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WW: Dining at Noah's Barn Cafe, Bandung

Dining at Noah's Barn Cafe, Bandung

Lately I have many farewell parties (although I'd prefer to call it see-you-again-soon party) to attend. 

One of them is in Bandung, when my office had a big meeting there. We were dining at Noah's Barn Cafe, Bandung, and I really love the place. 

the meeting room.. but we choose the outdoor area

The place is super comfy and it does remind us of Noah's Ark, complete with various animals (well, their statues only of course, not the real one) as well as wooden accent that resembles the boat. 

I also love the fact that this place is spacious with a lot of open spaces and greeneries. They have meeting rooms as well as upstairs sofas and corners. The health protocol was observed as well.

The food is yum, although I though the service was a bit slow that day because it was quite full. Well, my group consists of around 20 people so we packed the place with our own. 

Wanna know what we ordered that day?

We booked for around 20 people and although it was raining, all of us came down here and enjoyed the evening together.

we ordered fried rice, mushroom soup, fried mushroom, cheese and spinach roll, ayam geprek or the spicy chicken and grilled ribs, pizzas, spaghetti, steak, ice cream, carrot cake and more. It was a lovely dinner for sure. 

fried rice, complete with satay and fried chicken

So, will you come by and try the food here at Noah's Barn Cafe, Bandung?

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Tasting Middle Eastern Food at Abunawas Restaurant Jakarta

Are you a big fan of delicious mandi and biryani rice?

With lamb or chicken, both are so good by the way, on top of the rice?

Then join me here in this post as I am taking you to one of the best restaurants serving Middle Eastern food in Jakarta. Abunawas Restaurant.

Are you familiar with the Middle Eastern food? I have been enjoying more and more Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food when I was in New York City. My hubby loves lamb a lot and Middle Eastern food has been very famous fo their lamb menus. Since we lived in Astoria and there are many mosques as well as moslem communities in some parts of if, we also found many restaurants serving these wonderful cuisines and they are halal! Not to mention the famous Halal Guys, the food cart selling delicious chicken and lamb gyros as well as falafel. Oh my... I really miss them! That is why up until now we really miss this type of food.

So back to Jakarta, we do have some choices when it comes to Middle Eastern food. As you have probably be aware of, there are huge Arab communities in Jakarta and they do have their authentic restaurants. This place, Abunawas Restaurant, has been very famous for it Arabian cuisine and the setting as well as the ambience of the place is also beautiful.

When you arrive, the front part of the building is so lovely and it directly reminds of the jazeera, complete with shoe-horse shaped patio and door. As you step in, you will be transported to the Middle East as the coordinated theme and accents used depicts the unique Arabian cultures.

For sure the health protocol is implemented so the mask in obligatory and your temperature will be checked and you have to wash your hands or use the hand sanitizers. and physical distancing is also in place.

Abunawas Restaurant, Jakarta
health protocol is implemented.

As you can see here, the interior is wonderful and I really love the details. It reminds me of La Alhambra in Granada, Spain, as well as La Mesquita in Sevilla, Spain. The fresco, the color choice, the ceilings, the walls.. they are just lovely! I feel so nostalgic when I saw all this beautiful setting. It has wonderful murals and amazing sofa that I would like to bring home LOL. Take a look at them here.

Abunawas Restaurant, Jakarta, Indonesia

Look at the murals!

I am IN LOVE with this sofa!

Now.. Let'
s take a look at the menu here!

As I have mentioned before, they are very famous for their mandi and biryani rice. You can have this rice with chicken, lamb or fish. All of them are so good! There is also Zurbiyan rice but I haven't really tried it.

You can have the menu in individual plate or portion, or the portion for two, which for me, can accommodate 4 hungry people. 

Quarter lamb or chicken over your choice of rice is people’s favorite. You can have mandi or biryani rice, or half - half on them. Complete with spicy sauce as you like it.

Middle Eastern Food at Abunawas Restaurant Jakarta
Chicken over half biryani, half mandi rice

If you order any dippings, like babagamush or hummus, you will get the pitta bread as well. I also tried the cheese samosa and I love it. Tabouleh is so good and fresh, although I would love to have more lemon and fresh tomatoes on it so it has more kick.

I managed to try the smoothies as well. It has I chose the one with peanut butter, which is very nice and creamy. I guess the name of this beverage is Iskandaria Peanut Smoothie. It has a nice ring one it, right! Next time I will try the one with dates I guess!

Iskandaria Peanut Smoothie, anyone?
The restaurant has two floors so you can choose where you are going to eat. You can also have the tables or the ‘tent’ where you can sit on the floor for full Arabian experience. They have private rooms you can use as well. I love the ambience, it’s pretty with fountain, cave-like and tent-like decoration, murals on the wall and Arabic accents.

the tent looks so exotic

It has spacious parking lot, so it won’t be a problem. I am not sure it is disability friendly though, especially for those with impaired mobility. It has spacious room but to reach the second floor will certainly be problematic. I hope they will fix it soon.

So, what do you think? Will you try the food here? I will definitely be back here again soon with my hubby!

Stay safe and healthy, everyone.

