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Pennsylvania State Capitol Building at Night

Pennsylvania State Capitol Building at night is indeed beautiful...

Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania.
Have you been to this city? 
Where the US Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were drafted?

Pennsylvania State Capitol Building

Well, after some times (more than a month, I guess >_<), I manage to write and post something about our trip tp Pennsylvania. Works have been crazy lately, even when we are supposed to have our summer break :).

So, a couple days off and two kids, we decided to go to the theme park.
One of the big ones near NYC is Hershey Park.
And as I have shared before here in this blog, I was taking a trip to Managua, Nicaragua for an official visit. And Bo et Obi were enjoying their break.
So, without further a do, that morning, I searched and booked for the hotel, got everything ready, and packed for a two-day adventure in Pennsylvania :).
It might sound crazy but we managed to have quite an adventure.

Destinations: Harrisburg and Hershey's Park.
How exciting :).
Even I couldn't stop smiling on our way there :).

As we headed to Pennsylvania rather late from NYC, we arrived in Harrisburg in the afternoon. 

It took around 4-hour drive from NYC. Getting out of Manhattan was an extra hour :).
But we just enjoyed the trip and made stops whenever we needed.

So, long story short, we arrived in Harrisburg at around 1 PM but the kids wanted to swim first. So, off we went enjoying cool water at the hotel and decided to see the city for dinner.

Just before dinner, we stopped at the State Capitol Building...

It was full moon and simply beautiful...

We missed all those details from this amazing beaux-arts state of the art and my hubby and I decided to return to this beautiful city again soon, to have a proper visit and historic tour. 
So many things to see and to d in Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania, but our visit was to take the kids to the Hershey's Park :). 

Do you wanna hear more story about this great theme park?
I'll be back :)

But meanwhile, let's enjoy Pennsylvania State Capitol Building at night :).

Do you like visiting historical city as well?