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Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

This week, the festivity in my house began!

On December 8, my daughter celebrates here 11th birthday. Soon, we will have my hubby's and our wedding, anniversary, then my son will soon be 15 years old. All the birthday party... yaaaay! And for sure we are all so excited as we celebrate them in Wellington, New Zealand. Well, we still stay in our temporary apartment hotel but we do enjoy our little 'home sweet home'. We are staying at the Quest on the Terrace and although we are staying in 2-bedroom apartment temporarily, this place is very strategic and it's only 5-minute walk to the City Center and waterfront, with access to shopping centers, restaurants, and more. Super happy me indeed.

As always, our first big homework in a new post is searching for the house. Well, the hunt has begun and we sincerely hope we can get the one that matches our needs and has great school for the kids. It might be a bit difficult but we are still optimistic. Well, wish us luck!

Now, let me welcome you to Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends for this week.

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welcome to Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

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WW: Hello, New Zealand


Kia Ora!

Finally, our journey to Wellington, New Zealand started.

We took off from Jakarta, flying to Christchurch through Singapore with Singapore Airlines, one of my favorite airlines. 

After waiting for the approval from Border over Crossing authorities and teary eyes from our till-we-meet-again moments with dearest family and friends, we managed to board the flight on time to Singapore and had a brief transit there. 

with my mom, niece, and aunties... missing my brothers and sister - in - law here. Hugs & love!

with Pak Direktur and my division at the office.. will miss you all terribly!

Christchurch is our entry point to New Zealand, which hopefully will be our home for the next 4 years. We will have 7-day quarantine here and hopefully all is well.

Along the way, we have been mesmerized by amazing view from above. Here are some of the snaps we took.

such a breathtaking view...

Getting closer to Christchurch...

in the middle of somewhere...

as we landed...

Can't wait to explore more of the beauty of New Zealand and share it with you all here. Wish us, the Frakarsa, luck!

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Eid Mubarak 1442 H


🦋 🦋🦋🦋🦋

May we all have a blessed Eid, wherever we are! 

Insya Allah, Allah SWT’s continued blessings & forgiveness will be bestowed upon us 🙏🙏🙏

Maaf lahir batin atas segala khilaf, alpa, dan kesalahan sepanjang tahun. Semoga Allah SWT menerima segala amal ibadah kita dan menjadi pribadi yang kembali pada fitrah-Nya.

Stay safe, happy and healthy, wherever you are! Have a blessed Eid, filled with love, joy, and togetherness

Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

February is almost over and  I am again embarking on a new journey and learning experience as I join the national leadership training here in Jakarta. We have this blended learning method, as the classical way offline classes was introduced, of course with the strict health protocol. Well, I have to admit I was excited but at the same time was cautious as well. Good thing that we have to check things out and with the antigen being conducted to each and everyone of us. Without this, we are not allowed to join the class. And looking at the agenda, I think we will be super busy studying and learning more, while at the same time expanding our network. Again, wish me luck!

On the other side, I have been visiting Lampung on our break. The four of us once again visit our beloved hometown and this time, we came back to Kota Agung, the city in Tanggamus regent where my hubby's family is originally from. Sadly, one of our older relatives passed away and we went there for his burial with health protocol. At one point, it is good to touch base with the big family from my hubby's side but then again is sad to see Datuk Loh, the last line from my hubby's grandma, passed away. Innalillahi wainnalillah rojiuun. Rest in peace, Datuk. 

Well, life is indeed so full of surprises and we just need to embrace all those changes. 

Anyway, join us on Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends. Ready to have fun with all those great links? Jump in!

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Thank You, 2020

Thank you, 2020

Thank you, 2020! 

 The year 2020 has been very special to each and every one of us.

This is the year when we witness the unprecedented global crisis which significantly change our lives in so many facets. 2020 has been the year of changes, adaptations, set backs, fear, disappointments, challenges, as well as new adventures, inventions, out-of-the-box ideas and survival. No words can describe it completely as it is really a mélange of emotions and reactions, something that perhaps, we have never thought or done before. 

 Some might say 2020 is so blurry. There is so much fear confusion, so many uncertainties, so many doubts. So many unanswered questions. Disinformation, misinformation, hoaxes tinted the year like mushrooms in rainy days. There are times when I really hate to see my phone or TV and read or hear the news there. The world and the future look bleak. Frustrating. 

Traveling stops. Offices close. Schools and works start from home. Businesses collapse. Jobs lost. Hospitals and medical personnel are overwhelmed. Family gatherings are avoided if not forbidden. The list goes on and on and on. 

Yet as times go by, we learn to make peace with this chaotic circumstance. Health protocol is introduced and strongly recommended, if not obliged. Masks are our primary necessity, something we cannot leave home without. Hand sanitizers are always within reach and cleaning hands properly are taught again through various channels and platforms. Never we realize before how basic good habits can save lives! 

put on your mask!

