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Diving at Labuan Bajo - Photo Album

chasing the manta...

It's diving time!

How excited I am sharing this story and as you have probably been aware of from my last posts here, I have just visited Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara. Well, it was done in the middle of May and now it's June already!

You have seen a glimpse of Labuan Bajo's exquisite beauty, above and under, and now I will take you deeper to its astonishing underwater world. Let's dive with me! Are you ready?

Right after the successful commencement of the 42nd ASEAN Summit, I had one free day before heading back to Jakarta, then New Zealand. So, I instantly decided to go diving, as I haven't done so after leaving Indonesia to Aotearoa back in November 2021. Been a long time, right! As I joke with my hubby and my kids, God the Almight knew I haven't wet my gills for a long time and God has kindly gave me the chance to visit one of diving paradise, Labuan Bajo. Alhamdulillah.

So, long story short, I joined a diving tour with Blue Marlin operator and got a chance to dive at Penga kecil, Makassare Reef, and Batu Bolong sites. There were 13 of us, with 9 divers from China, one from Indonesia (yours truly :)) and 3 dive masters from NTT, Sweden and France. Quite a diverse group indeed. After that, I stopped by at Rinca Island to see the komodo dragon and pink beach. Lucky me, right!

Before I spill more beans, here are the photos I took.

the manta! So graceful..
giant cuttlefish...

clear visibility...

happy me :)

healthy and colorful reefs

more colorful reef

one spot at Makassar Reef

Don't forget to check my YouTube video as well here.

I was so blessed to be able to dive in Labuan Bajo and meet amazing sea creatures in these divine nature. Hopefully Labuan Bajo will stay beautiful, clean and well preserved till many years to come.

Do you like diving and/r snorkeling too? Where is your favorite spot and have you dived or snorkeled here in Labuan Bajo as well?

Diving trip to Green Stone and Kelagian Island Lampung

Diving trip to Green Stone and Kelagian Island Lampung
Diving trip to Green Stone and Kelagian Island Lampung

Is that a sea snake?

It was my second dive that day and together with my group as well as my diving buddy, we went down to Kelagian island, after enjoying our first dive in Green Stone area, near Tanjung Putus Lampung. We just had our photo session underwater when I saw that slithering move of sea snake. And boy, it was a big one! My buddy and I were looking at each other and we took the videos as well as the photos from safe distance. We were a bit afraid but we knew what we have to do when we saw sea snake and again, try to keep the safe distance.

the sea snake we encountered

And my friend, that's the last diving trip I had in Lampung before leaving to New Zealand.


It was a wonderful Saturday.

Diving trip to Green Stone and Kelagian Island Lampung

The sun was shining, although not too scorchingly hot. The wind was not that strong and we enjoyed the boat ride we took from Ketapang port heading to Green Stone. Ketapang port was packed with visitors. Looks like things are improving and tourism is starting to pick up the pace again. I was glad to see that people are wearing the masks all the time and safe distance is indeed maintain.

So we started the journey at 9 AM and we had our first dive at 11 A. It took around 1.5 hour ride to reach the first spot and we settled the equipments for a while. 

Diving trip to Green Stone and Kelagian Island Lampung

My first dive took around 74 minutes and what a dive! I really had so much time and feels like the ocean is smiling to me! We have great visibility, wonderful objects to enjoy, record and photo. 

great visibility indeed

We stopped by at Green Bay Resort, Tanjung Putus area for lunch. It was as beautiful as ever. We had Padangnese food but there, the owner, Ko Aling, who happens to be my diving buddy as well, welcomed us and offered us some seafood platters. Super yum indeed!

bon appetit

lunch break at Tanjung Putus Island

Then we headed to the second spot, Kelagian island, for the second dive. That's where we saw the snake.

On our way back home, we  finally enjoyed the famous sunset in Lampung Bay. It has been a wonderful day at Lampung and amazing diving trip as always. I can't wait to go back here again, although perhaps I will have to wait for quite some times. 

Thank you so much, Lampung

Stay fabulous, Lampung, and see you again soon.

WW: Taman Laut Olele, Gorontalo, Indonesia

welcome to  Taman Laut Okulele, Gorontalo, Indonesia

Hi everyone.

More photos and stories from my recent trip to Gorontalo, northern part of Sulawesi island, Indonesia.

On my second day of diving trip here, we were visiting Olele at Bonebolanga area. This place is famous for its underwater garden, Olele. One of the unique underwater plants we can find here is the typical, one-of-a-kind soft coral sponge famously called Salvador Dali because it looks like Dali's famous painting. Besides, its pristine walls and soft corals are intact, providing comfy homes for various school of fish and underwater creatures. 

We drove from Amaris Hotel Gorontalo, our hotel, to Olele, for around 1 hour. The road was curvy yet beautiful as you can see the Bone river and the gulf of Tomini. 

Here are some photos I took in the area and tell me whether you enjoy it as much as I do.

The famous Salvador Dali sponge in Taman Olele. 
Beautiful sponge, don't you think?

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WW: Meet the Whale sharks at Gorontalo, Indonesia

Meet the Whale sharks at Gorontalo, Indonesia
Meet the Whale sharks at Gorontalo, Indonesia

I have just had an awesome adventure. 

