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Happy 2023 from Aotearoa

Are you ready for the new year?
Yes you are and here comes the last day of 2022!

Wishing you all an amazing new year of 2023, filled with happiness, joy, health, success and abundant blessings. 

Doa terbaik untuk kita semua di tahun 2023 yang semoga akan diisi dengan hari - hari yang produktif, sehat dan bahagia. Semoga segala rencana baik yang sudah disiapkan bisa terealisasi dan apa yang belum tercapai dapat segera dikabulkan. Aamiiin.

happy new year from Wellington, New Zealand

 Di akhir tahun 2022, saya sempat menikmati hiking di Mt. Kaukau, Wellington, yang menjadi salah satu tempat favorit karena pemandangan dari atas yang sangat cantik. Bersama 8 teman perempuan lainnya, kami mendaki selama kurang lebih 1 jam dan menikmati pemandangan serta udara segar. Kegiatan yang sehat sebelum menikmati pesta tahun baru. Pemandangan yang dinikmati juga benar - benar menenangkan jiwa dan raga, membuat kita lebih sehat dan segar. We certainly hope we can do it regularly so we can stay healthy. Sounds like a good resolution to me!

Meanwhile, hours later and after a good break, we gathered on the last night in 2022 in my Ambassador's residence which is beautifully located in Northland, Wellington. We had great times sharing with our big family in NZ, enjoying BBQ, singing karaoke, and playing Just Dance. 

My hubby and  I on the last day of 2022

Around 40 people gathered and we all witnessed the kids' fireworks, starting at 9.30 so that the kids didn't have to stay awake too long, and also the new year countdown with 3-minute fireworks at 12 PM on the dot.

I managed to capture it live for my YouTube channel as well. Feel free to check it out ..

So, have Cheers from Wellington!



Hope everyone has a wonderful start of the new year!

We are witnessing the changes of the new dawn in 2022 from Wellington, New Zealand. 

Happy happy new year, everyone

It was a bit quiet here in Wellington City, as the new variant of Omicron has once again put the restrictions back. So no big gathering, no fireworks, nothing in the city for welcoming 2022. We only saw Ibiza Party Bus was passing our hotel before midnight. Well, that didn't dampen our spirit to welcome the new year in this new city we reside.

Party on the bus...

Yet we had a blast as we moved to the new house at the last day of 2021. We brought all our luggages from Quest on the Terrace, which has been a temporary apartment for us in the course of one month, to our homey little home in Cathie Place, Karori. The house has been equipped with white wares (stoves, oven, hood and dishwasher) and we have brought the lazy boys (two, big reclining seats), 3-seat sofa, 3 sets of beds and some bits and pieces we acquire along the way.

Welcome to Karori, Wellington, New Zealand

We were super excited indeed, noting that the house has been prepared with items we will need for at least the next couple of weeks after the new year break passes. Many things have been suspended for this summer (yup, it's summer down here in NZ) break, including shipments of many of our stuff bought in Wellington as well as in Jakarta. But at least we can cozily live in a house with no fridge and TV for 2 weeks, right. 

Welcome to Karori, Wellington, New Zealand
The Frakarsas at Karori House

So, on the last day of the year, we dragged all our belongings brought from Jakarta to Karori, Wellington. This little house on top of the hill will be our home for the next 1-2 years. Well, we are assigned here for 4 years but let's see how things are unfolding in the future. 


On the New Year's eve, we went to our friend's house for BBQ and countdown session with the kids. It was fun and lots of food for sure, as we chatted till midnight and started the count down with non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice. We cheered for better, kinder, safer, and happier 2022.

Just like what I have shared in my IG account, the year 2021 has certainly taught us a lot.

Patience, perseverance, discipline and compassion, are among the principled values we hold dear as we continued our fight against the pandemics. Tears, disappointment, anger, pain and misery might choose to accompany us at certain point of time. Loosing seems to part of the game too.

But we all choose not to give up. We choose to get up and continue the fight. We never give up and keep our hopes high in the air. We keep the faith and move forward.

