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Top Five Places for Family to Visit in Toronto, Canada

"Ma, what is that tall building?" asked Obi, my daughter, as we drove around Toronto during our last spring break road trip.
"It looks super high" added Bo, my son.
"I guess it's CN Tower, one of the landmarks of Toronto" I answered that while flipping the tourism magazine we got from our hotel.
"Oh...let's go there, let's go there! It must be cool to be up there!" acclaimed Obi, looking so excited sitting in the back of our car while pointing that tower.
"I guess that's where we're heading to now" I answered as my hubby tried to find the parking spot for our rented card.
Toronto, we're here.


We're getting closer to the end of our spring break road trip as we left Ottawa.
Toronto is next and after that, we have Niagara Falls from the Canadian side, before heading to the US side. I have to admit that every city with visited offers a great variety of new things, places, and food to explore!

And we did enjoy our visit to Toronto.
My kids, Bo et Obi, loved it!
They even wrote their stories of our visit to the those places in their notes. 
I sincerely hope I will manage to put them in Bo's blog,

Known as the Capital city of Ontario, Toronto is a fun metropolis that will cater the needs of adventurous family with young children like us. After visiting Québec City, Montréal, and Ottawa, we saw all the differences between those cities and we love them all.

As we arrived a bit late in Toronto after driving around 4 hours from Ottawa, we went straight to our hotel, Hilton Double Tree at down town Toronto. Love the hotel as always, as we have been a member of the Hilton Honors group for the last 5 years. As we arrived, a package of 4 warm, yummy, chocolate cookies as well as water and chips awaited. Our double-bed room is very comfortable and without further ado, we rested well.

Early morning, after breakfast, we went exploring down town Toronto and stroll around the Yonge street. and we had a full day here as later that night, we were scheduled to see Bon Jovi This House is not For Sale concert. So, here are the top five places to visit in Toronto a la Mama Bo et Obi :).

CN Tower

Obviously, a visit to the landmark of Toronto is a must!
Before coming to this place, we have done a bit of a research in order to get the best package deal available. 

As we visited this place during the lunch hour, we chose the package to enjoy 2-course fixed-menu lunch at 360 Restaurant  with a free ticket to CN Tower. The lunch costs us CAD 58 per adult and $40 per  kids, but we have the free ticket to the CN Tower.

If we only visit the tower, it costs us CAD 36 per adult and CAD 26 for kids (4 - 12 year old).
So, considering we had the yummy, top-notch lunch, we took the package deal.

The view from above is indeed stunning!
There are 2 observation decks where you can enjoy the view. 

But get ready to line-up for the elevator up. Good thing we had that restaurant access and we had ur own elevator, so it's great.

We also get to see the world's first Glass Floor experience!

I really have issues walking on those glass floor while my kids just ran around freely!

Old City Hall

Love this place for its antique building architecture.
We didn't manage to get in, not pretty sure whether there is a tour available here. But we love taking pictures in front of it.

New City Hall

For all selfie lovers :), here's your place!
The colorful name TORONTO in New City Hall has been the magnet for all visitors. For sure, people are flocking in this very spot to have their souvenir snaps from Toronto. So are we :).

360 Restaurant

This is the place were we can have yummy lunch, perfect view of Toronto from above and access to CN Tower.
It's the revolving restaurant, up 350-m above, with stunning view.

When we visited this place, we chose Atlantic Salmon and steak as the main course and the chowder as well salad. 

The lunch costs us CAD 58 per adult and $40 per kids. 

This is how it looks:

Toronto Railway Museum

This is a fun place indeed.
Right across the CN Tower and the exhibition is for free.
We only see some old trains but they look great on the photos :)

Well, of course there are more to see and visit here in Toronto, like Ripley's Aquarium of Canada, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto Zoo, St. Lawrence Market and more. But since we had a concert to catch, we're good with those 5 places.

So, what do you think?
Do you think you will enjoy Toronto as much as I do?
What is your favorite place to visit here?

Greetings from Toronto, Canada

Allow me to take you to Toronto, Canada, through these photos.

Stories are coming for sure, but meanwhile, let's enjoy this blue sky :)

Welcome to Toronto, Canada

At the CN Tower, Toronto

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy the magical sky from different corners of the world!