Then all of us become digital nomads. We might move here and there or stay at home but we are more connected than ever. Virtual meet-ups and gatherings are on our daily schedules. Shopping, grabbing our favorite munchies and food & beverages, as well as other supplies are done electronically as well. Life is indeed recalibrated! Well, in short, so many things happened, so many changes occurred, so much love and faith embraced. Yet still so much to be grateful for! All those bleak pictures from COVD-19 pandemic also bring about various opportunities and new advantages. 

Kalau bicara tahun 2020, rasanya memang nano - nano banget ya. Saya masih inget saat di awal tahun 2020, kita semua penuh semangat dan rencana baik, yang nyatanya memang harus disimpan dulu untuk kesempatan lain karena ada COVID-19 yang tiba - tiba mampir dan sekarang masih betah bersama kita semua. Saat di awal bulan Maret kasus pertama COVID-19 di Indonesia diumumkan secara resmi, kita semua bertanya – tanya apa yang sebenarnya terjadi dan kita harus berbuat apa. Kita resah dan gundah karena perubahan yang harus dilakukan tidak selamanya mudah dan memerlukan pengorbanan. Kita dicabik dari kebiasaan selama ini dan 'indahnya' dunia nyaman yang kita lakoni setiap hari. Kita harus memilih untuk tetap di rumah agar sehat, selamat dan hidup atau menuruti nafsu, menafikan keadaan dan egois turuti tabiat bersosialisasi kita yang tidak selamanya penting dilakukan. 

a little break for our family during the pandemic

Buatku, ini bukan pilihan yang mudah, kawan. Terbiasa living in a fast lane, kalau kata orang - orang di film, membuat aku sangat terbiasa sibuk, mobile, traveling ke sana kemari, dan bertemu dengan orang banyak. Saat semuanya harus dihentikan, aku sempat limbung. Lalu kesal, marah dan protes. Tidak terima dengan keadaan yang memaksa kita harus menghentikan gaya hidup kita di era 'old normal'. Walaupun, in the end, tentu saja akal sehat (dan peringatan konstan dari suami tercinta) membuatku memilih untuk #dirumahaja. Sungguh hashtag juara yang mengubah hidup kita di tahun 2020 ini.

Dan ternyata aku bisa jadi orang rumahan!

Aku bisa 'mengikat' my itchy feet untuk sementara waktu dan memaksimalkan apa yang bisa aku lakukan di rumah. Bersama orang - orang tercinta dan terdekatku. Dan amboi... nikmat sekali ternyata rasanya, kawan. 

Masak bareng dengan anak - anak. Bangun tidur pagi di samping my munchkin tanpa gedubrakan dan jejeritan bergantian mandi dengan anak-anak karena ngga mau terlambat ke kantor (karena resiko terlambat adalah gaji dipotong). Menikmati lentiknya bulu mata anak - anak saat mereka tidur. Sholat berjamaah setiap saat dan mengirim doa untuk mereka yang kita cintai.  Bersimbah keringat membongkar gudang dan mengeluarkan barang - barang yang tidak lagi diperlukan. Bercanda bareng tiga kucing Persia gemes yang ada di rumah. Menamatkan semua buku koleksi yang lama tergolek manis di lemari buku. Melihat dan menikmati kenangan perjalanan hidup lewat foto dan video yang menumpuk di external hard disks. Menikmati liburan berempat ke tempat cantik di tanah air. Mendapat kawan baru dari berbagai platform digital dan komunitas keren yang aku ikuti. Bahkan mendapat apresiasi dan terpilih sebagai Guiding Star Google Local Guides di bulan Desember lalu. Itu, kawan, hanya sebagian kecil dari nikmat-Nya yang luar biasa di tengah pandemi untukku dan keluargaku. 

honored to be one of the Google Local Guides Guiding Stars 2020 

Proud to be Google Local Guides

Untungnya, seiring dengan waktu, kita melakukan begitu banyak perubahan dan penyesuaian. Awalnya untuk bertahan hidup, namun kemudian kita merasakan kenyamanan dan kepraktisan dari gaya hidup baru ini. Meskipun awalnya kita merasa 'kalah' dengan pandemi ini, tapi sesungguhnya kita meraih 'kemenangan' dalam banyak hal, termasuk memberi momen - momen berharga yang tidak akan kita nikmati jika pandemi tidak melanda. Kita justru terbuka mata dan hati akan indahnya dunia yang berbeda dari yang telah menjebak kita selama ini dengan kesemuannya. And for that, my friends, I can never thank my Rabb enough.

Stop! Pause! Postpone! Recalibrate! Revive! 

Mungkin itu cerita kita di tahun 2020. 

Dan bukan tanpa konsekuensi or drama karena banyak dampak buruk yang harus kita alami dari pandemi. 

But hey.. we’re re still here. Insya Allah safe and sound! And as long as we hold on to our hope, faith and love, life in 2021 should be brilliant! 

Percayalah, nikmat-Nya tidak akan berhenti hanya karena pandemi. So, be grateful!

Here’s to the new year glittered with hope, health, happiness & prosperity!