Allah SWT sungguh maha baik kepadaku dan keluargaku. Sejatinya kepada kita semua.

Tak terhitung begitu banyak nikmat, perlindungan dan cinta-Nya yang tercurah kepada #thefrakarsas dan keluarga besarku di manapun berada. Di antara serangan COVID - 19 yang alhamdulillah kami alami 2 kali, jatuh bangun keluarga di tengah pandemi, dan roller coaster kehidupan, Sang Maha Pemilik Kehidupan memberikan akhir tahun yang manis dan penuh kejutan.

Along the way, ada banyak cinta, rezeki, teman baru, kehangatan, tawa lepas, tim kerja yang hebat, pekerjaan yang selesai, rewards dan apresiasi, pemandangan indah, tempat baru yang dijelajahi, momen spesial serta global family and networks that I really love and cherish! Oh I am so swelled with happiness. Merci ya Rabb..

May the world be a safer, better, happier and more blessed place for all of us.

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim .. selamat datang 2022 

Then on the first days of 2022, we have been enjoying the house and heading to the beach.

Yes, Scorching beach.. here we come!

Happy New Year from Wellington

Since summer is really on, before long the beach is packed with Wellingtonians who craved for some sunshine and tanning session. I will share more details on our lovely time at Scorching Bay Beach on the next post.

Again, Happy 2022 and may the new year bring all happiness, joy, excitement, success and health to all of us

Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

Welcoming the new year..

Here come 2021 and have a blessed one, everyone!

I have been enjoying 2020, with all its ups and downs, and try to keep the positivity around. Not always that easy as I am sometimes, just like many of us, feel so frustrated. Well, born and raised as a social being, I cannot say I don't miss going out, meeting people and socializing. But hey, when your safety and your life depends on it, you know which one is our priority.

In my office, 2021 kicks in with a big bang! We have the Annual Press Statement of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, outlining the achievements of 2020 and priorities in 2021. I know we have a  lot of  follow-ups and pandemic might pose certain limitation. But I have to admit, I get extra energy looking at those tasks we need to work on. I am blessed to have a dream team at the office and we all support one another in fulfilling all the desired outcomes. Wish us luck, please, so that we can remain high spirited and strong enough to continue the works meaningfully.

Can't wait to explore more parts of Indonesia and the world

As for travel schedule, my hubby and I have pencilled down a few beautiful cities across the archipelago. Oh so many beautiful places to visit and hopefully pandemic will soon go and more manageable in the future. Hopefully our safe, full-observant-to-health-protocol trip can soon be realized, while considering the latest situation on the ground. Fingers crossed!

And now, let's party and welcome the new year in Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends!

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Thank You, 2019

Thank you, 2019

Thank you, 2019.

I haven’t really get a chance to sit down, pause, and look back to what 2019 has brought us.
A little reflection will always do us good and I always try to do it, whenever I can.
I know we have stepped into the second week ff January in this new era.
Yet, as sadly predicted, we, or rather I, had been drowning in the usual business at the office and at home.

Well, as you have probably known as I shared it in my blog before, many beautiful moments took place in our lives. My life personally as well as my family’s.
For sure life is full of ups and downs but I have to admit that my family and I have been bestowed with the best things in life.

Enjoyable school times for my munchkins.
Wonderful trips to so many new corners of the world, including beautiful Indonesia.
Smooth financial supports.
Accomplished projects and missions at the office.
Expanding networks and professional portfolios. 
First-time experiences for so many things, ranging from traveling to sports. 
So, so much to be grateful for. 

2019 telah berakhir.
Dan 2020 telah tiba.
Apakah sudah sempat menengok segala kebaikan dan pelajaran yang kita dapat sepanjang tahun 2019? Atau 2020 hadir seperti biasa dan langsung menggerus hari - hari dengan ritme yang kerap menenggelamkan kita pada aneka kewajiban?

Dulu di awal 2019, saya sempat membatin tidak akan membuat resolusi khusus, namun akan fokus pada hal - hal yang menjadi prioritas. 
Keluarga, kesehatan, dan karir. 
Tiga hal penting yang selalu mendominasi hari-hariku.

