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Argan Maple Holistic Shampoo Review

Disclaimer: I received the free product for review but  all opinions expressed here are my own. 

Who has problem with dry scalp and dull hair?
I do!

I have been looking for the right products fro my hair and scalp for quite some times.
It has been a big issue for me since I lost all my hair due to the chemotherapy that I had to undergo since late 2014 to the first semester of 2015. Let alone the series of radiation therapies and follow-up medications and injections I have up until now. 

Needless to say, those treatment and medications I have to take mess up with my body, be it my hormones as well as my metabolism. One of the big issues for me here is the super dry scalp. I remember when I was bald, the itchy scalp is not cool at all! With no hair as the natural protector of our scalp, I keep scratching it and some flakes of dry skin were flying from my head. I have tried a few and some of them provided temporary solutions and the dry scalp 

And months after I finished my chemo, my hair started to grow back again.
Even when my hair starts growing back, I still have similar issues.
And that makes me cut it short again and again, at least 3 times up until now.
Being used to have long, super curly hair with Bob Marley look, I was super excited when my hair starts growing back. Although it takes years to have it grow back as it used to, I am planning to keep it healthy and beautiful. And for that, I have to find the right hair product.

This is where I come across Argan Maple Holistics, a special formula shampoo 
I saw this product first from my dear blog friend, Alissa Apel, and decided to try it.
I went to their Facebook page and contact the company for free sample and they sent me a bottle! 

taken from

I have tried it in the course of two week and I love the results!

The natural Argan oil works its wonder to me and for sure there are more benefits of having this precious ingredients on your shampoo, including nourishing the scalp, rejuvenating our hair and making it feels soft and much more manageable.

As stated on the bottle, the shampoo is composed of aqua, argan oil, botanical keratin, peach kernel oil, almond, oil, jojoba oil, camellia seed oil, natural vanilla, honey fragrance and avocado oil. It's 100% pure, sulfate free, good for all scalp type and made in the US.

For sure, the dry scalp is less annoying and I don't really scratch my scalp too much as the itchiness is no longer there. It tends to get itchy a bit after 3 days so I know when it's time to use the shampoo again.

cheers...this is how the hair looks, after shampooing with Argan Maple Holistic
Moreover, my hair looks properly fluffy, not too much, and neat.
Now you see why I love this product!
The price of this 8 oz shampoo is USD 9.99 and the shampoo and hair conditioner set is USD 19.95. With the result that I have, I'm happy to get more of it.

You can order it right from the website,, or check out their Facebook page for further info and more reviews. 

Do you have problems with your scalp and hair as well?
Do you find the products you love so far?