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United Nations International Bazaar 2015

Can you imagine if 193 members, or even just a half, of the United Nations gather in one international bazaar showcasing each traditional cultures and signature culinaries?

The UN SG at the Bazaar...
Sensational...that's what it is :)

And I was so privileged to attend one here at the UN Headquarters.
This annual gathering has been held for quite some rimes and this year's event has the full support from Mrs. Ban Soon-taek, the UN Secretary-General's wife.

Ms. Ban Soon-taek
Situated at the North Lawn Building of the Headquarters, the bazaar started at 10.30 with the official ribbon - cutting ceremony by Mrs. Ban. For 2015, there are more than countries and group of countries participating in this bazaar.

And what a festive bazaar indeed..

Your eyes will feast with all those colorful and unique displays of wonderful art crafts and handicrafts from different corners of the world. From Algeria to Zimbabwe..from Bhutan to Micronesia.

And wait until your sensory system sense the wonderful smell of cuisines from around the world. Something that you might be familiar with or, at the contrary, something new beyond your imagination :). My adventurous tummy has been growling since I step into the building.

special dishes from Pacific...

Cheers from the EU corner..

The proceedings from this bazaar will be donated to those who need the support and it will be organized by the UN Women's Guild.  So, while enjoying the bazaar, you will also participate and donate for good deeds.

For sure, Indonesia joins this event just like many years before. We reserved 2 tables, one for the food and one for the handicraft.

For the Indonesian food, we had mie bakso, or Indonesian meatball soup; sosis solo, or Indonesian munchies like spring rolls with sauted beef filling; es teler, literally translated as drunken ice, is the combination of beverage with fresh milk, avocado, young jackfruit, coconut meat, and jelly pudding; and rendang, the famous spicy beef stew with coconut milk and Indonesian traditional herbs and spices. With the price range of USD 3 - 10, many enjoyed these culinary delights.

And for the handicrafts, we had various kinds of traditional clutches, batik hats, shopping bags, clothes and more. Colorful faces of Indonesian handicrafts indeed :).

As you can see, we have batik clothes and skirts (most of them are gone ..sold at the end of the day :)) and some small yet handy artcrafts like fans, hats, small wallets and sooo many more :)

As for other tables, there were soooo many varities. I didn't manage to get the names of those food but love to see and devour them. And the smells...sooo alluring indeed :).

from China...

yummy snacks :)

I remember the similar bazaar that we had in Geneva at Palais  des Nations, the UN Office in Geneve. Annually conducted, the same festivities always successfully attracted many visitors.

Here are some more pics I got during the event  at the UN HQ in NYC:).

packed with visitors...

And I successfully grabbed food from our own table, that is Mie Bakso et Es Teler, Pakistani chicken Biryani, Cuban dessert, and Chinese vegetarian spring rolls. That's a lot hahaahha....but yuuuum yuuuum indeed...

I can't wait to see the same bazaar next year :)

So, do you like visiting international bazaar as well?