Sepintas memang terdengar biasa.
Lumrah dan jamak.
Tidak ada yang istimewa.
Tapi untuk saya yang masih menjadi 'budak kantor' dan kerap terkubur dengan pekerjaan dan prioritas kantor (baca: Pemri ), berkumpul bersama keluarga dengan tenang (dengan tenang yaa..tanpa diganggu bunyi WA yang tang - tung tang - tung menunggu dijawab saat itu juga) menjadi kemewahan tersendiri. Bahkan sering saya memaksakan diri untuk ingat menelpon suami dan anak - anak, di mana pun saya berada, supaya komunikasi bisa terus terjalin. 

Unforgettable journey as breast cancer survivor!

Belum lagi saat berbicara tentang kesehatan.
Entah berapa banyak makanan dan minuman kurang sehat yang sering menjadi teman sehari - hari di kantor maupun ruangan rapat. Menghabiskan waktu di kursi dan di depan komputer menjadi pemandangan biasa. Sedihnya, saat akhir pekan yang tidak disibukkan dengan pekerjaan kantor, saya sudah letih untuk berolahraga dengan serius. Kalau hanya mengeluarkan keringat karena beberes, membersihkan kamar dan mencuci pakaian rasanya belum cukup dikategorikan sebagai olah raga kan. 
Sementara pengobatan paska kemoterapi dan radiasi  akibat kanker payudara yang saya alami juga harus dilanjutkan. Saat masuk tahun kelima,- yang merupakan tahun terakhir untuk mengkonsumsi obat hormon anti kanker,- saya justru menghadapi berbagai anomali di tubuh, termasuk kembali bleeding padahal sudah menopause sejak tahun 2015. 

Selain itu, kesibukan saya di kantor membuat saya banyak sekali melakukan perjalanan di dalam dan luar negeri. Penerbangan di atas 9 jam yang kerap harus saya jalani bukan tanpa efek samping lho. Termasuk badan yang kaku dan nyeri di beberapa bagian tubuh tertentu. 

Banyak teman maupun saudara yang berkomentar enak banget saya sering melakukan perjalanan ke luar negeri. Memang tahun 2019 kemarin sudah seperti rekor saja saya traveling. Karena saya sempat 3 kali ke Geneva, Swiss dan 3 kali ke New York City. Belum lagi perjalanan lain ke Moscow, Russia; Tromso, Norwegia; dan juga Brussels, Belgia. In between saya seringkali mampir ke Istanbul, Turki dan Singapura, bahkan mampir ke London. Di dalam negeri, saya sempat ke Papua, Solo, Suraaya, Bandung, Jogja dan juga Semarang, bahkan 3 kali ke Bali, dalam waktu kurang dari 2 bulan! Tapi jangan lupa, perjalanan tersebut adalah bagian dari pekerjaan saya. Jangan ditanya capeknya dan segala kewajiban yang harus saya penuhi. Although I have to admit I really enjoy every beat of it as I love traveling so much and I'm proud to be able to represent my beautiful country, Indonesia, in many international fora.

Tentu saja perjalanan di atas beda dengan traveling untuk liburan, yang bahkan ke tempat dekat saja, seperti Cirebon dan Bandung, misalnya, bisa tetap menyenangkan hati karena perjalanan yang kita lakukan santai dan bersama orang - orang tercinta. Tahun 2019 kami sempat ke Lampung berkali - kali (bahagia dengan trip ke pantai, snokeling dan diving) serta Semarang. 

Well, teman - teman juga mungkin tidak tahu kalau di perjalanan yang saya lakukan tadi, semuanya melibatkan serangkaian rapat persiapan yang panjang, dokumen pertemuan yang banyak dan tidak berseri, laporan  yang harus segera diselesaikan dan kesiapan di lapangan untuk hal-hal tak terduga.
Capek? Pasti.
Stress? sudah menjadi 'paket hemat' dengan perjalanan yang dilakukan.
Talking about living a healthy life.
I did live in a fast lane and start paying the price for it.

