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Sensational Lunch at La Cecile Komodo Labuan Bajo

ready for Sensational Lunch at La Cecile Labuan Bajo? join me

"Let's see more of Labuan Bajo from above", said my dear friend and mentor, Mba Ani.

"More place to explore? we have enough time before our flight?" I asked with extra excitement as we got to our car after finishing our trip at Batu Cermin cave. Day 7 at Labuan bajo and we just finally had some time to explore after the successful conduct of the 42nd ASEAN Summit. We were heading back to Jakarta and our flight would be later that afternoon.

"Yes, we do, and we can even have our lunch here. Let's go to La Cecile then," Mba Ani asked our driver to take us to La Cecile straight away. 

And after a short drive, we arrived at the designated area and once again, I was blown away by Labuan Bajo's beauty, especially from above.

welcome to La Cecile

Well, welcome back and I hope you are not bored yet with my stories from awesome Labuan bajo, East Nusa Tenggara. Another place where I stopped by is La Cecile Hotel. Located in Jl. Goro, Silatey, Labuan Bajo, this hotel offers luxurious and comfortable stay with a breathtaking view of the city from above. It is also famous for its unique design, cutting-edge cafe and restaurant plus delicious Indonesian as well as international food. Perfect spot to enjoy Labuan Bajo!

A bird's eye view of Labuan bajo from la Cecile

During the series of meetings of the 42nd ASEAN Summit, this hotel has been used as one of the meeting venues as well. I just got a chance to actually stop by here after the Summit was concluded.

We came here for lunch and as we were super hungry after our adventure in Batu Cermin cave, we ordered a lot. No surprise LOL. Luckily we managed to get the table for the three of us, - me, mba Ani and mba Tika, both my darling seniors at the office. 

La Cecile restaurant

So we ordered kangkung plecing, cumi bakar or grilled octopus, sup ikan or fish soup, chicken wings, and telur dadar or  fu yung hai, complete with steamed rice and various sambals, including sambal kecap, sambal terasi, and sambal matah. Everything was super good! Kangkung plecing was fresh and spicy, as we like it. The grilled octopus was tasty, so rich in spices and perfectly grilled. The soup was freshly made and also very authentic, and for the fu yng hai or the omelet, it's always been our comfort food at home so it can never go wrong. I have to say we ate all of them! We were certainly starving LOL.

In terms of the price, it's still reasonable and manageable, considering that we are dining in a beautiful ambience.

Some of the food we ordered! Delicious..

I couldn't concentrate on taking pictures of the food anymore as I was starving!

can't wait to eat them all!

While waiting for the food, mba Ani was patient and kind enough to stroll around the hotel ground to take some pictures. As always, mini me was enjoying a pose or two at this lovely place. 

It was one sunny day!

There are specific spots you can go to while enjoying the vista, including the pool, the cafe, and the mini chapel (I guess it looks like one) here in La Cecile.

Here are some photos I took.

posing at the bell and the cross at la Cecile Komodo Labuan Bajo

Mba Ani and I..


Once we were done with the photo session, the food was ready and without further a do, we started our feast. What a lovely meal! 

my drink that day...I forget the name but it was fresh!

And the fact that we were having our tasty lunch and enjoying the view, I have to say we really have a sensational lunch at La Cecile Labuan Bajo. With happy tummy and huge smiles, we left the hotel and headed to the airport. But wait.. not without shopping for more souvenirs here at La Cecile! Yup.. we bought t-shirts, Labuan Bajo coffee and bolu gulung istimewa. I have to say those are lovely merchandises from Labuan Bajo.

So, that's my little story of exploring Labuan Bajo and enjoying sensational lunch at La Cecile Komodo.

Hope you can get a chance to visit this place one day and see you on another adventure!

Indonesia, Negeri Impianku Selalu dan Selamanya

Kalau ditanya apa negeri impian saya, maka jawabannya adalah Indonesia.
My wonderful Indonesia.

Hari ke-13 dari #BPN30dayChallenge2018 diisi pertanyaan tenanting mengenai negara atau kota atau tempat impian. 
Sejak awal jawaban saya sudah jelas.
Dan ada begitu banyak kota cantik di negeri ini yang ingin saya kunjungi.

