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Beauty - Huda Beauty Liquid Matte in Famous

Hello, beautiful people!
What's the color of your lipstick today?

I cannot deny that my addiction to lipstick is super severe.
Some serious repercussions have been dragging me, including running out of hiding places for all those boxes of lipsticks from my hubby LOL.
But I have mentioned before, lipstick IS NOT just a piece of cosmetics you have to have in your purse.
Lipstick is a statement.
A bold statement of who you are and what makes you happy as yourself.
That's a bit too much for an introduction, isn't it?

So today, I have another favorite lipstick of mine (I keep saying it again and again :)).
Wondering what that is?

Introducing  Huda Beauty Liquid Matte in Famous.

Sudah ada yang pernah coba?
Suka ngga?
Aku suka bangeeeet :). 

I know it might be a bit confusing  as I keep saying that this or that brand is my favorite! But that is so true. I have many favorite brands that I tend to stock up in my cosmetic pouch(es). 

Dan sesungguhnya, aku udah lama banget pengen review lipstik yang satu ini.
Soalnya selain warnanya oke, lipstik ini nyaman sekali di bibir.
Kalau sempat baca beberapa review aku tentang beauty products, hampir semua lipstik yang saya pakai dan review  adalah lipstik yang matte or tahan lama. Dan KENYAMANAN di bibir jadi penting! Numero uno.
Soalnya males kaaan kalau bibir oke dengan warna gonjreng tapi sesudahnya kering, berdarah, dan bocel-bocel. Uuugh, ngebayanginnya aja udah males :).
So, ready to hear more from me? 
Here's my take on Huda Beauty Liquid Matte in Famous.


Siapa yang familiar dengan Huda Beauty?

Atau Huda Kattan?

Huda Kattan is one of the examples of social media superstar! 
Professionally trained as Hollywood make-up artist and beauty consultant, her passion and obsession to beauty has lead her to become number 1 beauty blogger in Middle East and voila... people loves her and she becomes one of the hottest YouTube darling with most wanted products such as eye lashes, eye shadow, highlighter,  lip contour,  and of course, lipsticks. And one of my fave is indeed the liquid matte.


The liquid matte contains of 1 (one)  Matte Liquid Lipstick (approximately 5 ml / 0.17 fl. oz)  as mentioned in the box. It is made in Italy and we can use it up to 12 months after you open it.

The price for this liquid matte is USD 20, before taxes and shipping.

I usually buy it in my favorite shop, Sephora, and of course you can check it on Sephora used to have it online only but  now we have it on the store, although the shades are not always as complete as those online.


Huda is quite genius when it comes to  shades. 
Being a professional make-up artist and knowing exactly what people love, I have to say I love most of the shades Huda. There are many shades available, 24 to be exact, including the summer edition. Perhaps some of the most popular ones from Huda Beauty are Bombshell and Gossip Gurl and many of her nude collection.

Famous is indeed perfect for me

But again, I love Famous because it's so me :).
Bold and perfect mixture between red and berry, my favorite colors!


Here's howFamous looks on my complexion.

And this is how it looks when I put it on my lips,  without the lip liner.

Famous on my lips :)

Like many of my matte lipstick, I don't really feel the need to use any lip liner,  because it's already bold. But if you wan to have a more dramatic look, using lip liner will definitely give a better contour. And when it comes to lip contour, Huda is famous for that.


I love it because it's super comfortable!
I have to say not many matte liquid lipstick are comfortable enough for your lips.
Most of the time, we are tempted by its wonderful shades and long-lasting nature, but your lips pay the price for it.
Not with Huda, though. And reading her blog, I guess that's the very reason why she started her liquid matte line because she can not find any with the combination of it all; comfort, great colors, and long-lasting.
I also love it for its true bold color. Famous really stands out on me.
I know it does not always look good on others but it looks fine to me.

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte in Famous on my lips :)

The aplicator is also good and in perfect size as well as shape, so it helps us  apply the lipstick steadily and neatly on our lips.

The lipstick dries pretty quickly so it's transfer-free, as the website says, and it won't be messy.

Additionally, the lipsticks and other cosmetics collections are not tested on animals and the shades are vegan as well.


As I can read in the box,- although it took a long time for me to do so,-  the lipstick is made of mixture of, among others, Isododecane, Cyclopentasiloxana, Cera Alba (Beeswax), trimetylsiloxysilicate, polypropylsilsesquioxane, disteardimonium hectorite, mica, coffee Arabica seed extract and more :). 

The lipstick is made in Italy.


After all those great things above, I have sort of a list of the No-No.

I somehow don't like the after-wear/eating effect. 
I mean, it's a long lasting lipstick but after I have my meals, it looks smudgy.
Instead of topping it up, I usually clean it first and start wearing it again in order to avoid having smudgy lips, or in Bahasa Indonesia, lipstiknya bleberan.
It takes time for sure. 

Paling sebel kan ya kalau lipstik jadi bleberan alias berantakan setelah habis makan. Nah, salah satu hal yang aku ngga suka dari lipstik ini adalah lipstik yang terlihat berantakan setelah habis makan.

Another thing, as it's the ultra and extremely long wearing lipstick, the color stays and sometimes it stays a bit too long. So, I really have to clean it thoroughly, usually using my face and lip cleaner with moisturizing oil on it so that I can keep my lips moist and tender.

You can swipe it twice because it will not be blotching but once you make the 'wrong' move, then you will need some extra time to clean it :)). So better make sure that you do it right.  Fill the lip and swipe the brush steadily so you will have the best result. Lip liner will be very helpful in giving you sort of the frame if you're not accustomed to it. 

Dan seperti lipstik tahan lama lainnya yang highly pigmented alias warnanya ngejreng bangeeet, hati-hati saat memoleskannya ya. Karena warnanya yang memang tahan lama, kalau kita pakai lipstiknya agak salah, menghapusnya pun lumayan lama alias perlu perjuangan. Dan biasanya berbekas karena memang pigmen tinggi :(. 

Buatku yang hobi banget dandan di mobil or wherever it is kecuali di kamar, ini sering bikin bete hehehe. Apalagi kalau lagi asyik dandan tau-tau Udi rem mobil mendadak dan bubaaar deh bibir seksi dengan lipstik Huda :p

But all in all, I give Huda Beauty Liquid Matte in Famous the score 8.5 out of 10.  

I still like this one and well, you caught me red-handed! 
I have 4 shades already: bombshells, trophy wife, gossip gurl and famous.
Mind if I'm coming back with more shades? 

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