But I have to admit that I LOVE MY JOB.
There.. I repeat it again.

So, back to my note for 2020, I sincerely hope I can have a 'cleaner' life.
Bersih hati. Bersih jiwa. Bersih raga.
Bersih niatnya, bersih tindakannya, termasuk makanan dan minumannya, serta bersih gaya hidupnya.
Bisa kan, Indah Nuria Savitri? 
Insya Allah bisa!

Anyway, as for 2019, I try to capture the moments in one single video.

Yup, one single video.
Obviously I can’t put them all but many of the highlights from 2019 are included.
Feel free to check it out below or visit my YouTube channel.
Please like, comment, subscribe and push that notification button so that you won’t miss the next adventure. I will be happy to subscribe to your channel as well so leave me a note :).
Jangan lupa like, komentar, subscribe dan get the notification yaaa.

Nothing else to say but wishing you all a fabulous 2020.

To a Fabulous 2020

Wishing all my dearest friends and family a fabulous 2020!

I know 2019 has been super colorful for me and my family.
Colorful as we have so many ups and downs.
Beautiful moments captured yet many solemn instances took place.
We have so much to be grateful for, amidst the frequent trips to hospital that my hubby and I had to do along the year..

2019 is also filled with so many ‘first time’ as well.
Visit to Moscow, Russia .. hunt Aurorra Borealis in Tromsø .. ride the horse at Gedong Songo temple .. join Guinness World Record breaking attempt in diving and succeed .. do hysteroscopy ... those are among the view things I have on my list in 2019.
I guess the list is quite long.

First time ever seeing the Aurrora Borealis at Tromso, Norway

In my professional career, 2019 has provided so many wonderful opportunities for self-development and network expansion in the field of human rights and multilateral affairs.
I got the chance to travel to so many beautiful spots in the world as well, including a frequent trip to my second and third hometowns, Geneva and New York City.

But the most important thing is my petite family.
The Frakarsas
My treasure and all my life.
I was so lucky I got to spend some quality time with them.
My kids are having fun at school and making friends with so many talented youngsters, including exploring their passion in so many new fields, like martial arts.
All in all, happily, my family enjoyed our stay in out beloved Indonesia and again got a chance to explore the beauty of wonderful Indonesia.

I will definitely share more of my reflection of 2019 soon.

Wherever you are now, I sincerely wish you a blessed and peaceful 2020
May we have the faith, the strength and the courage in this new beginning
Always believe that the Almighty always has the best scenario for all of us


Thank You 2018 and Welcome 2019

Thank you, 2018! - Topkapi Palace, Istanbul, Turkey

Ready to say goodbye to 2018?
And welcome 2019 with open arms?

Well, like it or not, the new dawn of 2019 is arriving.
As the last days of 2018 are looming in, we always take this moment to reflect what we have done and gone through along the years.

For me and my family, it’s always be a melange of love, laughters, tears, hard works and fun.
2018 is indeed special and memorable.

We started the year with super sad news and ended it with some great quality time with my big family.  We spent the last day of 2018 at the beach with the big family.

The kids got super excited and I managed to enjoy swimming and snorkeling with my loved ones as well. 

In terms of blogging, it's been a wonderful journey as always, as I take blogging as my cup of tea, not really a job or a profession. I did receive a lot of free goodies and paid posts (including those in USD and Rupiah :)) plus won some competition,  although I know I can do more. But I like doing things my way, including blogging :). So, I'm blessed I still can enjoy my blogging journey up until now.

[Check out : WW: Last Day of 2018]

I have to say 2019 has a lot in store for us, as some pending matters are wating to be settled. 
No matter what 2019 has in store, my family and I will enjoy every single blessing the Almighty bestowed us all. And one of the ways to do it is by reflecting what the previous year has brought us ad learnt valuable lessons from it.

Now, here's a little flashback and let's see how colorful last year was and how 2018 has been treating us.