Saya cinta negara yang cantik luar biasa ini.
Rasanya makin jauh saya bertualang, bertemu dengan orang dari berbagai negara, dan mengunjungi tempat-tempat cantik yang terkenal, makin mengkukuhkan cinta saya pada tanah dan bumi Nusantara. 

Lately I have been looking at some photos that I have taken on various trips in Indonesia. I'm just an amateur but it won't take long to see why I'm so in love with my homeland and it will forever stay in my heart.

Let me now take you to Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Bali and Nusa Tenggara as well as Maluku and Papua. I have visited all of those wonderful islands but not all the cities famous for landmarks and unique destinations.

Kalau bisa, rasanya #myitchyfeet ingin saya ajak keliling menyaksikan karya-Nya yang luar biasa. Dan kali ini anak-anak pun sudah besar, sudar waktunya saya tulari dengan kecintaan luar biasa pada tanah air mereka. Yuk, kita ikutan tur pendek di Negeri impianku ini.


I have been to Manado, North Sulawesi, several times but I know that other parts of this exotic Island of Sulawesi are waiting. I can’t wait to visit Toraja, Wakatobi, and Gorontalo (again)

It  is the perfect place to those who love and seek underwater adventures.
Divers and snorklers, here's THE spot for you as Sulawesi offers endless choices of underwater experience, starting from Bunaken, Wakatobi, Gorontalo and more.
Swimming with turtles, manta rays, or even whale sharks?
You got it!

My encounter with la rascasse, the scorpion fish, in Bunaken, Manado, North Sulawesi

The dragon at Tri Dharma Bumi Raya temple in Singkawang

Kalimantan or Borneo is famous for being one of the the lungs of world alone with the Amazon, it is indeed packed with oxygen-rich tropical jungles. 

It is also home of some of endangered, rare species like orang utan. Tanjung Puting National Park in Central Kalimantan, in this case, has been famously known as the one of the natural wonders with Orang Utan as the most known animals roaming in this area.

The city of Singkawang in West Kalimantan, boasts the beautiful combination of Chinese and local tradition of the Dayak people. Visiting the majestic temple of Tri Dharma Bumi Raya  is quite an experience and a short visit to Pasir Panjang beach will certainly refresh our weary souls.

Pasir Panjang Beaceh, Singkawang, West Kalimantan.

Bali and Nusa Tenggara
Sunset at Kuta Beach..

No need for further introduction to the island of the gods and goddesses, Bali, as well as Nusa Tenggara, which has been stealing travellers' attention - if not capturing their hearts,- with their incredible nature. 

The morning offerings at Kuta Beach, Bali
Magical sunrise and sunset, breathtaking view of cliffs, mountains and the sea, and pristine beaches are only a start! Amazing local cuisines, traditions, rituals, natural landscapes and again, friendly people will surely complete your trip here.

Rinjani, West Nusa Tenggara. Pic: Pixabay

praying time

Tirta Gangga Water Palace
Maluku and Papua

These Eastern parts of Indonesia are truly captivating.

Maluku, or Molluccas, with the capital city of Ambon, has captured my heart since I first arrived in this historical part of my country. The Land of spices, one of the reasons why Indonesia was sought and conquered by many in the past, is the nick name of Maluku. 

Liang Beach, Ambon, Maluku
Surrounded by beautiful islands and white, powdery coastline, the city of  Ambon is a perfect destination for those enjoying a tranquil day on the beach and venturing on local cuisine such as nasi kuning, or the yellow rice, and rujak, or fresh fruit with peanut sauce and chilli dipping. Banda island, Halmahera, and Seram Island are some of the exotic places you should not miss.

smoked tuna, everyone? Great delicacy from Maluku.
Papua and Papua Barat provinces have been dominating many of travelers' top list for its incomparable beauty of nature. Raja Ampat (I bet many of you have heard about it) is the world's top diving sites. Heaven on earth can be appropriately associated to the land of Cendrawasih, the bird of paradise, known to be the indigenous fauna of Papua.

Playnemo, Raja Ampat, Papua. Pic: Pixabay
While Jayapura, the capital of Papua Province, offers breathtaking views of Sentani Lake and beautiful city seen from above. This is also the place where I tastes the best, freshest fried fish with papeda and sayur kuning, the local cuisine of Papuans. 

