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Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

Astoria, my beautiful home in NYC..

Welcome back to our weekly link party
Fall is here and I couldn't get more excited to be back to NYC during this most beautiful season of the year. For me :).

I haven't really got time to enjoy the beauty of fall in NYC as I was directly dragged down to our endless meetings. But I am confident I will get the opportunity to do so insya Allah. 

We will soon have the election of the UN Human Rights Council and we are one of the candidates for the period of 2020 - 2022. Wish us luck and hopefully we will make it again this time. We have rigorously work on this and certainly we hope for the best result.

Mini me and I participated in the UNGA Third Committee ..

Meanwhile, we are also preparing more meetings which will be hosted by Indonesia in November and December. Plus my dearest daughter Nadine, will soon participate in the Indonesian martial art competition called Tapak Suci in Semarang at the end of October. I can't wait to support her in this wonderful event. Wish her luck as well!

But now, let me welcome you all to Wonderful Wednesday!! 

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Feature Chosen by Clearissa // Clearissa Coward's Command Center A Day of Small Things // Amy Says. "Well....Finally, Some Fall" Some places in the states are having cooler weather, Amy has finally been able to decorate her home with fall colors and pumpkins

Feature Chosen by Suzan White// Country Crafting Kippa At Home // DIY Halloween Decorations Kippa's creations were created using lanterns found at the Goodwill, spray painted and in addition, Halloween and striped ribbon, so cute! Lookup on top of the cabinet!

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Feature Chosen by Karren // Oh My Heartsie Girl The Painted Apron // Tablescape By The Sea Jenna is a talented lady, she is always painting beautiful pictures, but this week she has created a wonderful fall tablescape and I love the sunflower.

Feature Chosen by Indah // My Purple World Treat N Trick // A Spiral Apple Bread This may look difficult but when you see the other pictures you can see how easy it is to create something new for your family and friends.

Feature Chosen by Kasey // My Crafty Zoo Crafts Alamode // Tiny Pies Made in Mason Jar Lids Who would have thought that mason jar lids would make a cute and delicious dessert?

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WW: Fall is here to stay

central park - turtle pond
Turtle Pond in one great day..

Having visited Central Park again and again to enjoy the breathtaking Fall scenery at this lung of the Big Apple.

The city I' in love with..
Let's jog...

We walked for about 4 miles that afternoon.
Such a beautiful Saturday with balmy weather.
No wonder so many people were out and enjoyed the day.
Took so many photos with my phone, even my kids were in good mood to pose for me.

Nadine Frakarsa
Obi under the bridge near the reservoir

Bo posing for me..

This time, we started walking from the 86th St, at the Jacqueline Onassis Reservoir, down to Belvedere Castle and Bethesda fountain, my favorite.

And the beauty of Fall is so captivating indeed.

Cheers for purple and Fall lovers :)

Fall is here to stay!
Join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday and have fun with the Linky Party.

WW: Fall at Hessian Lake, NY

Fall is here!

Indeed, it's been quite a while, as a matter of fact.
But we haven't got a chance to enjoy this favorite season of mine until recently.

We went to Hessian Lake, Bear Mountain, NY last weekend and we had so much fun indeed!

Join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday and have fun linking up.

WW: Rockefeller Lookout

One fine Saturday and off we went out enjoying the sun.
New York City has been blessed with warm weather lately so we did sort of a warm up Fall Foliage trip to the Palisades and the factory outlet.
We stopped at the Rockefeller lookout and enjoy the scenery.

Here are some snaps from our brilliant weekend.


I have my mom and my cousins as well so it was a lovely family trip with my hubby and Bo et Obi, my kids :)

How's your weekend?

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Ready for Trick or Treat?

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post but all stories and opinion are 100% my own.

Trick or treat...

One of the exciting thing about October is Halloween.
Well.. I know all the controversy about it back home but for me, it's just one day filled with costumes and walk around the neighborhood with my kids :).

So.. Are you ready?

Many of us here in Astoria, NYC, are!
I have seen some elaborated yards, ranging from super creepy-cemetery look  to super cute wicked-witched toppled down from her broom. Not to mention spiderwebs and stack of jack-o-lantern here and there. Very festive!
Love to see them all.

This year will be the third Halloween for us here in NYC. I remember the first one back in 2014, when I was in the middle of chemotherapy. Weak because of the drugs I had to take during the chemo, we only managed to walk for one block. After that, I sat on our porch with a large pail full of chocolate waiting for the kids to grab them. In 2015, I managed to have a long walk with my kids around my neighborhood. This year, we might join or at least watch the annual Halloween parade in East Village, NYC. Super excited indeed.

As for the home, we don't really do much but we have a touch of Halloween in our mini front yard. Not much but it's there :).

So now... let's see what's on the costume department :).

2014, I chose to be pinky girl, while Obi was snow white and Bo went out as a ninja.

In 2015, I had fun being a wicked witch with green face and purple hat, while Obi was beautifully donning Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony, and Bo was again a ninja.

This year, I have decided to be Fallen Angel, while Obi has chosen to be little cat and Bo will be the pirate :). I haven't really decided on the make-up but I got some ideas already. So, we'll see.

here are our choices for this year...

And Halloween is not complete without candy
Chocolate, candy, pretzels and mini Halloween-related items...
Those are our favorite :).

a lot to choose :)

Last year we had quite a moderate amount of chocolate, candy and  other Halloween items, like fake fangs, masks, and petit Halloween decoration. 

Speaking about candy, I usually make sure that we have enough, but not too much for the kids. Once in a year it will be okay, I suppose.

And now, here are a few tips for a safe trick or treat this Halloween.

Stay safe and alert

On the street, around your neighborhood, wherever you and your kids are, we have to stay alert.
Kids tend to be so excited and they don't really pay attention to the surroundings. So it's better to accompany your young children or ensure that someone old enough will take care of them.

We have to be careful when crossing the street and be extra cautious and watch where the kids going. Watch out for the traffic, too.

As it's usually going to be dark, carrying a flashlight might be handy for you and the kids.

Watch what you grab and eat

Those chocolate and sweet stuff might be super tempting for the kids, but we have to be careful with food allergies.
Many of those Halloween food products have peanuts and/or gluten. It will be best to ensure the kids know exactly what their allergies are.

What I have done so far is that we bring all the candy and chocolate home then they can eat it at home instead of while we are walking around.

Another thing that we have to mindful of is the expiry dates. Sometimes, some candy and food are from last year and pass their expiry dates. Always good to check things out first. 

Mind the weather

It's the end of October. In many places, temperature drops already. Just like here in New York City.

So, to be on the safe side, better make sure that the costumes will be warm enough, especially for the kids. We don't want them to catch cold or even nastier flu just because of that. 

Have fun

Of course, the most important thing about this annual event is that you do have fun with your kids, family and friends. With all the necessary preparation, we should all have a lovely and enjoyable night.
Staying safe during Halloween should be manageable.

So, are you ready for trick-or-treating?
Get your candy, costumes and enjoy!

Have a blast!