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WW: Welcome to Old Batavia

Here comes some snaps from our weekend stroll around Old Batavia.

Old Jakarta

Old Batavia or Old Jakarta is a beautiful spot in our capital city where many old buildings from the colonial times are still well maintained. 
Have you been here before?
To those who have visited Jakarta, they might think that Kota Tua or old Jakarta looks like a completely different part of the city. The European vibes is in the air and you can still be enjoy those unique architectures here. Recently, there has been some intensive rehabilitation measures taken by the previous Governorship in order to revive this historical spot. Apparently, those program went well as we see how wonderful this are now! Super proud indeed!

It also has so many beautiful museums surrounding it, including the Museum of Jakarta History, Wayang Museum, Museum Bahari and more.

Bo et Obi enjoying the museum..
We went to Museum Sejarah Jakarta, Museum of Jakarta History, which is located in Fatahillah Square.
We had a tour guide explaining the history of Jakarta as well as the items being displayed in the museum in English, so that Bo et Obi could fully understand the story.
They surely know more about the city we live in now and interesting (and dark) history of Indonesia's struggles in the beginning.
I will share more detailed stories about the Museum on the next post, okay.

What is that ma? asked Obi looking at some remnants from the Stone Age found near Jakarta

In front of Museum Sejarah Jakarta
The tour took around 1.5 hours and after that we had a little picnic in the designated area within the complex of the Museum.
That's decent time to see the collections in 2 floors of the museum, the Staadhuis building built in 1701 - 1710.
I have to say the last renovation done by the Provincial Government of Jakarta has transformed this museum into a much, much better place.
So, you should not miss it!

We also took the liberty to take some pictures here and there, including my outfit of the day. Yup indeed, my OOTD :).
I rarely do it but it was actually fun to have one particular part in my blog showcasing my curated costumes.

 So, what do you think?
This time my dress is not dominantly purple, but surely I wore some!

I was happily wearing; 
 ATBM (handmade, woven fabrics) batik outer in yellow, black and white, bought from my dearest friend's online boutique at IG @ggs_olshop 
 Jellyfish earrings (surely my fave, I keep wearing them again and again) in purple from @uniqlykamea (check out here IG account)
 Purple mini dress from H&M
 Wide leg pants from Macy's
White fedora from H&M
 Tory Burch sandals in sky blue and tan.

I love wearing Batik outer as it's very casual yet it's batik, our wonderful traditional fabrics. I love wearing them wherever I go and recently, we have so many interesting designs which are much more colourful and trendy.
Do you like wearing batik as well?

So, how was your weekend?
Hope you have an enjoyable one as well.
Do you like visiting old town or museums?
Any particular outfit you like to wear on weekends?
Share your favourites in your comments, please.

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WW: Museum of the City of New York

Welcome to the Museum of the City of New York

Getting to know more about the city we love can't more fun than seeing its unfolding history and colorful days in this wonderful museum.

Let's enjoy some of these photos before I share more details on our visit to 
Museum of the City of New York.

Guess who he is :)

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The Amazing world of Dr. Seuss, Springfield, Connecticut

Oh the places you’ll go!
The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss, Springfield, Connecticut is indeed amazing.


"So, I'm going to pick-up the bike at Worcester." My hubby said that night, while we were having dinner.
"Where is it exactly? Still in New York?" I concentrated on my sashimi plate which was so good. I was thinking of getting more.
"No, it's almost three hours drive from here. It's in Massachusetts."
"What? That far?." I stopped dipping that piece of  salmon and paid more attention to my hubby.
"Yuuup...we'll stay overnight in one of the surrounding cities. Either Hartford in Connecticut or  Springfield in Massachusetts. They have Dr. Seuss museum in Springfield." He checked on the map at his phone. "Bo and Obi will love it", he added.
"I 'd love that, too! So, let's go. Get everybody ready! It will be our early Thanksgiving trip."  
Springfield, here we come!


It was one cold weekend when we decided to drive to Worcester, stayed overnight in Hartford,CT and visited Dr. Seuss museum in Springfield, MA.

