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WW: Market Day at Muhammadiyah Elementary School

It’s the Market Day!

We had a lovely market day at my daughter’s school and we got super excited.
The event is annually held and the kids were basically tasked to plan and execute a marketing strategy so that they could sell products of their choice. So my kid and her friends decided to sell various snacks (obviously their favorites) and some cute stationeries.

The event started jn the morning and the kids, help by their parents, set up their tables and booth with balloons, ribbons, and colorful brick -a - brack. They had choco balls, UHT milk, biscuits, puddings, chips, and some pencils as well as brooches.

The kids also decided the price and as the school assigned the kids to sale products less than Rp10.000,-, they had everything under Rp10.000,-
They also designated those who would be the sellers,cashiers, and promoters.
We were so proud to see the way they canvassed their ideas and plans as well as sharing the tasks among themselves. Considering they are still 9-10 years old, I was so proud to see how excited and well organized the kids are.

And Alhamdulillaaaah the market day went well.
They sold almost all their stuff and the most important part is that they were happy!
They had so much fun and they learned about entrepreneurship. 

And the mothers were having fun as well!
Here are some photos depicting the joyous day we had.

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WW: Taman Kupu-kupu Gita Persada Lampung

The last time we visited Lampung, we decided to visit Taman Kupu-kupu Gita Persada Lampung.
Has anyone been to this lovely place?

Welcome to Butterfly Park Gita Persada

We were wondering what the butterfly park looks like and what activities we can do there.

It took us around 45 minute-drive from our house in Kota Sepang, Bandar Lampung, to this park. Located in Wan Abdurrahman Forest, this place is pretty much located in a preservation area. The good thing about this park is that it functions as conservation as well. It also has a mini museum , showing you some results of the conservation done down here 
Taman kupu-kupu gita Persada
I love this blue one!

Here you can see various types of butterflies, including around 100 types of Sumatran butterflies. We managed to see a few, when those butterflies were freely roaming around. We also visited the special area where It’s so beautiful and peaceful here.

We walked down the tracks to the surrounding forest and river.

There are many playgrounds and cute photo spots here including tree houses, so you can definitely have a lovely picnic with your family and friends. Some spots are pretty much Instagramable, as millennials love it.

The hand-made souvenirs

one corner of the museum..

Here is the exact location of Taman Kupu-kupu Gita Persada Lampung.
The entry ticket is only Rp 10.000,- per person or less than a dollar!
Will share more stories and details about this place obviously.

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WW: Orchid Forest Cikole

Who loves orchid here?
Allow me to join you then, as I am a big fan of Orchid.
This wonderful flower has long been stealing my attention (and my heart) for its unique appearance, mysterious aura, and purple shades.
Well, obviously not all orchids are purple but most of them are!

Welcome to Orchid Forest, Cikole.
We just found out that there is a place called Orchid Forest Cikole when we decided to browse around Lembang.
Check out my previous post on De Ranch Lembang when we had fun riding horses and horse-drawn carriage in such a beautiful environment, with Mount Gede-Pangrango at the backdrop.
After spending around 2.5 hours at De Ranch, we decided to go further up to see Cikole.
My husband loved this place because he used to go downhill with his team here.
This is one of his videos there.

So when we drove up from Cikole gate, we asked the officers in charge what attractions are available up there. He told us about Orchid Forest which is just recently opened and that it's a beautiful picnic spot with so many Instagramable spots.
Without further due, we paid the tickets and off we went up. 

Here's some snapshots from our trip to Orchid Forest, Cikole, West Java.

It is truly a beautiful and peaceful place.
It took us around 1 hour 30 minutes drive from Bandung to Cikole. 
Through Jalan Raya Tangkuban Perahu or the the main road to Lembang, the trip might be a bit tricky due to traffic.
But beautiful surroundings, fantastic view, cool fresh air, and wonderful orchid forest is waiting so it worths the trip.