Don't miss to visit the famous tribes in Papua, Asmat and Dani, and be part of their daily life to see the indigenous way of life as well as their amazing artistic works. 

Wish me luck and health for the grand plan of traveling around Indonesia with my family, The Frakarsa. 
How about you?
What's your dream place?

Cheers from Jayapura, Papua

Wonderful Indonesia, Always in My Heart

That afternoon, in one wintery day in New York City, I was staring at my phone.
Not long a go, I just spoke to my Mom through video call.
She was gingerly sharing the news about my niece's birthday celebration on the beach back home in Lampung.

I instantly felt the urge to go and join them there.
The pristine beach with its turquoise water, clear blue sky and warm breeze invited me to come over and embrace the moment.
Not to mention those delicious pempek, nasi uduk, and rendang- those are famous Indonesian traditional cuisine, - that they brought to this joyous picnic.

How I miss my beloved hometown, Lampung.
How I long to go back to my wonderful Indonesia!

The amazing view of Lake Batur, Bali, Indonesia
No matter how far #myitchyfeet take me, be it in an official assignments or trips as well as vacations, I can't help but whispering how lucky I am to be Indonesian!

Strategically located in Southeast Asia, between two \ oceans - Indian and Pacific, Indonesia has long been known as zamrud khatulistiwa, - the emerald of the equator,-  for its exquisite natural landscape and beauty. Being the largest archipelagic states in the world, comprising more than seventeen thousand islands across its borders, Indonesia surely is blessed with stunning beaches, incredible flora and fauna including gorgeous and rich underwater sceneries, and endless outdoor adventures await those who are willing to explore.

Not to forget its wonderful, friendly people!
Being helpful and pleasant, Indonesians are naturally known as sociable and welcoming, a virtue that makes guests feeling comfortable and well-accepted. 

And when it comes to its traditional cultures, including its rich, one-of-a-kind traditions, customs and adat. 
Here we are talking about traditional dialects, culinary specialties, traditional customes and fabrics, music and dances, and celebrations as well as cultural festivals and far more.

I would now like  to take you on a brief tour to some of the highlights in Indonesia. We have some big islands,  namely Sumatera, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali and Nusa Tenggara, Maluku and Papua. This time, I will start with Sumatra and Java and wait for more posts about my wonderful Indonesia.


My son Bo, enjoying his swimming session at Kelagian Kecil Island, Lampung
Sumatera, the land of gold,  is a great place to explore as it is blessed with forests, hills, mountains, and natural landscapes. 

To start with, we can visit Aceh  to dive or snorkel at Pulau Weh and Sabang, then visit the Grand Mosque of Banda Aceh, which survived the tragic tsunami in 2006.
Don't forget to cruise Lake Toba, try durian - the king fruit - at its best, in Medan, North Sumatera.
Enjoy  culinary heaven and get the taste of Rendang, voted as number ONE most delicious food in the world by CNN, in West Sumatera.
The world-class resorts and amazing golf courses are waiting for you in Bintan and Batam. 
Bangka Belitong has become latest favorite destinations for its unique rock formation on the beach and clean, super soft white sandy beaches.
Rafflesia Arnoldi flowers can be enjoyed in Bengkulu, while the historical remains of Muaro Jambi, dated from 7th century, gives your more insights about the spread of Buddhism in this country. 

And indulge yourself in a simply-happy-and-relaxing island hopping in Lampung Bay, my hometown.  Ride jukung to meet dolphins in the wild at Kiluan or say hi to elephants in Way Kambas National Park.

Don't forget, the mighty Krakatau, is waiting for you as well here in Sunda Strait.


Serenading the ancient verses...Abdi Dalem at Kraton Jogjakarta. Phot by Rufi Frakarsa, my hubby
Java is indeed  a wonderful melange of modern and traditional life,  the cradle of diverse cultures and traditions, which become the bedrock of Indonesia.

Jakarta, a constant magnet to those enjoying big-city life with all its perks, boasts with sky scrappers, world-class shopping malls, hotels and entertainment centres, while at the same time preserving its romantic past at Kota Tua, the Dutch-influenced old city. 

