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Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls, and Friends

welcoming March in beautiful Wellington

Welcome back and how March is coming! Time really flies indeed and the third month of the year is already here.

I have been focusing on my works as we have many priorities with the new Ambassador for Indonesia in New Zealand. After the credential presentation to the Governor-General of New Zealand, lists of activities have been prepared. We have many on the pipelines in terms of Courtesy Calls, working breakfasts and lunches, festivals and more. Super excited, yet it requires a lot of preparation and collaboration. Well, happy to do them all.

happy me hiking in Putangirua area

Last week has been filled with  outdoor activities here and there. I managed to go to another movie set of Lord of the Rings trilogy, particularly the Return of the King. We visited the Putangirua Pinnacles at the Scenic Reserve. This very spot is the place where the "Path of the Death" where the Army of the Death were marching. I was super excited as this place is indeed very unique, although we have to hike for about 45 minutes. I will share more stories and photos about it. Not far from there, there's Cape Paliser Lighthouse which is beautiful as well. 

the unique pinnacles

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Il Bar at Bvlgari Resort Bali, Indonesia

almost missing the sunset at Bvlgari Resort, Pecatu, Bali

Hi there...

I am still exploring Bali and super duper excited to have the time to enjoy Bvlgari Resort Bali. 

It was awesome indeed. 

I have been spending so much time in meetings and for sure we all need a break for a while. We got some time to enjoy sunset in Pecatu, the famous cliff area in Bali and that amazing view is one of the reasons why Bvlgari, a world-wide famous jewellery brand, opened their resort here right after the one in Milan and some other lovely cities in the world. 

cheers from Bvlgari Resort, Uluwatu, Bali

I haven't got the chance to stay overnight here but this time, we really enjoy catching the sunset at Il Bar, Bvlgari famous bar.

Wanna see more about Bvlgari Resort, particularly the Il Bar

Check out the photos here and tell me what you think.

enjoying the sunset

Here we ordered some drinks and finger food while enjoying the sunset.

I had Bali Mary, a perfect and healthy combination of raspberries, chilies, and rosemary. Love it! we also had some margarita pizzas, mini combos, and fries.

I took the liberty to take some photos of the surrounding areas as well.

This place is amazingly built over the cliff area in Pecatu, Bali, so you can imagine the hilly parts and textures which make the resort unique and breathtakingly beautiful.

We took the bougie car to go down to the bar from the lobby.

Girls just wanna have fun..

The Italian restaurant near the bar

our lounge corner

The pool is surely inviting!

And here's the bar.

Welcome to Il Bar

Well, that's a little story about the Il Bar at Bvlgari Resort in Pecatu, Bali.
Will you visit this place if you are around?

WW: The Met Fifth Avenue NYC Revisited

Hi, everyone.

Quarantine mode really puts me back on so many trips down memory lanes. COVID-19 really changes our lives and as much as I am tired of doing it, I know it is still the best choice we have for now. 

beautiful painting at the Met 5th Avenue

So, this time, I am sharing some shots I took while I visited the Met, the Metropolitan Museum, in New York City back in 2018. I know I have posted some posts about this incredible museum because I always come back here whenever I got a chance. Even when I am no longer living in New York City, my last business trips to the Big Apple always had Museum visits in its itinerary. Yes, I do love the Met that much.

Well, here are some of the photos I managed to catch on my visit back in July 2018.

me strolling at on of the indoor garden in the Met

This time, I shared the visit I  took when the Met still had the Heavenly bodies exhibition. One of the most impressive exhibition they had, in my humble opinion. You can check more at my previous post Heavenly Bodies at the Met Cloister  to know more about it, when I enjoyed the same exhibition but at different location of the Met. The clothes and accessories that they were displaying are utterly beautiful.

Cheers from me

I managed to climb up to the roof top and lined up to see the exhibition they had there as well. Besides the remarkable art works, I did enjoy amazing Manhattan skyline. 

the wonderful view of Manhattan in the back...

I forgot the name of the exhibition in the roof top. It somehow reminded my of aliens or at least the typical aliens we saw on the movies. Pretty unique and intriguing for sure. A bit scary as well but still interesting.

Me looking at the art installation

Tell me what you think!

still an enjoyable sight under the Manhattan sky..

Then I came back inside again. This time, I was heading to one permanent section showing the grandeur of the past as well. As you see on the picture above, I was enjoying the collection at Robert Lehman collection as well as more European paintings, costumes and arts. All those Victorian glamorous ball room dresses with details to die for as well as delicate paintings showing interesting scenes from the past are really attention stealer. And I can't get enough of them! Let's take a look at them closer here.

what a slim waist line..

Much simpler but still beautiful indeed. Look at the shoes..

I guess this one is the Versailles..

I was wondering where it is exactly..

Look at the details!

Anyway, you can also check out more posts I have written about the Met in different locations as well as its remarkable collection. You can see why I simply can't get enough of it. 

The Met Fifth Avenue - Temple of Dendur and Egyptian Art

Heavenly Bodies at the Met Cloister

In Love with the Met Fifth Avenue

Hope you do enjoy the photos as well.

Do you also like museums? What is or are your favorite museum(s) so far? Do you also visit museums in different countries during your trip or visit?

Join us on (almost) Wonderful Wednesday and have fun with the Linky Party!