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On my way back home...

One of the beauties of living in New York City is good public transport.

Back home in Indonesia, I was an avid user of public transports, too, especially TransJakarta or Busway. Well, in fact, wherever I go, I always try to maximize the public transports.

Why do I love it?
Because of course, it's handy.
The routes have been carefully planned to ensure that they cover many places, those spots visited most by people. Especially those popular tourist spots here in NYC, including parks, museums and shopping centers (alriteee :) ). Most of the subway lines run every 3 to 5 minutes, depending on the hours. During rush hours we definitely have more.

And it's cheap. 
Here in NYC, one trip costs you USD 2.75 as of 2015. It used to be USD 2.50 per trip. It allows us to make some transits using other modes of transportation as well, for example from subways to buses, within a certain period of time. I never notice it but I guess within 1 to 1.5 hour will be fine. Well, I guess I will share more posts on commuting with MTA here in NYC later.

So, with crazy traffic, extremely difficult (or expensive... You choose!) parking spots, and constant honking here and there, taking subways is indeed heaven. Well, at least for me :). There are times when they are not working properly or when accident happens, but it doesn't happen most of the time, so we're good.

Another thing I love from commuting is that it keeps me healthy for walking a lot and happy for seeing great landscape of the city.

Like last night...

Crysler Building...

Heading to Grand Central Station, Crysler Building is standing tall, greeting everyone before going down to the underground tunnel.

And I took one quick snap before catching my 7 train...

As we emerged from the underwater tunnel connecting Manhattan and Queens, a lovely city landscape welcomes us. This time with a huge sign of Silvercup Studio (where they shot scenes of Sex and the City series, among others ;) ), and Empire State Building afar.

Manhattan from a far.. taken from my subway window, with Silvercup Studio billboard and Empire State Building as a background..

Then, getting off the train, RFK Bridge was elegantly posed under the setting sun and the blue sky.

Now you see why taking subway is always enjoyable for me :).
Getting closer to home...
Do you like taking public transport as well?

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