Bandung, the capital of West Java, keeps its promise to be the Paris van Java. Green lush and cooler temperature  in general makes it people's favorite. Bandung has been dubbed as the artistic city, being home to so many famous musicians and artists. 

Jogjakarta, home of long-reigning Royal Family of Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat, is an enchanting city you should not miss.  Just 2 hours away, you will have the opportunity to visit the biggest Buddhist temple in the world, Borobudur.

Sunrise at Phuntuk Setumbu, Magelang, Central Java
Semarang is one of the cities that I instantly fell in love to. Alleys  of vintage building and architectures, including the famous Lawang Sewu (or 1000 doors) and Gereja Bledug, elegantly mix with manifestations of seamless assimilation of Chinese and Javanese cultures. 

Lawang Sewu at dusk

Surabaya will be a perfect start of your adventures in the eastern part of Java. Enjoy the vibe of  busy city dotted with beautiful parks and interesting museums. Taste delicious local delicacies  and drive around Suramadu Bridge, heading to Madura or Banyuwangi. Not to mention breathtaking views from Mount Bromo and Kawah Ijen, and enchanting wild in Meru Betiri, Baluran and Tengger national parks. 

That is just my humble attempt to show wonderful my Indonesia is.
Frankly, what I showcase here is just a super duper tiny bit of what Indonesia can offer. My stories and my photos can not do justice to the real beauty and charms of Indonesia.
We are proud that Indonesia  is constantly improving its infrastructures, routes, and services at those destinations to make sure all our guests, our global family from every corners of the globe, enjoy their visit and their stay in Indonesia.

Now you know why my heart belongs to this amazing country of mine.
Come and visit us.
Discover the magic.
And make THE trip of your lifetime!

You can also join the Wonderful Indonesia blog competition 2018 and win a total prize of 5 million Indonesian Rupiah. Check out  following poster and join us in spreading the spirit of Wonderful Indonesia!


"Ma, is that Fia's birthday party on the beach? I want to go there too! I want to swim!" exclaimed my daughter, Obi.
"We will soon join them and we'll have fun on the beach with everyone." I said.
"I just can't wait,' said Obi, with a huge smile planted on her face.
"Me neither, love. Me neither..

Wait for us, Wonderful Indonesia.
We are going home!

my dearest daughter enjoyed playing the sand at Kiluan island, Lampung, a few years back

Wonderful Indonesia:
All photos displayed in this posts are mine, except those being clearly mentioned otherwise from its sources.

Along the Border - Mota'ain, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

I am still celebrating Indonesia's Independence Day this month.
So, allow me to post some pictures I have taken during my trips in my beloved homeland.
This time, let me take you the Eastern part of Nusa Tenggara, particularly along the border of Indonesia and Timor-Leste.

Along the road in Atambua, East Nusa Tenggara

As I have shared in Wajah Indonesiaku: Perjalanan Menyusuri Daerah Terluar RI #1 (I wrote it in Bahasa Indonesia, hopefully I can share it in English one day), I was lucky to be able to explore the other parts of my country.

I am always amazed by the clear blue sky above my head.
Reminding me how blessed we are to live in this beautiful earth.
I can't help but sending my prayers and gratitude to my Rabb for all this breathtaking beauty.

I wrote the story about Tanjung Bastian, Atambua, NTT, before.
Its unique coast line and clear blue sky is such a refuge for me.

I wish this beautiful place will remain pristine and beautiful!

Join me on Skywatch Friday and enjoy the magnificent sky wherever you are

Wajah Indonesiaku: Perjalanan menyusuri daerah terluar RI #1

Pagi itu, dengan tekad bulat dan doa yang tiada henti, saya duduk mantap di bangku depan mobil 4x4 yang telah disiapkan...

Matahari yang sudah tidak malu-malu menampakkan kemilaunya tidak menyurutkan niat saya untuk mengencangkan sabuk pengaman dan mulai mengatur segala perlengkapan perang :D..

Air minum, cemilan, kamera dan laptop pun tidak jauh dari jangkauan..

Heboh banget sih... where are you going, Indah..