Sambel Hejo Sambel Dadak - Rumah Makan Sunda Djaman Doeloe yang Instagramable

Ada yang familiar dengan sambel dadak?
Sambel hejo?
Ayam goreng basah?
Oncom dan leunca?
Sayur asem?
Tumis peda?

Aduh, baru dengar namanya aja aku sudah ngiler!

Kalau suka makanan Sunda, aku punya tempat yang oke bangeeet untuk menikmati makanan Sunda yang enak. Untuk aku yang foodie (baca; DOYAN MAKAN #danfotomakanannnya), bahagia banget bisa ketemua restoran yang oke, tempatnya keren, dekat rumah, harga friendly dan menyenangkan. Di sinilah tempat yang paling oke untuk menikmati hidangan khas tanah Pasundan! Apalagi restonya yang bernuansa vintage pasti bkin kamu nggak tahan untuk ngga berfoto ria. Instagramable bangeeet soalnya.

Karena restorannya ada beberapa, kali ini aku ajak yang paling dekat dengan rumahku di Rawamangun ya.

Sambel Hejo Sambel Dadak - Rumah Makan Sunda Djaman Doeloe yang Instagramable

Sundanese delicacies and menu are their signature so you make sure you try their wonderful menu.

If you are familiar with Sundanese food, you can definitely enjoy ayam goreng basah, fresh veggies or lalapansambal dadak (chili sauce a la Indonesia that is freshly made) and sambal hejo or the green chili sauce, sayur asem, peda, tempe and tahu

I know I should translate them all ini English but it's good to know the real name in bahasa Indonesia :).

The set menu from Sambel Hejo Sambel Dadak Restaurant Rawamangun

Whenever we come here, we always order the package for two and get some additional a la carte menu such as sayur asem or gurame bakar.
We love the nasi liwet and the hot tea they serve for free here.
Maybe because it is served in a vintage tea jug like what my hubby and I used to have when we were kids.

the vintage tea jug and otak - otak at Sambel Hejo Sambel Dadak Restaurant

Here are some of the menus that we love!

First, as appetizers, we have otak - otak or grilled fish cake.

Otak - otak or grilled fish cake at SHSD Restaurant

Then my kids' favorite is cimplung or the Sundanese potato fritters.
It's a bit different from the usual perkedel kentang and we love it.

And of course, I love the sambal as well as the signature fried chicken here, ayam goreng basah.
They both are match made in heaven indeed!

What I really love about the Sundanese food is that it has a lo of fresh veggies. It matches the sambal or the fresh chili sauce that they are preparing on the spot based on request. It tastes like heaven (for me)!

The restaurant as I said is pretty.
You can sit inside, on the second floor, or even on the terrace. 
They do have tons of vintage items, some are even from my parents' childhood.
And that's exactly what I love about this place

Restoran Sambel Hejo Sambel Dadak - Rumah Makan Sunda Djaman Doeloe yang Instagramable

They have a mini studio in the back where you can take picture using the vintage costumes and all the properties. It's really cute indeed. you will definitely love this place! 

My family and I didn't want to mis the opportunity to take all those cute photos, for FREE!
And here are some of the photos taken on our last visit there.
Tell me what you think about!

Restoran Sambel Hejo Sambel Dadak - Foto vintage

Free Vintage Family picture at Sambel Hejo Sambel Dadak Restaurant

The service is good as well. 
Fast and friendly staff. The price is very reasonable for a lovely place like this!
Come check out my video about this lovely place on YouTube.

I keep coming back to this place with my family and friends. If you are  around, don't miss this place! Kabari yaaa kalau mampir ke sini! oh ya.. Ini tempat dan alamat lengkapnya ya.

Cheers and have a great day!
See you on the next culinary experience ya.

WW: TimeOut Market NYC, Dumbo, Brooklyn

TimeOut Market, NYC

Apparently there are so many stories, photos, and videos that I have not published in my purple world, my blog. One of them is the story about Time out market NYC, located in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

I visited this lovely food court back in October 2019. 
That was way before the coronavirus pandemic. Now this place is temporarily closed, but I sincerely hope that it will open again after the pandemic is gone. Timeout, a free magazine that you can easily find in many corners in the Big Apple, gives us a lot of information and awesome guidance about what’s going on in NYC, including the latest, hippest and most-wanted restaurants and food vendors across the city. I really enjoy reading it. It’s like having your personal guide showing where to eat, what show to enjoy or parties to attend.

The Timeout Market in NYC houses around 21 food vendors, starting from Asian, Mexican,  Italian, Mediterranean, American, and many more. All of them are well curated and famous already, like Fish Cheek, Juliana's pizza, Alta Calida, Clinton St. and more.

So here are some photos that I took while strolling around Dumbo and stopped at timeout market for a delicious lunch. I really like this area because it’s so alive in you can feel the vibe.

The view from the 2nd floor

My spicy veggie Ramen

Crispy Chicken in rice bowl with roasted seaweed

The famous blueberries pancakes from Clinton St. Baking Co

Bon appetit
It is located at Water St., Dumbo, Brooklyn. As I have mentioned, it is temporarily closed now due to COVID - 19. But I guess they will re-open once everything is better.

The view near the Market

I also put them in my YouTube channel so feel free to watch it as well 

Well, what do you think? Will you come and eat here as well?
Which menu do you think you will choose?

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