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U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 - photo album

I just can't get enough :).
To me, U2 is more than just a band! They are such an inspiration for me and many others as well, as they encourage us to be a better person, who live in a better world!

Here are some snaps I took during U2 the Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Enjoy ❤️

Happy faces :)

All photos were taken by iPhone 7 Plus, from our seat in Section 126, row 44, seat 13 and 14.
Just in case you haven't watched it, here's the video of With or Without You.

Sing with me!

U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Sunday bloody sundaaaaay...

The loud chorus echoed from every corner of Metlife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey, that night. Red lights were everywhere, bathing the fans who screamed on top of their lungs singing one of the hits from U2. Sunday Bloody Sunday was the perfect one to open another world tour. Another unforgettable night for those gathering in that stadium that night. Including my hubby and I.

Bono, the Edge, Adam and Larry had clearly captivated our hearts.

And the Joshua Tree Tour 2017 officially began.


Beautiful discographic visuals during Vertigo, another hits of U

My hubby and I has been a huge fan of U2 since we don't know when.
We joined the fans club and has all its perks, including early access to information and concerts U2 has. 

When we found out that U2 is coming to NYC, I directly put the notification on my calender of the first day they opened the ticket sales for fans. And we got it! I managed to get 4 tickets and we shared them with our dearest friends, Erma and Sendi.

So, Wednesday, 28 June 2017, a few days after Lebaran day, we all went to Metlufe Stadium, where it held the concert. With a littler drama here and there, including crazy traffic, long lines for parking and starving, we arrived at the venue at 8.30 PM, 10 minutes before the scheduled performance of U2. Obviously we missed the Lumineers, the opening band. But, what we can do.. we came directly from the office 😇😇.

After getting to our seat, get some water and food, we were so ready to enjoy the show.
And Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry surely made a bang with Sunday Bloody Sunday as its opening song!
Then afterwards, hits after hits serenanded us, the fans, who were willing to sing a long all night long.

At the beginning, my hubby and I were wondering why the concert was a bit plain, without any videos or audiovisual as usual. Well, after two songs, our questions were answered and bang, there went the non-stop cool videos giving a stunning background of the band!
Love each and every one of them!

the one and only Bono..
Almost two full hours we were entertained by the band, singing our hearts out.

 They sang most of the hits like Sunday Bloody Sunday, Bad, In the name of love (Pride), Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, With or Without you, Where the Street Has No Name, Vertigo,  and more.

Here's the video of one of our favorite U2 songs ever, at least for me and my hubby.
With or without you.

It was another incredible concert we attended here in New York/New Jersey.
Do you like U2 as well?
What's your favorite song?