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Jakarta Fashion Week 2019

Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 is back! 
Do you get a chance to see it?

Jakarta Fashion Week 2019

I know it's a late post but it feels like a big loss if I don't write it in my blog!
Walaupun Jakarta Fashion Week teal selesai beberapa waktu yang lalu, tapi rasanya kok rugi banget kalau aku tidak tulis keseruan acara keren ini di blog.

Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 was held in Senayan City, 20 - 26 October 2018.
As I was traveling around during the same period of time, I managed to watch 4 shows only.
And I can say I'm enjoying it. For the last 4 years, I was privileged enough to see and even be part of some shows in New York Fashion Week, including the one with Indonesian Diversity. 

Novita Yunus, Lulu Lutfi Labibi, Bin House, Humbang Shibory x Purana are the shows that I  watched during Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 and they did have amazing shows!

I have to admit that I was sneaking during my lunch break to catch the shows but hey, Jakarta Fashion Week is super special and I didn't want to miss it obviously.

Being the biggest fashion week in Indonesia, Jakarta Fashion Week has been consistently  conducted since 2008. What I love about this event is that it has been successfully showcasing brilliant works of Indonesian designers, which, I have to say, matches their fellows at the international arena in terms of creativity, intricate details, and styles. The latest trends and colors, beautifully par with Indonesian amazing traditional fabric and endless creative energy, prove to be the best recipe to create such outstanding works in fashion!

Sebagai penikmat fashion yang juga penggila wastra Indonesia, saya benar-benar bahagia bisa menikmati Jakarta Fashion Week kali ini. Beberapa dari designer keren itu memang teman dan saya kenal naik, but regardless of that, karya-karya meraka memang luar biasa dan patut mendapat pujian, baik dari khalayak dalam negeri maupun luar negeri.

Let's see some of those amazing shows I have watched.


This year, my dearest Novita Yunus presents such a lovely and laid-back collection dominated by white, grey, silver, black and off-white shades with creative cuttings and flairs.  This time, Novita Yunus and Lulu Lutfi Labibi shared the runway under Pesona Sisterhood Runway.

I love the outers and the jackets which gives you a great look with ‘fun’, the spirit that I always capture from mba Novi’s warm personalities. 

Mba Novita is more than just a great designer! She is like my big sister as we’re quite close as I’m a big fan of her works, especially the bags. Batik Chic collection has been a great part of my wardrobe. She even visited me in New York City while I was just recuperating from my mastectomy. Keep up the great work, Mba!

Watch my YouTube video for her show!


Mas Lutfi's work is, as always, captivating! 
I have been a big fan since I saw his incredible and unique cutting, using Lurik, the traditional fabric ubiquitously used in Jogjakarta. The mix and match, bright colors and asymmetrical look has been his strong signature. On his hand, Lurik is not just a striped piece  of cloth. And I love him for that! 


Mas Lulu, Joannes et me :)

Belum lagi kreatifitas mas Lulu yang selalu penuh kejutan.
Bahkan shownya kali ini pun penuh misteri, dengan backsound music yang nggak kalah misterius if not mistis!


Obin, or Josephine Werratie Komara, has long been acknowledged for her incredible works and dedication for Batik, particularly the vintage ones. She is one of our heroines when it comes to the preservation of traditional Batik patterns and production method.

Kain-kain tante Obin, as I called her, memang cantik dan khas, karena motif dan warna yang dipakai kebanyakan adalah motif khas Indonesia yang tidak biasa. Itu yang membuat karyanya banka disukai karena memang ekslusif dan tidak pasaran. Selain itu, teknik membatik paripurna yang dipertahankan ditambah kualitas hasil pekerjaan yang selalu terjaga membuat nama Obi lewat BinHouse melanglang buana dan makin membuat harum nama Indonesia di kancah panggung fashion dunia.

Koleksi BINHouse yang ditampilkan kali ini juga sangat exquisite, apalagi para model yang melenggak - lenggok di runway melakukannya dengan santai walaupun mereka menggunakan kebaya, kain dan sepatu sneakers! Asli keren shownya!

                     HUMBANG SHIBORI X PURANA

This lovely collection of Shibori was specially made in Humbang Hasundutan Regency in North Sumatra. Established under the CSR projects of PT. Asuransi Sinar Mas, a leading insurance agency in Indonesia, Rumah Kreatif Sinar Mas and the regency government in Humbang created series of Humbang Shibori clothes and fabric, involving artisans from the local area and trained by Merdi Sihombing, an Indonesian designer.

Using tie-dye techniques, Humbang Shibori fabrics are transformed into various lovely collections which will be perfect for your leisure time.

So, how do you like Jakarta Fashion Week 2019?
Did you watch it as well?
Which one is your favorite?