Meet the Whale sharks at Gorontalo, Indonesia!

I was very lucky I got a chance to visit Gorontalo province, in the northern part of Sulawesi, Indonesia. It took 3.5 hours flight directly from Jakarta or around 4-5 hours with transit. Together with my diving club, around 12 of us, we went to Gorontalo and had 8 dive trips arranged by local dive operator. Well, my friends even have more, since they stayed 2 days longer than me. I went back earlier as I have some meetings in the office.

So, long story short, we started our diving journey to Botubarani Village, Gorontalo, where whale sharks have been spotted in group. When we arrived, there were 2 whale sharks already waiting! Lucky us indeed! The third one joined us in the middle of the dive. Well, I will spell more stories in the next post and meanwhile, enjoy some of the underwater photos I took here during my diving.

they are such a majestic creature!

say hi....

Super happy me!

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WW: More Underwater Beauty of Tanjung Putus Lampung, Indonesia

 More Underwater Beauty of Tanjung Putus Lampung, Indonesia

The month of June is when we celebrate the World Ocean Day.

I know that it is celebrated on June 8, but to me, with the mounting problems we face in the ocean, due to the long lists of irresponsible damages done by us humans as well as other related factors such as climate change, we really have to pay closer attention to our oceans.

Please, let's ask ourselves what we can do to keep our oceans clean and healthy. I know you know what we can do about it, like reduce the use of plastic, stop littering the ocean, be mindful with your sports and tourism activities, pick up the trashes on the beach and at the ocean, and support the organization or movement that help clean the ocean.

So now, let me invite you to enjoy the beauty of underwater world in Tanjung Putus, Lampung, Indonesia again. 

Underwater Beauty of Tanjung Putus Lampung, Indonesia
Healthy corals and their dwellers are what we love to see..

You will see why we have to take care of all these precious creatures and environment. Not only for them, but also for own benefit and survival.

Underwater Beauty of Tanjung Putus Lampung, Indonesia
Happy to meet the clown fish again here

I wish to see more fish and sea creatures down here..

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Let's keep our ocean clean and beautiful

WW: Taman Nemo, Pahawang and Kelagian Island, Lampung

Taman Nemo, Pahawang and Kelagian Island, Lampung
Welcome to Pahawang and Kelagian Island, Lampung

Hi everyone... Ready to enjoy a lovely weekend with The Frakarsas? Join us then!

Nothing brings me more joy than going out to the sea and enjoy its beautiful underwater world. Well, although I don't always have the luxury of going diving with my club in Lampung, I always try to sneak a snorkelling trip whenever we visit Lampung. 

We took our first trip in 2021 to Lampung on the second week of January.
The trip was quite smooth as it was no longer the holiday season.

Taman Nemo, Pahawang Island, Lampung
Let's go to Taman Nemo, Pahawang Island, Lampung

During the weekend, we were back to the sea we love so much again. As we have tried many snorkelling spots around Lampung Bay, this time I ask my boatman to take us to different corner to see other places and hope for better, healthier corals with more fish, I know that pollution, climate change and crowded environment due to irresponsible tourism activities, have driven the fish away and killed many soft corals around the area. 

Taman Nemo, Pahawang Island, Lampung
It was a beautiful day

I remember hopping on et off in the same place like 5-6 years a go and the fish is so abundant. That is why I hope we can still save this beautiful place on earth and preserve its amazing nature.

Do you see school of yellow fish roamong around the corals?

So long story short, after a 40-minute boat ride, we arrived at Taman Nemo, Pahawang Island, Lampung. It was the 9 of us that day so it was quite a crowd. As usual, we brought our own gear, food, drink and stuff we need. I brought my underwater camera and my hubby brought his drone. We definitely had so much fun with them!

happy to spend some times with them :)

Without further ado, my family and I started our snorkelling session and explored the area. It's good to see some corals and anemones are healthily intact on their natural habitat. But still I expect to see more fish although in reality we saw some but not too many. Nevertheless, I was happy to see big puffer fish, a school of angel fish, muray eel, clownfish et others. My boatman even saw a sea turtle. And the clear blue sky made the trip even more beautiful.  Here are some photos I took during out trip.

Kelagian island from above..

Us and our boat..

it is still preserved 

Taman Nemo, Pahawang Island, Lampung
it's a bit crowded down here..

Taman Nemo, Pahawang Island, Lampung
they look familiar :)

Do you like snorkelling as well? What do you like to see during snorkelling? Where do you usually snorkel?

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Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

Busy August we have here...

The kids are having their tests and the office is in full swing. Most of our meetings are hybrid. Online and offline with limited participants. Still the amount of works and preparation I need to make are abundant. Yet, I have to say we are adjusting with all this arrangement and since the statistics of those affected are still high, we are extremely carefully.

Underwater flag hoisting ceremony at Tanjung Putus, Lampung, Indonesia

I had my underwater flag-hoisting ceremony in Tanjung Putus, Lampung, on August 17th and we really had a blast. We also managed to visit Gigi Hiu, the exotic beach located in Kelumbayan, Tanggamus, Lampung. The views are spectacular!

Exotic beach Gigi Hiu, Kelumbayan, Tanggamus, Lampung

And now, LET'S PARTY!

Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends is here!


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