Hari ini dan 3 hari ke depan, saya dan tim akan menyusuri titik-titik perbatasan antara Indonesia dan Republik Demokratik Timor-Leste..

Kalau ditanya mengapa, jawabannya karena tugas..

Sebagai bagian dari implementasi rekomendasi Komisi Kebenaran dan Persahabatan Indonesia - Timor Leste yang disahkan melalui Peraturan Presiden tahun 72/2011, kedua negara sepakat untuk menerapkan Pas Lintas Batas (PLB) dan meluncurkan Pasar Tradisional di beberapa titik perbatasan yang telah disepakati dalam arrangement tahun 2003 antara kedua negara.

Untuk teman-teman yang belum pernah mendengar istilah PLB, PLB adalah dokumen perjalanan yang diberlakukan bagi penduduk lokal di wilayah tertentu, khususnya kecamatan atau distrik yang persis berada di titik-titik perbatasan, sesuai kesepakatan kedua negara. Dengan demikian, para penduduk lokal yang tinggal di wilayah tersebut, tidak memerlukan paspor untuk melintasi batas kedua negara. Mereka cukup menunjukkan PLB dan bisa melintas serta bebas bergerak dalam radius tertentu dan dalam masa waktu tertentu. But then again, PLB hanya berlaku untuk mereka yang tinggal di wilayah perbatasan, khususnya 5 kecamatan di Kabupaten Belu, 4 kecamatan di Kabupaten Timor Tengah Utara, 1 kecamatan di Kupang dan untuk perbatasan laut, di Kabupaten Alor.

Dari 9 titik perbatasan darat yang disepakati, hingga kini baru 7 yang dibuka antara Indonesia dan Timor-Leste, yaitu Motaain - Batugade, Metamauk - Salele,  Haumusu C/Wini - Wini, dan Napan - Bobometo, serta titik Haekesak/Turiskain - Tunubibi, Builalo - Memo, dan Haumeniana - Passabe yang baru dibuka di bulan Juni 2013.  Kecamatan yang disebut di awal adalah wilayah Indonesia, sementara sisi lainnya adalah wilayah Timor-Leste. Sedangkan 2 titik yang telah disepakati namun belum dibuka adalah Laktutus - Belulik - Leten dan Oepoli - Citrana.

Dengan senang hati (walaupun berat dan bakaal kangeen dengan Bo, Obi et my munchkin), tugas ini saya terima....
My itchy feet can't wait to walk along those border lines and capture their beauties..

Sejujurnya, ini bukan kali pertama saya mengunjungi daerah perbatasan RI dan negara lainnya, khususnya perbatasan darat...

Tapi selalu banyak cerita dan pelajaran. (Dan juga foto) yang bisa diambil dari perjalanan-perjalanan tersebut yang layak untuk dituliskan..

Mungkin ada baiknya kalau saya bertanya lebih dahulu, kira-kira apa yang ada di benak teman-teman saat kita bicara tentang daerah perbatasan...

Seperti apa siiiih...wajah negara kita tercinta jika dilihat dari sisi terluar ini?

Apakah teman-teman membayangkan suatu daerah yang terbelakang? Di mana listrik belum ada..fasilitas publik belum memadai...kemana-mana susah..biaya hidup tinggi? Aparat keamanan ada di mana?

Atau justru.... tidak ada pos lintas batas? 
Tidak ada petugas...semua tampak alami, tradisional dan bahkan pada batas tertentu, damai dan tentram...

Atau... Yang kita jumpai malah kota yang ramai, penuh aktivitas...ditandai dengan gedung megah serta garis/patok batas yang jelas dari kedua negara..banyak pelintas dari kedua negara yang lalu lalang melalui perbatasan serta kegiatan perekonomian seperti pasar tradisional yang ramai dan dinamis.

Well, terus terang, beberapa gambaran di atas tercermin di tiga titik perbatasan yang pernah saya kunjungi..

welcome to the border

Yang pasti, kami dan tim memutuskan untuk meninjau titik batas Motaain, Malaka Barat, Kabupaten Belu, Nusa Tenggara Timur. Perlintasan darat utama yang membatasi Indonesia dan Republik Demokratik Timor-Leste ini relatif ramai dengan para pelintas maupun kendaraan yang lalu lalang dari dua sisi.

