meetings we had to go through during the Summit. Again, it was crazily busy and I take it as a rewarding experience.

some member of the team and all of us were posted in Indonesian Mission in New York

KTT ASEAN ke-42 dimulai dengan rangkaian pertemuan di beberapa tingkat, antara lain Committee of Permanent Representatives of ASEAN, Senior Official Meeting, and Foreign Ministers meetings and related meetings at ministerial level, before the Summit commenced. We were welcoming ASEAN Leaders,- Prime Ministers, Sultan and the likes, as well as members of their delegations. 

ready to rumble... usai MC untuk ASEAN Foreign Minister Meeting

Chef Arnold juga ikutan berpartisipasi 

With Minister for Foreign Affairs, Retno Marsudi

Bersama Pak Sandiaga Uno yang juga hadir dalam salah satu pertemuan

The Summit itself was very packed with meetings. Di hari pertama KTT yang dipimpin oleh Pak Presiden Joko Widodo, ada 5 pertemuan yang berlangsung secara bergantian. Semuanya di tingkat kepala negara. Di hari kedua KTT, pertemuan berlangsung hingga tengah hari, yang kemudian ditutup dengan press briefing yang dipimpin langsung oleh Presiden Jokowi dan didampingi oleh Menteri Luar Negeri dan Menteri Sekretaris Negara, dengan dihadiri menteri lainnya seperti Pak Siandiaga Uno. 

bertugas sebagai MC saat KTT ASEAN 

Di luar pertemuan resmi, terdapat rangkaian pertemuan bilateral antara Presiden Jokowi dengan pemimpin negara ASEAN lainnya, serta kegiatan menikmati matahari terbenam di kapal Phinisi serta Gala Dinner dengan pertunjukan kesenian yang menakjubkan garapan Pak Wisnuthama. It was really a series of remarkable gatherings.

collage keseruan welcoming dinner yang dituanrumahi Pak Jokowi

Saya bergabung dengan tim acara dan persidangan, di mana passion dan pengalaman saya dalam dunia MC atau Master of Ceremony benar- benar terpakai. 

the food served during the VVIP Luncheon

Jadi de ja vu dan seperti mengulang masa - masa di mana saya masih aktif di radio dan memenuhi kontrak MC di hotel berbintang di masa muda. Hahaha...kalau bicara begini rasanya seperti sudah tua karena pengalaman - pengalaman tersebut terjadi belasan tahun yang lalu. 

But in short, I coordinated intensively with the main team of conference officers as well as Presidential protocol team to ensure the smooth conduct of the events. Here are some of the additonal photos from behind the scene.

Indonesian desk

cheers dari Labuan Bajo

Bersama dengan salah satu rekan MC yang datang dari perwakilan RI di Wina, saya berbagi tugas untuk berbagai acara di atas. Saya bertugas di saat sunset reception and welcoming dinner untuk para Menteri Luar Negeri ASEAN, rangkaian Foreign Ministers' Meeting; ASEAN Political and Security Community dan ASEAN Coordinating Council, serta rangkaian KTT dan juga VVIP Luncheon yang dituanrumahi Presiden Jokowi dan Press Conference . Again, seminggu di Bajo jadi tak terasa karena hampir setiap hari penuh dengan kegiatan dan koordinasi. Pheeew, setelah acara resmi ditutup baru terasa melelahkan. But then again, it was all rewarding. 

the collage ohotos from the VVIP luncheon... 

more from the VVIP Luncheon

Saya kembali ke Jakarta pada tanggal 13 Mei dan setelah menghabiskan akhir pekan sejenak bersama keluarga di Jakarta, saya kembali ke Wellington pada tanggal 15 Mei. 

Well, itulah sedikit cerita pelaksanaan KTT ASEAN ke-42 di Labuan Bajo and again, I am very privilege to be there and hope I can come back there soon with my family, this time for a full-pledge vacation.

See you on the next adventures yaaaa.

Postcards from Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Welcome back and hope you all have a great break after Lebaran Day.

For me, it's straight back to work at the Embassy and I even had a sudden assignment to Indonesia, supporting the 42nd ASEAN Summit at Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara. 

Cheers from me and mini-me at ASEAN Foreign Ministers Meeting

I have to say I am totally blessed with this opportunity to see this amazing part of Indonesia while getting a rewarding experience of an international conference with the team from my office.

morning jog at Marina Komodo, Labuan Bajo. East Nusa Tenggara

This is not my first visit to East Nusa Tenggara province, as I have visited Kupang, the capital of the province, and Atambua, the city bordering with Timor-Leste, before. Nevertheless, I was so excited to come and visit Labuan Bajo, which is famously known for its spectacular landscapes, amazing underwater world, unique cultures and traditions, as well as friendly, warm-hearted people. I bet you have heard of Komodo, Pink Beach, Padar and Rinca Island, Manta point diving site, and more! Those are some of the amazing spots in Labuan Bajo.

one of the traditional boats near the marina

So, before I share more stories, let's enjoy some photos I took during my stay in Labuan Bajo.

