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Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

Hello, everyone.
To those who stay in the US, how's your Labour Day weekend?
I hope you all can enjoy the last days of summer amidst the preparation of back-to-school week as well as the aftermath of the Hurricane Harvey.
Our deepest sympathy and support to all the affected families in that area.

As for our little break, we went to Lake Wallenpaupack area in Pocono, Pennsylvania, again this time. Two nights there and we all enjoyed the serenity of the Lake.

We also had a cute guess coming at the backyard.

As the weather was not too friendly for outdoor activities, we decided to explore the many antique shops around the area. I managed to get the Tiffany lamp and some vintage posters and vintage jugs plus 1940's stamps. Love all those cute stuff.

And now, it's time for Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

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WW: Pocono's Vintage Stuff and Antiques

Pocono's Vintage Stuff and Antiques are what we're exploring during Labor Day weekend.
We spend 2 nights at Lake Wallenpaupack, but we really enjoy our hunt to several antique shops dotting this area.
Look what we found here..

Do you like vintage stuff as well?

Join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday, feel free to click the link  and have fun checking the linkies 

WW: Red Train at Honesdale, Pennsylvania

Who loves riding the train?
We do.
And we somehow found this lovely red train during our last visit to lake Wallenpaupack, Pennsylvania. It's in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, to be exact. The trains are not used anymore but still beautifully preserved.
And perfect for a photo session :)

My Bo


bright red :)

WW: Snowtubing in Camelback Mountain, PA

Snowtubing in spring?
Why not :).
It's surely fun and hilarious..


enjoying the beautiful weather

fun day indeed :)

the tube..


The snow might almost be gone but that doesn't stop us from having fun snowtubing in Camelback Mountain, PA

Join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday and have fun bloghopping as well

Lake Wallenpaupack in spring

We are welcoming spring in Lake Wallenpaupack, Pennsylvania.

It was the beginning of the Easter break when we drove for about 2.5 hours from NYC to this lovely place near Pocono Mountain.

And as always, the incredible sky lures me and how I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy this breathtaking scenery.


You can also watch out this video made by my munchkin using his Phantom 3 Pro. 

Hope you all have a great Easter break and join us in Skywatch Friday if you love to see different skies in many corners of the world.

Pennsylvania State Capitol Building at Night

Pennsylvania State Capitol Building at night is indeed beautiful...

Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania.
Have you been to this city? 
Where the US Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were drafted?

Pennsylvania State Capitol Building

Well, after some times (more than a month, I guess >_<), I manage to write and post something about our trip tp Pennsylvania. Works have been crazy lately, even when we are supposed to have our summer break :).

So, a couple days off and two kids, we decided to go to the theme park.
One of the big ones near NYC is Hershey Park.
And as I have shared before here in this blog, I was taking a trip to Managua, Nicaragua for an official visit. And Bo et Obi were enjoying their break.
So, without further a do, that morning, I searched and booked for the hotel, got everything ready, and packed for a two-day adventure in Pennsylvania :).
It might sound crazy but we managed to have quite an adventure.

Destinations: Harrisburg and Hershey's Park.
How exciting :).
Even I couldn't stop smiling on our way there :).

As we headed to Pennsylvania rather late from NYC, we arrived in Harrisburg in the afternoon. 

It took around 4-hour drive from NYC. Getting out of Manhattan was an extra hour :).
But we just enjoyed the trip and made stops whenever we needed.

So, long story short, we arrived in Harrisburg at around 1 PM but the kids wanted to swim first. So, off we went enjoying cool water at the hotel and decided to see the city for dinner.

Just before dinner, we stopped at the State Capitol Building...

It was full moon and simply beautiful...

We missed all those details from this amazing beaux-arts state of the art and my hubby and I decided to return to this beautiful city again soon, to have a proper visit and historic tour. 
So many things to see and to d in Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania, but our visit was to take the kids to the Hershey's Park :). 

Do you wanna hear more story about this great theme park?
I'll be back :)

But meanwhile, let's enjoy Pennsylvania State Capitol Building at night :).

Do you like visiting historical city as well?

Weekend at Lake Wallenpaupack, Pennsylvania #2..Let it snow..

Haiiiii semua....gimana dengan hari-hari pertama di tahun 2015? 
Mudah-mudahan seru selalu :).

Apalagi sekarang anak-anak sudah back to school...back to work! Semangaaaat...

Untungnya akhir pekan pertama di tahun 2015 menjadi pembuka yang maniiis dan seruuuu buat kami sekeluarga. Wanna know what happened to our first weekend in 2015?

It was jam-packed with fun, endless laughter and great outdoor activities with the kids :).

As I was sharing some stunning morning views and story from Deer Lake at the Lake Wallenpaupack area in Pennsylvania here, we indeed had lovely wintery day last weekend.  

My munchkin and the sunrise...

early morning walk, before the snow came...

We went to Lake Wallenpaupack area with the other 4 families, so it was truly a merry trip :).

After enjoying the sunrise, we had breakfast down stairs with Nasi Uduk, or Indonesian coconut rice, complete with sambal goreng hati or beef liver in chili and coconut milk, fried onion and fresh salad as well as cucumber. Not to forget a jar of sambel roa, a special chili paste adorned with roa fish from Indonesia.

Some of our huge breakfast :)...

I managed to cook them right before heading to Pennsylvania and packed them up in our car :).  All I had to do was warm them up and voilaaa...we all had lovely breakfast that Saturday.

bon appetite everyoneeee...

Then, as rightly predicted, the snow started at around 11 am. The kids were sooo excited, they just couldn't wait for a while until the snow was tick enough for them to play. 

Meanwhile, the lake was fully frozen as well. 

After around 1 hour, we couldn't hold the kids any longer. After making sure that they all dressed properly and warm enough to play the snow,  off they went to the back yard and enjoyed the snow. 

Bo was exploring the area...wanting so much to enjoy his snow slides :)

Look who's having sooo much fun :)

catch meeee...

my big boy :)

Obi and friends were busy 'cooking'...making come snowy cupcakes and plates of snowy food :)

want some, ma? :)

Obi et bebe :)

We also had lovely photo session during the snow :)


more photo session...

getting ready :)

Baby miles and his fans :)

Everyone was happy...look at our cheerful faces :)

Hours after that, time to call it a day and get snug inside the house again.
We had great dinner with rendang, or Indonesian famous spicy beef in coconut milk, and sambal ijo, or green chili. Too bad I didn't take puctures of the those yummy food :). I was so busy eating LoL :p.

Then later that night, everyone was sooo tired but the kids just simply wanted to sleep all together. So they all snugged in the living room and slept peacefully :)

nite, niteee kiddos :)
It was indeed a beautiful weekend...
And spending it with people you love makes it even more beautiful.

I hope it will be a good start of 2015...
Again...have a fabulous new year, peopleeee...