Kami berangkat menuju perbatasan dari Dili, ibukota Timor-Leste.

Persiapan cermat pun dilakukan..mulai dari check and recheck kondisi mobil hingga perlengkapan logistik. Maklumlah, perjalanan yang akan ditempuh memakan waktu 'hanya' sekitar 4 jam, tapi jalan yang dilalui kondisinya luar biasa. Luar biasa jeleknya :D (naaaaah, it can't be that bad, batin saya :D). Jalur ini masih jauh lebih dekat dibandingkan jika kita berangkat dari Kupang, menuju Atambua, dan lanjut ke Motaain. Total perjalanan bisa mencapai 9 jam.

Singkat cerita..perjalanan pun dimulai.

Andito, teman asal Timor-Leste yang sudah sering bolak-balik ke perbatasan dan kali ini bertugas menjadi supir mobil kami, sudah mengingatkan bahwa perjalanan kali ini akan lebih seru dari perjalanan terakhir kami ke Los Palos, Timor-Leste (okeee...saya share juga nanti yaaa :D)..

one spot with a lovely coastline...
Dan benar saja.....kondisi jalan yang berliku-liku menembus pegunungan serta diapit jurang,  berlubang plus pasir dan debu yang berasal dari jalan yang tengah diperbaiki maupun jalan yang memang belum diaspal menjadi teman kami di perjalanan. Bahkan jika mobil di depan kami ngebut, kami pun harus berhenti sejenak karena debu tebal benar-benar menghalangi pandangan. Kalau nekad jalan terus, bisa-bisa kita nyemplung ke jurang ...

Keluar dari Dili, kami memasuki Distrik Liquica...dan mulailah pemandangan cantik disuguhkan ..

Tidak sia-sia saya duduk manis terbanting-banting selama berjam-jam, ikut-ikutan ngerem saat mobil dipacu kencang atau belok di tikungan tajam. Kamera DSLR yang ikut terbanting-banting pun bekerja keras merekam keindahan sepanjang jalan ini. Walaupun terhalang kaca mobil dan , tapi niat mengabadikan pemandangan tidak tersurutkan :D...Meskipun hasil tidak maksimal, tapi hati puas dan terhibur.

pemandangan dari front seat......bagaimana tidak berdebu coba....jalan penuh pasiiiiir....

ada mobil keren jugaaa nih :D...

perbaikan di sepanjang jalan....

Langit biru cerah, laut yang bersih dan pantai yang 'mengundang' menjadi hiburan kami di jalan....beneran, rasanya pengen nyemplung kalau melihat pantai dan laut yang memang favorit saya...

cobaaa...siapa yang tidak tergodaaa....kalau sajaaaa....

Sayangnya, perjalanan kami belum selesai dan setelah melewati Liquica, kami terus melalui Maubara menuju Batugade, sub-distrik yang menjadi batas terluar Timor-Leste menuju Indonesia.

Tiba di Batugade, kami pun berhenti sejenak untuk pemeriksaan paspor dan meluruskan kaki sejenak...di Pos Linta Batas Batugade, terlihat gedung pelayanan CIQ atau Customs, Immigration and Quarantine yang megah dan terpadu. Sepertinya baru dibangun beberapa tahun terakhir, bahkan dilengkapi dengan alat screening untuk kendaraan besar yang lalu lalang...Hmm, I was wondering how it looks on our side...

Selesai urusan di perbatasan Timor-Leste, kami pun lanjut ke zona netral dan menuju Pos Lintas Batas Motaain...Welcome back home, bisik saya dalam hati...

jembatan menuju wilayah Indonesia

Tiba di Pos Lintas batas Motaain, kami pun turun dan berdiskusi banyak dengan petugas CIQ di sana..memang perlintasan ini adalah salah satu perlintasan darat yang paling ramai dan sibuk. Saat kami di sana, beberapa mobil terlihat berjejer menunggu pemeriksaan...sementara untuk antrian di imigrasi memang tidak terlalu panjang....

perbatasan Motaan, dari sisi dalam Indonesia...