We started the new year with the passing of our Datuk, my kids' grandpa, my hubby's dearest dad.
He rested in peace on the 2nd of January 2018, 1 day after my husband arrived from NYC, leaving us on Dec 30th, 2017.
He has been unwell for quite some times but still his passing shocked us all.
May Datuk rest in peace and he will forever be remembered.
Terima kasih untuk semuanya, Datuk!

For the first 3 weeks of 2018, my kids and I lived in NYC just the three of us. 
It was quite challenging to go back and forth from my house, office and kids' school in winter but we managed to go through it. We used a lot of public transportation and spent quality time with Bo et Obi. I remembered trying so many restaurants as well during this time, with my kids!


On the second month of 2018,  my hubby and I maximized the time to explore New York City more. As I have mentioned previously in many occasions, my assignment in the Permanent Mission of Indonesia to the United Nations in New York was extended for 6 months. I was originally scheduled to go home in January 2018 but then it was prolonged until the end of July 2018.

At some points we were happy to be given the chance to stay longer in NYC, but on the other hand, we just couldn't wait to go back home!

So here, we strolled around famous streets, restaurants, and alleys in NYC. 
We managed to go back and forth to Katz' Delicatessen (the movie set for 'When Marry Met Sally'), Joe's pizza (the movie set for the Spiderman movie), Friends' apartment (the one they shot to show the outside part of these best friends' apartment), and Serendipity 3 café (obviously, from the movie Serendipity).


March is the time for spring, Yet, NYC was still cold and freezing but I managed to get a chance to travel far to the Pacific, this time to New Caledonia. It is one of the non-self-governing-territories under the administering power of France and it's pretty much located in the Pacific. Not only we traveled to Noumea, the capital city, we also go to Lifou and Kone, the capitals for North and South Islands.

On my way here, I transited in Japan and stay for 2 days (visiting Japan for the first time), then headed to Paris, France, and go home to NYC through Lisbon, Portugal!
What a trip, right!
I have to stop at 4 different countries and territories to complete my journey.
Tiring? Indeed!
Excited? Very!
I, as usual, took the liberty to explore those beautiful cities.

Read some posts about New Caledonia here: 
5 Instagramable Spots in Noumea, New Caledonia
New Caledonia in Blue


I have always loved April for it's beautiful weather! And usually, we took our roadtrip during the Spring Break. But in 2018, I was bogged down with the work as we were in the middle of the campaign for Non-Permanent Member of the UN Security Council.

Nevertheless, we managed to again browse New York City and its never ending charms.
Plus I got to see Pink in here incredible world tour in Madison Square Garden, with my sister in crime, Erma!
It was really a great night to remember!


This month, I went to Grenada in the Carribbean, for the first time.
It's always great to explore a brand new place and I manages to stay there for 5 days.
It was for work and quite a series of intense meetings, but I went diving there as well and we went to Catamaran sail with the whole group! It was super fun!

Then Ramadhan came in May as well.
It was our 5th fasting month in New York City and although it was a long early summer day, we, together with the kids, managed to pass it smoothly. Alhamdulillah!


We finally won!
2-year marathon of intensive campaigns have beautifully yielded in Indonesia chosen as one of the Non-Permanent Member of the UN Security Council for 2019 - 2020.
It felt good to know that all our hard work and dedication were paid off!
Starting January 2019, Indonesia will be officially one of the Non-Permanent Member of the UN Security Council. Our Minister for Foreign Affairs and the team celebrated it together at the UN and in our Mission, right during the Ifthar or the breakfasting, as it was still in the middle of the holy month of Ramadhan.

We also celebrated the last Idul Fitr in New York City.
Not long after that, we packed our stuff and sent it to Indonesia.
Well, our once-in-3-or-4-year packing was super exhausting but that 20 feet container would have to go early if we wanted it to arrive in August. 

Then after that, we moved out of the house we lived in for more than 4 years and kissed Astoria goodbye. We stayed in the place provided by my office in Manhattan afterwards, until our departure to Indonesia.


My kids and my hubby bid NYC goodbye!
I was so sad but they needed to go back home earlier to catch the school.
They left on July 3rd, just a day before the 4th of July.
All of us were super sad, but 
And the kids and my hubby transited in Japan, so they were not that sad on their way back to Indonesia.