Let's say, some postcards from Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

busy Marina at Labuan Bajo

Pink beach, babe...

morning jog at Labuan Bajo

dancing with the manta at Makassar Reef, Labuan Bajo

Pink beach in one fine afternoon

saying hi to one female Komodo at Komodo Island

taking picture with the Komodo from the safe distance

Nanti saya akan ceritakan keseruannya saat berada di Labuan Bajo dengan segala aktivitas dan tempat - tempat yang luar buasa untuk dikunjungi.

See you on the next post!

WW: Pōwhiri and the Inauguration Ceremony of the New Mayor of Wellington 2022

Kia Ora!

Morena koutou.. morning from Aoteaora.

I was very privilege to get the opportunity to come and join the Powhiri or the welcoming ceremony of the Workship Tory Whanau, the new Mayor of Wellington City. She was replacing Andy Foster, the previous Mayor of this coolest little Capital, and she is the first Māori Mayor for Wellington! What a historic moment indeed! 

the booklet of the Pōwhiri 

I joined other diplomatic communities, families, friends and invited guests to the Powhiri. It was conducted in Pipitea Marae, or the traditional house of Māori located in Pipitea, Thorndon. It is a beautiful Marae in the middle of Wellington with so many traditional touch and artworks, including the famous Toi Whakario or Māori art carving. You can see some of the samples of the Māori art carvings which are not only showcasing their artistic side but they are also considered sacred and believed to elevate the objects 

We really enjoyed the Powhiri and the Inauguration ceremony, which consists of the Pōwhiri, karanga, hongi, Whaikōrero, and karakia - then the proceedings of the inauguration ceremony, including the Mayor's opening speech, Declaration of Mayor - Elect and the Councillors - Elect, and the appointment of the Deputy Mayor.

Here are some photos I managed to take during the procession. 

I was not sure whether we could take pictures or not in the beginning due to the strict property rights' protection of the Māori arts and cultures. Nevertheless, at the less formal stage, we could take some pictures. I even managed to get selfies with Mayor Tory! 

Mayor Tory Whanau received the Hoe, the 

the Mayor with the Hoe..

the performance of the Pipitea Marae art group

one of the Declarations from Councillor - elect

Kai - some of the food provided during the Powhiri 

my shaky selfie with Mayor Tory .. super excited

Hope Wellington will be getting better, better and better in the future under the Worship, Mayor Tory Whanau.  

Ngā mihi koutou.

The Celebration of the 77th Anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence Day and Indonesian Armed Forces

Hi everyone..

National Day or the celebration of our nation’s independence day is always be special. Commemorating the struggles of our ancestors and heroes, this day marks the new beginning in the life of the nation.

Ambassador Fientje Suebu with H.E. Deborah Geels from MFAT, Marja Lubeck, MP from Labour Party from Indonesian descent, and Defence Attache and spouse

For the celebration of the 77th Anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence Day and Indonesian Armed Forces this year, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia held a Diplomatic Reception on October 12th, 2022. 

After postponing similar celebration for the last 2 years due to COVID-19 pandemic, this time we had been able to have a proper celebration.

After the flag - hoisting ceremony that we did on August 17th, this time we had the double celebration at New Zealand National Library in Thorndon, Wellington. 

We invited around 200 guest and 150 people came and joined us that night. It was really a wonderful celebration showcasing our pride as a thriving country, surviving COVID-19 and continue to make progress in terms of economic development, infrastructures and political stability.

With Nusantara, another word to call our homeland Indonesia, as the theme, we presented a little journey to Indonesia that night. We changed the national library into Indonesian corners, with decorations from different parts of Indonesia adorning the hall we used. 

Not to mention Indonesian delicacies such as kue lapis surabaya, kue lumpur, pastel and risol, as well as our signature rendang, sate ayam, gado - gado, vegetarian fried noodles, and fresh fruits. For our guests who drink alcohol, New Zealand wines and Indonesian beer, bir Bintang, were also available.

We also have Nasi Tumpeng, the famous coned yellow rice, presented to our Guest of Honour, Ambassador Deborah Geels, Deputy Secretary for Americas and Asians of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of New Zealand. We also had free souvenir of Indonesian traditional woven syal for all our guests. 

The night got even merrier with the performance of Tari Piring, a traditional dance from West Sumatera and a medley of Indonesian songs, like Apuse, Sinanggar Tulo, Cublak - cublak suweng, dan Sajojo. The opening dance was Isolo from Papua.

It was really a lovely night and here are some more photos we have from the celebration.

Lapis Surabaya, everyone..

some of our guests while arriving..

Frits with Isolo dance from Papua 

Noken and Papuan arts and textile as part of the decoration

I was wearing my gold and purple Tapis Lampung, with kebaya sulam usus in the same colors. Good thing I bring the complete set of the Siger Lampung from home.

So, what do you think? We really have so much fun and hope we can have more engagement as well as exposure of Indonesian cultures in New Zealand.