Hello Tokyo

I  finally arrived in Japan for transit on my way to New Caledonia and Paris for series of meetings.
Super excited indeed!
To finally, finally (I keep using this word :)) welcome myself to Japan. 

Have you been to Japan before?
I haven't! And I have been wanting to come to this lovely country since a long time ago.
It feels like an answered prayer, as my hubby and I have in fact discussed the plan of visiting Japan on our way back home to Indonesia later this summer. We haven't reached our agreement yet (as my hubby just simply wants to go back home directly without transiting anywhere) when this assignment came.
And I was ecstatic!

So I planned my trip to Nouméa Caledonia by taking the Japan route.
It was 14 hours direct flight to Narita, Japan, then followed by another 9 hours flight from Japan to Nouméa. 
It was a long flight indeed, but I managed to get around 20 hour layover time.
So I planned my transit with the help of my dearest friends in Tokyo, especially Mita who has been there for about 3.5 years now.

Long story short, I landed safe and sound in Tokyo on Friday, 9 March 2018.
It was nice, balmy 12 degree Celcius in Tokyo, compared to 0 degree Celcius in NYC.
And don't forget I'm heading to tropical Nouméa, which has the average of 35 - 38 degree Celcius at this time. 
I do have a lot of challenges in packing the right clothes for all these cities I visited and ended up bringing 2 big luggages :).

Well, on my one night transit in Tokyo, I decided to stay in Ueno, around 40 minutes away from Narita Airport using the super fast Skyliner.
I put my 2 big bags in the baggage storage in Narita Airport and just traveled to Ueno with my cabin bag. The reason why I stayed here is because it's the easiest way to get to the Skyliner station which takes me back to Narita Airport the next day.
And Ueno is indeed beautiful!

When I arrived in Ueno, I was welcomed by this lovely cherry blossoms.
That's why I walked back to Ueno Park in the next morning to see this beautiful park.

It was cold and rainy but I managed to go out to Ueno at Taito ward and strolled around Ueno Park as well as Harajuku and Takeshita Dori.
I took the subway which is only like ten minutes walk from my hotel.

my favorite cartoon, Doraemon :)

Although it was raining rather non-stop, it didn't  dampen my spirit to enjoy whatever Japan has to offer. Even with little sleep I have on the flight (thanks to all Oscar-nominees movies :)), I managed to put my big bags in Narita, take Skyliner to Tokyo and Ueno, check-in to my hotel, walk around and shop a bit at Ueno and Takeshita-dori, and close the day by eating at one of Japanese traditional yummy noodle house! Alhamdulliah.

Using Suica card for traveling around, I love how convenient it is to be traveling around.  
It took me around 10 minutes to arrive at Harajuku station. 

Harajuku Station!

Halal ramen..yaaaay!

It was already a bit late when I arrived at Harajuku, so I didn't see many people crossing this famous street. Nevertheless, I enjoyed strolling around the street and checked out the supermarket, finding so many interesting items.

Not to forget, I eat the crepe from the Angel's Heart, the oldest creperie in Takeshita Street.
They do have tons of choices indeed!
It was so overwhelming to me, I chose the basic one with cheese on it!
My favorite for sure.
And it costs me only 250 Yen or around USD 3. And it tasted good!

where to go?
So those  are a few random snaps before I share more details on what I manage to do in less than a day transit in Japan.
So, do you think you will like Japan as well?
I instantly fall in love with it and happy to be back for sure.
Wait for more stories from Japan! 

And here's Ueno on Google map if you want to check it out!



  1. Akhirnya kesampaian ya Mbk..
    kaos kakinya lucu,doraemonnn

  2. Duh Mbak, asyik banget pekerjaannya banyak berhubungan juga dengan berkunjung ke berbagai negeri. Bahagianya dirimu Mbak...

    Ada Doraemon... Ingat Jepang saya jadi ingat Oshin dan Musashi dan juga manajemen pabriknya yg hebat.

    Salam dari Sukabumi,

  3. Jepang cantik ya! So many things to see..

  4. Waaah beberapa hari ini lagi banyak emak2 yg ke Jepang. Have fun mbak.

  5. Halal ramen...alhamdulillaah. so glad to see that. And your pictures? As stunning as always.

    Is it spring already in Japan now?

  6. I bet you're going to want to buy somethings there. Have fun!

  7. How fun! My youngest daughter is a little miffed we didin't settle on Japan for our summer vacation this year. I'll be sure to show her your photos so she can live vicariously through your travels ;)


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