Di sekitar Pos Lintas Batas, kami juga melihat lokasi terminal antarkota dan antarnegara serta pasar tradisional..Sayangnya, kondisi terminal tidak begitu terawat dan sepi..saat saya di sana, hanya ada 1 mobil angkutan umum yang terlihat.

Sementara di kios-kios pasar tradisional, hanya ada 3 kios yang buka...itu pun sepertinya sepi pengunjung. Padahal, kerjasama perdagangan sudah direncanakan melalui pasar tradisional yang mengedepankan masyarakat di perbatasan kedua negara melalui arrangement sejak tahun 2003...sayangnya, hingga kini, belum ada pasar tradisional yang berfungsi secara rutin dan maksimal...Idealnya, satu hari dalam seminggu ditetapkan sebagai 'hari pasar' untuk masyarakat lokal di perbatasan kedua negara

terminal antarkota dan antarnegara...sayang tidak terawat...

Pos Pengamanan Perbatasan di Motaain....

Perjalanan pun berlanjut...kali ini menuju Atambua...

Pemandangan eksotis lagi-lagi terpampang di depan mata...jalan berkelok dan berbukit-bukit, pemandangan laut lepas, langit biru bersih bebas polusi dan terik matahari yang makin siang makin mencorong...

jalan menuju Atambua....relatif lebih baik dibandingkan negara tetangga...

rumah tradisional NTT yang banyak di temui di jalan....katanya dibuat dari batang lontar...

Namun tidak bisa dipungkiri, wajah kemiskinan masih lekat di serambi depan wilayah RI tercinta. Tiga Kabupaten di NTT yang memiliki wilayah perbatasan, yaitu Kabupaten Belu, Timor Tengah Utara dan Kupang pun masih menghadapi banyak masalah 

Saat kami melewati wilayah Indonesia menuju Atambua, terlihatlah potret kita yang sesungguhnya. Di tengah pemandangan cantik yang melingkupi wilayah Timur Indonesia, rumah-rumah tradisional nan sederhana yang tampak di dekat daerah perbatasan. 

Tidak terlihat tiang listrik yang menerangi daerah ini..mobil dan motor yang lalu lalang juga tidak terlalu banyak, hanya beberapa. Ternak pun hanya terlihat di beberapa tempat tertentu dan dalam jumlah yang tidak banyak. Lahan yang gersang terlihat mendominasi dan tidak banyak ditanami oleh tanaman produktif.

Sepanjang jalan, saya sempat melihat beberapa sekolah dasar negeri dan kantor kelurahan. Namun tidak terlihat pasar yang ramai ataupun aktivitas ekonomi yang menunjang pembangunan salah satu daerah terluar Indonesia ini. Sayang kami tidak sempat bertemu khusus dan berdiskusi dengan para penduduk di sekitar daerah perbatasan. Namun di sepanjang daerah pantai tersebut, saya melihat banyak petani garam. Beberapa bahkan menjual hasilnya di depan rumah. I know it might sound so judgmental, but saya yakin PR kita masih banyaaaak ...Belum terlihat fasilitas kesehatan publik seperti puskesmas dan RS. Saya pikir pasti ada, hanya mungkin tidak terlewati oleh kami. Satu hal lain yang langsung terbersit di pikiran saya adalah air bersih...dengan iklim yang panas terik dan tanah yang gersang, air bersih kemungkinan besar sulit didapat.

Memang harus kita akui bahwa gambaran umum tentang kawasan perbatasan Indonesia masih didominasi oleh daerah tertinggal. Pemerintah pun sebenarnya telah mengambil serangkaian langkah untuk mengatasi hal ini, termasuk dengan membentuk Badan Nasional Pengelola Perbatasan atau BNPP sejak tahun 2010, guna mengkoordinasikan berbagai program pemerintah yang difokuskan pada pembangunan dan pengembangan perbatasan.

PR kita masih banyak dan banyak langkah nyata yang diperlukan untuk meningkatkan kesejahteraan saudara-saudara kita di wilayah perbatasan.

Well, itu baru satu titik batas yang kami lalui..Atambua pun sudah di depan mata..
Seperti apa kota Atambua yang makin terkenal namanya berkat film besutan Mira Lesmana, Atambua 39C....

I'll be back :D.....