The ticket is only Rp 30.000,- per person (adult and kids I guess) and Rp 30.000,- for car parking. I believe it its cheaper for motorcycle. Since the forest is located slightly up in the hill, we still have to drive for about 20 minutes up from the gate.

I really love this moss ball! super cute!

Orchid Forest Cikole is located at Cikole, Lembang, Bandung, West Java.
This place is open at 9 AM to 6 PM.

As we came here during the weekend, it was quite packed. Many groups were coming to this place as well at that time. So you could hear dangdut music here and there LOL.
But one thing for sure, everyone was having FUN!

Do you like orchid, too?
Do you plant them at home?
Which one is your favorite?
Will you come to this place as well?

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Taman Safari Indonesia - Photo Album

Hello, again.

Ready to see and hear more about Taman Safari Indonesia

Cheers from the wildebeest
As promised, I'm back with more stories about our weekend gateway to Taman Safari Indonesia a couple weeks ago. I guess I have probably shared a few photos in my Instagram account, @insav and @hiddentreasure081 

One thing for sure, even the landscape on our way to Taman Safari Indonesia is breathtaking indeed.

The breathtaking view on the way to TSI

We went to TSI from Jakarta as it is located in Cisarua, Bogor.
We usually take the route to Puncak, a famous tourist site up in the hill of Mount Gede - Pangrango. Since it was the weekend, this popular route was packed and Waze app took us to the alternative route. Alternative route indeed, because we really had to go through narrow roads and hilly streets packed with motor cycles and local public transports like angkot. It was quite an experience but we managed to arrive at the location safe and sound LOL.

All green..
Taman Safari Indonesia is really a unique place to visit.
This huge complex of free-range zoo as well as the conservation center is indeed a great place to be. We learn so much about these wild animals and their preservations while enjoying their natural environment.

My kids really enjoyed the visit and we had tons of fun taking picture of the animals and even petting some of them. Besides the zoo, there are several choices of amusement parks including water park, penguin house, kampung Papua, bird park, reptile tunnel, primate center, and other fun rides.

And this time, before I share more, let me warm you up with some photos first, okay :).

Well, the first groups of animals we saw as we started the journey was the elephants.

Sumatran Elephants to be exact. But the cute one is the HIPPO.
Oh my..the hippo here, I guess the name is Kelly, is super cute.
She really knows how to pose and wait for food from the visitors.
We can definitely feed the animals on designated areas here and along the way, we can buy the carrots for Rp 8.000,- to Rp 10.000,- per bunch. 

You can also see other mammals around here and we enjoy watching the camels, 

isn't he cute!

look who's hiding :)..Big bear we have here.

Cheers from the camels..

Besides, you can also enjoy various attractions and amusement parks here.

The water park

Space shuttle

So, what do you think?
Keen to try and visit this place?

Will be back with all the details and cheers!

Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, My Heartsie Girls and Friends

March is already halfway, how is your day?

It has been busy February for me and the traveling is quite overwhelming. Super tired, but happy at the same time to go back to the place I always love as well as the new city to explore. 

See you soon, Geneva

Back to Jakarta, more series of meetings are waiting And for sure many projects I need to realize. As always, I found of beauty of relaxing and enjoying my me-time. Traditional massage  is always be my favorite and I love Go-Life app, especialy go-massage. Yaaay...lucky us!

We celebrated the International Women's Day as well last week, on Friday March 8th to be exact. 

Oh, Happy International Women's Day to all the ladies out there!

I had the privilege to join the event at the Presidential Palace with President Joko Widodo as well as the one in the Ministry, with my daughter Obi dan the Minister for Foreign Affairs herself.

Obi enjoying so many books..
We have been having so much fun last weekend with Bo et Obi as well as we went to Big Bad Wolf 2019, one of the biggest book exhibition in Indonesia. We all chose our favorite books and brought them back home.

Big Bad Wolf 2019

We spent some time at home as well and watched our favorite TV series on Netflix.
Well, after all those travelings, it is indeed good to be at home!

And now, it's party time indeed!
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