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Look Good Feel Better...

Tidak pernah sekalipun terlintas di benak saya kalau warna rambut platinum atau blonde ternyata cocok untuk saya :)...

Lho, ada apa ini kok tau-tau ngomongin rambut blonde hehehe....
Dan semua ini terkait dengan perjalananku melawan kanker payudara ☺

I know I have promised to write about my breast reconstruction procedure and I will definitely do, but I can't wait to share my story about Look Good Feel Better program that I have just recently joined!

Boleh yaaa..kalau saya sharing cerita yang satu ini, karena memang betul-betul program yang bagus dan sangat berguna untuk kami para penderita kanker yang tengah atau selesai menjalankan berbagai prosedur pengobatan, terutama kemoterapi, yang membuat kami kehilangan rambut dan mengalami perubahan pada kulit, kuku, maupun perubahan penampilan lainnya. Saya memang belum cerita lengkap tentang kemo yang saya jalani, tapi yang pasti efeknya sudah terlihat nyata....rambut saya rontok banget sehingga saya pun memilih untuk memotong habis rambut saya. Well, another post is coming on that.

So...yuuup, a day before my 4th chemo, I have registered myself with Look Good Feel Better program.

Has anybody heard about it before?

To those who have cancer and have undergone so many painful procedures that make you lose hair or undergo so many changes in your look, then you might be familiar with this program.
To those who are not, then come join me here :)

Look Good Feel Better is a brilliant program which helps women undergoing cancer treatments, namely chemotherapy, radiation, or both, to learn, practice and share ideas about appearance-related side effects of those treatment. Through free service program, we learn more and have fun with personal care, particularly skin care and make-up application, and how to deal with hair loss. 

This beautiful program is the collaboration among the Personal Care Products Council Foundation, American Cancer Society and  Professional Beauty Association.

I first found out about this program from one of the social workers who came to my room while I was having my chemotherapy in NY Clinical Cancer Center. I definitely try to find some time to join this program and I called the Ms. Deborah Keppel at the Center. I had my spot on November 11 at the NYU Clinical Cancer Center. 

it was scheduled to be conducted in 2 hours but..ladies, truly 2 hours is definitely not enough :). Time really flew so fast!

There were 5 of us joining the was Bairbre, Debra, Jully, Shannon and me..
Bianca Lyder, the owner of New Horizons Hair by Bianca here in NYC, is our facilitator that day. You can get more details of Bianca's brilliant and extensive experience in styling through her web at

say hi to Bianca :)
Shannon, Jully et Debra...with Debby Keppel and Bianca afar..
Bianca is such an amazing facilitator, I have to say. Patiently she guided us on step-by-step skin care and makeup application, starting from using the cleanser, putting moisturizer, and putting the complete makeup. It was fun! I happened to voluntarily become the model and I really enjoyed it :). Bianca reminded us all the "bad habits" that we are so accustomed to, like forgetting to clean and moisturize our neck, using the upward strokes in applying make up, or simply using q-tips to get those liquid out of its container. Simple but important...

Bianca doing her magic to Bairbre :)

it was a cozy place indeed...
So, here are some pictures from our makeup session....Oh ya, I even tried the new wig, in blonde :)..
How do you like it?

my fresher look :)...with natural makeup, thanks to Bianca...

here comes the wig :) taken by Bairbre...
taraaaa....what do you think :)...
smiley taken by Bairbre...
Besides the makeup, Bianca also share many tips and tricks with hair looks, including how to wear, style and take care of our wigs, as well as utilizing t-shirt, shawl, and scarves into turbans and beautiful head wraps.

trying one of the taken by Bairbre...

Bianca's creation with my batik silk scarves :)
I almost forgot...before we start, everyone of us was given a bag full of makeup kit. plus a booklet with step by step instruction for makeup, hair, nails and style tips.

Each of us got a different package depending on their skin tone. Mine is for medium complexion and here are what I got...

My package includes:
Biore make-up removing towelettes
Olay 2-in-1 facial cloth
Lancome translucence silky loose powder
Chanel Rouge Coco Magnolia lipstick
Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer creme compact
Banana Boat sunscreen lotion
Mary Kay luminous-wear liquid foundation
Mary Kay concealer
Avon aye shadow quad
Revlon powder blush
Merle Norman sheer lip liner
IT cosmetics brow pencil
NYC brow/eyeliner pencil
Cover Girl Max Volume flamed out mascara
O.P.I Nail Lacquer

See...such a complete package to pamper a girl like me :)
And it all comes for free..wuhuuuu...
Lucky me :)

Well, all in all, we all enjoyed this program very much. Not only that we learnt new things and met new friends, but we shared so many smiles and good times amidst our rocky adventure conquering cancer. Nothing but love, good spirit and hopes that will help us through this.

the smiley faces :)

Thank you so much Bianca, Deborah, and Look Good Feel Better program for making it all possible. I surely recommend friends who are  about to start, in the middle, or just finished the treatment to join this program. Feel free to check and get more details at or contact the social worker where you have your treatment.


WW: Look Good Feel Better Program

Get the complete story on my next post :) but this Look Good Feel Better Program from American Cancer Society is really a wonderful opportunity to me and my fellow colleagues to endure this challenging time.

feels so goood :) after the make up session ...
the free goody bag...isn't it wonderful :)

Join us on Wordless Wednesday :)