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Happy Sunday with Astoria Civic Association Bike Race

Weekend is here, yaaaay.

weekend with Bo and bike racing in Astoria :)
And this Sunday, we have a lovely event to attend to. That is the annual Astoria Civic Association Bike Race.
Bo is participating in this race and tell you what, it will be Bo's first bike race :).
No wonder he got so excited.

Bo was getting ready :)

It started early in the morning.
And before heading to Astoria Park, where the race is held, we prepared breakfast first. Bo will surely need energy to pedal his bike.

I made an easy-to-prepare twisted bread with chocolate and cheese. Using the croissant dough from Pillsburry, I just spread some nutella on one side and gruyere cheese on the other side, then roll them separately. Next, I just twisted those 2 rolls and baked them. In 12 minutes, at 375 degree C, the roll will be ready.

the twisted bread :)

Kids love it for sure!
I haven't got a chance to take pretty pictures for it and it's all gone already :).
I guess I need to try other baking recipes for the kids and for that, I can always try some from Mba Lianny Hendrawati. Yup, go check her blog on and for sure you will have sooo many delicious easy-to-make recipes. Lately she has been experimenting a lot with bread. Killer soft bread to be precise. And I bet they all taste delicious. I am literally drooling whenever I stop by at her blog.

fresh from the oven

So, once we are ready with our happy tummy, we headed to Astoria Park and registered. Bo's number was 608 and he would joined other 9-year old boy that day. Obi, as usual, was a staunch supporter. We met many lovely friends of Obi et Bo who joined the race as well. 

the race was fun indeed :)

Although Bo didn't win the race, but he got the medal as the token for his participation. 

So, we all had fun amidst the cold, windy Sunday.

How about your weekend?  

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