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WW: Mt. Kaukau and Its Amazing View from the Top


We are out and about again, yay!

Summer is here and it means friendlier (read: warmer) weather, going outdoor and enjoying the beauty of Aotearoa. Last weekend, we have series of meetings and celebration as well. We have back - to - back birthdays, farewell and welcoming party.

After all those wonderful sessions packed with delicious food and great laughs, we decided to have a little hike to shake out all the fat and sugar. This time, we went to Mt. Kaukau in Johnsonville area. 

We started the hike from Sirsi Terrace, Broadmeadows. For here, we got 2 steep hills with some loose gravels that make it a bit challenging to hike. Then after that, some flat areas with lovely pathway and great view accompanied us to the top. There are a view choices when it comes to tracks, including the one with more gradients walks and those with steeper hikes. There are stairs that we can use as well. I just found that that one of the entry ways is close from our house in Khandallah. Something to look forward too for another hike.

After around 45 minutes hiking, we were serenaded by the  amazing view from the top of Mt. Kaukau. It is just jawdroppingly beautiful.

Check out these photos I took along the way...

I hope you enjoy it and wait for more hikes we plan this summer in New Zealand.

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Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World and Friends

Holiday season is here... yaay!

Meri Kirihimete..

To those celebrating, wishing you a wonderful Christmas and you can spend it with your loved one. It is always the best to share special moments to those who have been so good and supportive towards the year. And what a year it has been! 

2022 has been special, especially for us The Frakarsas. Again, this is the year where we gratefully thanks our Rabb for abundant blessings, prosperity and joy. I hope we all have enough time to ponder upon the past year and find the revived spirit to have even a more brilliant year in 2023!

This December we have many plans and road trips being drafted. Some are realized, some still have to wait. I don't say we won't be doing it, but hopefully what we can always replan until we can thick our to-do and to-go list. Honestly, there are so many places and so many things to do where I have to wait, for quite some times, before I can actually visit or do them. I always believe that everything will be perfect at its own time, so be patience and have faith. 

View from one spot in Khandallah, near our new home

For now, I bet you are ready for another edition of Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World and Friends! Enjoy all the links we have here and again, happy holiday!

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WW: Guns n’ Roses Concert in Wellington

You know where you are..

You’re in the jungle, baby…

Perhaps you are familiar with that lyrics from a famous hit song. If you are, then you know who the band is. Yes, G n' R or Guns and Roses. 

When I was way younger, perhaps in junior and senior high schools, I grew up listening to their hits. I did have many of their albums, still in the forms of cassettes, which need cassettes players in order to listen the songs. I guess many of the millennials have no clues what the cassette is or how the cassette player looks like. 

But anyway, this is one of my favorite rock bands of all time (besides Aerosmith and Bon Jovi and more, actually).  Although we had watched their concerts while in Geneva back in 2010 if I’m not mistaken,  we jumped at the first opportunity to get the tickets for G n’ Roses concert in Wellington.

Originally we bought only 2 tickets for me and my hubby, but then at the last minute, my friends who were supposed to join us couldn’t make so we bought their tickets and went all together with our teens. 

We made sure they listened to some of those hits begire coming to the concert LOL. The band is obviously not on their radar but some of the legendary hits are easily found in many movies, games or Spotify.

Long story short, we really enjoyed the concert. It was my girl’s 12th birthday as well so we had mini celebration with sushi, fries and cold drinks, plus sing-a-long till almost midnight. 

Here are some photos we took during the concert and you can see we did have a blast in there.

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WW: Pōwhiri and the Inauguration Ceremony of the New Mayor of Wellington 2022

Kia Ora!

Morena koutou.. morning from Aoteaora.

I was very privilege to get the opportunity to come and join the Powhiri or the welcoming ceremony of the Workship Tory Whanau, the new Mayor of Wellington City. She was replacing Andy Foster, the previous Mayor of this coolest little Capital, and she is the first Māori Mayor for Wellington! What a historic moment indeed! 

the booklet of the Pōwhiri 

I joined other diplomatic communities, families, friends and invited guests to the Powhiri. It was conducted in Pipitea Marae, or the traditional house of Māori located in Pipitea, Thorndon. It is a beautiful Marae in the middle of Wellington with so many traditional touch and artworks, including the famous Toi Whakario or Māori art carving. You can see some of the samples of the Māori art carvings which are not only showcasing their artistic side but they are also considered sacred and believed to elevate the objects 

We really enjoyed the Powhiri and the Inauguration ceremony, which consists of the Pōwhiri, karanga, hongi, Whaikōrero, and karakia - then the proceedings of the inauguration ceremony, including the Mayor's opening speech, Declaration of Mayor - Elect and the Councillors - Elect, and the appointment of the Deputy Mayor.

Here are some photos I managed to take during the procession. 

I was not sure whether we could take pictures or not in the beginning due to the strict property rights' protection of the Māori arts and cultures. Nevertheless, at the less formal stage, we could take some pictures. I even managed to get selfies with Mayor Tory! 

Mayor Tory Whanau received the Hoe, the 

the Mayor with the Hoe..

the performance of the Pipitea Marae art group

one of the Declarations from Councillor - elect

Kai - some of the food provided during the Powhiri 

my shaky selfie with Mayor Tory .. super excited

Hope Wellington will be getting better, better and better in the future under the Worship, Mayor Tory Whanau.  

Ngā mihi koutou.