I stayed in NYC to finish all my works and the whole procedures I have to go through.
Cuba is indeed awesome!
In between, I visited Cuba with my dearest sister-in crime Erma and undoubtedly, we had tons of fun there! We went to the old city and the surroundings, to the beach, to the salsa private class, and more. We visited museums, met our friends from Indonesian Embassy in Havana and we went cigar shopping. I really love Cuba!

Enjoying Tokyo Disney early birthday gift :)

And I am officially back home to Indonesia!
I flew from NYC on the last day of July, transited in Tokyo and went to Tokyo Disney Sea, (I took it as my early 41st birthday gift), then Jakarta and Lampung directly.

The first 2 weeks I arranged some day-off from the office to go back home to Lampung, meet our parents and families, and take some times off to rest. I do need that! 
I visited Anak Krakatau Mountain during this break 
But right after that, I went back to the office in full gear.
Tons of works are waiting and even I have been traveling around for work in Jakarta.
I am still handling the same issues, which are human rights and humanitarian affairs.


The crazy September is filled with endless meetings for the preparation of the UN General Assembly meeting headed by our Vice President and the team. Nothing new but still I was laughing at myself for doing the similar routines again. It was fun though, as we worked with the new team in Jakarta and we managed to traveled around and discussed our works in many places, including Bogor, Depok, Bekasi and Jakarta. 

We also enjoyed the great vibes during  Asian Games in Jakarta!
What a great event!
So proud to be the host for this biggest sport event in Asia.
And for sure we nailed it!


Back to the Big Apple for 9 days and I was so thrilled.
For 5 times in a row, I managed to join Making Strides against Breast Cancer.
Walking 5 km with friends and those who were touched by breast cancer at some points of their lives. It was very moving and I felt blessed to have to chance to be there again!

And I was lucky to stay over in Tokyo, Japan again, visiting Mount Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi, and Sato Nenba. For the first time, I wore Kimono and browsed around the village wearing it. And I got the purple turquoise kimono, my fave!

Sato Nenba, Japan
I love this Kimono!


Burkina Faso, here I come.
Unplanned, I was lucky to get a chance to visit another country in western part of Africa.
It was for the OIC meeting on the role of women and I was lucky to be part of the Indonesian Delegation to this meeting. I flew through Turkey, so I enjoyed city tour in Istanbul, in the middle of cold, wintery days.

Before that, I visited Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia, as well, for the first time.
Such a lovely city indeed, packed with amazing sunsets, wonderful beaches and incredible food!


Alhamadulillah wa syukurillah.. 
The Almighty has been very good to us.
I have made last-minute trip to Malaysia for work and meet many new friends. Afterwards, I flew straight to Lampung to join my family and have a long break in my beloved hometown.

Nevertheless, at the last week of December, we were sooo sad as tsunami came to Lampung and Banten provinces, particularly in Tanjung Lesung and Kalianda :(. More than 400 people died and many facilities were damaged. We worked together to help all the victims and now the recovery and the rehabilitation processes take place. Let's pray for all the victims and those who were affected.

But all in all, rasanya aku bersyukur banget bisamenikmati tahun 2018 yang penuh warna dan berkah-Nya. Aku dan keluargaku sehat walafiat dan 
Alhamdulillah, di tahun 2o18 aku mendapat kesempatan untuk menjejakkan kaki di 6 negara dan wilayah baru, yaitu Kuba, Jepang, New Kaledonia, Grenada, Portugal dan Burkina Faso. Selain itu, it's good to revisit Paris, Istanbul, Tokyo, and Kuala Lumpur again. Dan bahagia banget bisa menikmati indahnya Jogjakarta, Ambon, dan Bali. Dan pastinya, bahagia bisa berkumpul kembali dengan keluarga besar dan menikmati indahnya Indonesia!

Now 2019 is here!
I am excited to walk on the new days and continue 

How's 2018 been for you?
I bet you have many colorful days and unforgettable memories from 2018.
Share with us in the comments yaaa.