We booked the car and the hotel (thank God I have extra points to use in Starwood Group hotel) and packed our bags and some food for the trip. It would only be one night stay and already we planned so much including some swimming and trips to the museums.
I still have my mom here so it was a great opportunity to take her out and see more of the country as well. 

When I head Springfield, my mind directly goes to the Simpsons place.

You know, the cartoon :).
But this city of Springfield is the one in Massachusetts, which happens to be the hometown of one of the most beloved kids-book authors, Dr. Seuss.

The Amazing world of Dr. Seuss.

That's the name of the place.
Familiar with Dr. Seuss and his books?
I do love him!
And so do my kids.
I have to admit I read those books as an adult.
Well, foreign books are expensive so I kind of getting to know his works a bit late.
But I love his books. I really do.
I have been teaching Obi, my daughter, how to read using One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish from Dr. Seuss.
Bo was enjoying the Cat in the Hat, Horton Hears a Who, Happy Birthday to You, ABCD, Oh the Places you'll Go, and more.
So, when we found out that Dr. Seuss' hometown is not too far, only approximately 3 hours drive from New York City, off we went!

We stayed the night at Hartford, Connecticut after visiting Yale, New Haven on Saturday and continued driving to Springfield, Massachusetts for about 20 minutes.
The museum opened at 11 AM on Sunday and we went directly here.
The ticket is USD 25 for adults, USD 16 for seniors, and USD 13 for kids.
And we can visit 5 museums with one ticket.
Amazing, right!

say hi to the Lorax :)

As we didn't really have much time, we first visited the Amazing World of Dr. Seuss.
Perfect choices indeed, as the place is very interesting.
It's like pages from the books.
Colorful and entertaining as well, with all those characters and quotes from the books.

Obi literally grew up with this :)

The amazing world of Dr. Seuss is uber awesome! 
My kids, love it so much and so does mama Bo et Obi 😇😇😇
We got soooo excited when we met our fave, the Cat in the Hat :).

We are exploring the colorful world of the Cat in the Hat, the Lorax, Horton the elephant, Thing 1 and 2, Thidwick the big hearted moose, the Grinch who stole Christmas, Yertle the turtle and more  at Dr. Seuss’ hometown Springfield, Connecticut.

On the first floor, we have drawings and excerpts from the books, while the second floor has the exhibition about Dr. Seuss' stories and life.

Then we got out to Dr. Seuss’ National Memorial Sculpture Garden 💜

Say hi to all these famous characters from Dr. Seuss’ great books! 

Dr. Seuss
Again, here we met the Cat in the Hat, the Lorax, Horton the elephant, Thing 1 and 2, Thidwick the big hearted moose, the Grinch, Yertle the turtle and more!
Those bronze sculptures are incredible.

The Grinch is here :)

Looking at the details, it feels like those characters just spring out of the books.
Well, for us, Dr. Seuss was not only telling us the children stories with his unique imagination, but there are so many important messages about love, life, friendship, respect, harmony, and more on each and every story.
And we are so blessed to have the opportunity to know that :).

So, what's your favorite Dr. Seuss' favorite character?
Do you like them as well?

WW: The Met Fifth Avenue - Temple of Dendur and Egyptian Art

I hope you have checked out my previous post on The Met: In Love with the Met Fifth Avenue

And now let me take you closer to Temple of Tendur ....

and the Egyptian Arts at the Metropolitan Museum ...

We ♥️ The Met!

#theMet #weekend #thefrakarsas #boetobi #museum #museumNYC #funatmuseum

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Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

Another week of fun we have here!

We had much better weather for sure, so it's time to officially welcome spring!

We went to the Met last weekend with the kids and as you know, the Met's collections are a lot and indeed mindblowing. Will surely come back with tons of photos, stories and more on that!

Welcome to the Met :)

Moreover, we had a quick trip to the factory outlet (having fun choosing spring collection) and stopped over at the Hessian Lake, Bear Mountain, NY. 

Hessian Lake, Bear Mountain, NY

Super beautiful!
Half frozen, half not, the Hessian Lake looks as pristine as ever.
We promise ourselves to go back here again for Spring picnic :)

the three of us at the lake...well, it was a bit cold but sunny indeed...

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