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Diving at Labuan Bajo - Photo Album

chasing the manta...

It's diving time!

How excited I am sharing this story and as you have probably been aware of from my last posts here, I have just visited Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara. Well, it was done in the middle of May and now it's June already!

You have seen a glimpse of Labuan Bajo's exquisite beauty, above and under, and now I will take you deeper to its astonishing underwater world. Let's dive with me! Are you ready?

Right after the successful commencement of the 42nd ASEAN Summit, I had one free day before heading back to Jakarta, then New Zealand. So, I instantly decided to go diving, as I haven't done so after leaving Indonesia to Aotearoa back in November 2021. Been a long time, right! As I joke with my hubby and my kids, God the Almight knew I haven't wet my gills for a long time and God has kindly gave me the chance to visit one of diving paradise, Labuan Bajo. Alhamdulillah.

So, long story short, I joined a diving tour with Blue Marlin operator and got a chance to dive at Penga kecil, Makassare Reef, and Batu Bolong sites. There were 13 of us, with 9 divers from China, one from Indonesia (yours truly :)) and 3 dive masters from NTT, Sweden and France. Quite a diverse group indeed. After that, I stopped by at Rinca Island to see the komodo dragon and pink beach. Lucky me, right!

Before I spill more beans, here are the photos I took.

the manta! So graceful..
giant cuttlefish...

clear visibility...

happy me :)

healthy and colorful reefs

more colorful reef

one spot at Makassar Reef

Don't forget to check my YouTube video as well here.

I was so blessed to be able to dive in Labuan Bajo and meet amazing sea creatures in these divine nature. Hopefully Labuan Bajo will stay beautiful, clean and well preserved till many years to come.

Do you like diving and/r snorkeling too? Where is your favorite spot and have you dived or snorkeled here in Labuan Bajo as well?

WW: Snorkeling Session at Rarotonga, the Cook Islands

I was super lucky to get a chance to come and visit Rarotonga, the capital city of the Cook Islands. The visit was back in May 2022 but I still haven't shared my wonderful experience there.

We came for the Credentials procession of Ambassador Fientje M. Suebu and we had series of meetings with the Prime Minister as well as the members of his cabinet. We also managed to see the beauty of Rarotonga and met our Indonesian brothers and sisters.

In one of the days, we visited the Rarotongan beach and had a snorkeling session there. I was super excited although it was cloudy and drizzling. I didn't manage to try diving here but I hope I can come back here again sometimes.

Here are some the photos I took while enjoying Rarotonga.

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WW: More Underwater Beauty of Tanjung Putus Lampung, Indonesia

 More Underwater Beauty of Tanjung Putus Lampung, Indonesia

The month of June is when we celebrate the World Ocean Day.

I know that it is celebrated on June 8, but to me, with the mounting problems we face in the ocean, due to the long lists of irresponsible damages done by us humans as well as other related factors such as climate change, we really have to pay closer attention to our oceans.

Please, let's ask ourselves what we can do to keep our oceans clean and healthy. I know you know what we can do about it, like reduce the use of plastic, stop littering the ocean, be mindful with your sports and tourism activities, pick up the trashes on the beach and at the ocean, and support the organization or movement that help clean the ocean.

So now, let me invite you to enjoy the beauty of underwater world in Tanjung Putus, Lampung, Indonesia again. 

Underwater Beauty of Tanjung Putus Lampung, Indonesia
Healthy corals and their dwellers are what we love to see..

You will see why we have to take care of all these precious creatures and environment. Not only for them, but also for own benefit and survival.

Underwater Beauty of Tanjung Putus Lampung, Indonesia
Happy to meet the clown fish again here

I wish to see more fish and sea creatures down here..

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Let's keep our ocean clean and beautiful






On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Indonesia, my beloved homeland, I joined my diving club in Lampung to conduct flag-hoisting ceremony underwater.


Twenty members of Corona Diving Club (yes, the name is CORONA J) Lampung chapter has decided to do it at Tanjung Putus Island, Lampung. This place is an amazing snorkeling and diving spot so many of us were super excited.


It took us around 1.5 hours boat ride from Puri Gading beach, where we started the journey. You can definitely embark from different ports like Ketapang, Mutun and Sari RInggung beaches. We headed to Green Bay Tanjung Putus, where you can stay overnight as well as it has cottages and big meeting room for gatherings. Not to mention clear turquoise water and amazing underwater world right in front of the cottage for you who love snorkeling and diving. You can also spend the night and just simply enjoy the white sandy beach in this island.


So, we arrived at Tanjung Putus at 11 AM. We started with the ceremony at the dock before going underwater. At 12, 20 of us went down around 7 meters deep and did jockey seat underwater to pay respect and give salute to Merah Putih, Indonesia’s flag. 

It was very solemn indeed. After about 20 minutes being underwater and taking pictures as well as video, we went diving around before taking our lunch break and enjoy the beauty of Tanjung Putus island.


It was really an unforgettable experience for me!


Bangga jadi warga negara INDONESIA


Dengan keindahan alamnya, keunikan budayanya, keramahan penduduknya, kelezatan makanannya, dan semangaaatnya untuk terus maju!

Dirgahayu INDONESIA.

Jangan menyerah untuk gapai asa gemilang




How do you celebrate your independence day?

WW: Diving Trip in Lampung

Teluk Lampung, Indonesia
Such a glorious sky! Diving trip in Lampung

Lampung has always been special for me and my family.

Not only that my hubby and I were born and raised here, but we also have our big family staying in this southern-most part of Sumatera Island.

I came here during weekend, enjoying the fast ferry service from Merak, the port in Jakarta/Serang, and new highway from Bakauheni, the port in Lampung, to Bandar Lampung, the capital city of Lampung.

It took around 6 hours, compared to the usual 8 - 9 hours before!

Really appreciate what my current President is doing to ensure connectivity among us all!

Diving Trip in Lampung

The diving trip took place in Batu Mandi and Pahawang Besar island, starting from 9 AM.
Leaving for the diving spot from Puri Gading Beach port, it took us around 2 hours to reach Batu Mandi.

Here are some photos during our diving trip in Lampung.
As for the underwater photos, they're coming!

Passing one of the islands in Lampung Bay

clear blue sky!

a little break after first dive!

Here's a little video I took underwater

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WW: Underwater Selfie

My apologies for missing diving so much and putting my underwater selfie LOL.

This diving trip was made in 2014, before heading to NYC, and in of the island, I had a sight of shark, but it was not very clear.

Here's a little video I made during that diving trip :)

Check out Tegal Island in Padang Cermin, Pesawaran, Lampung, Indonesia.

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WW: Mimic Octopus in Lembeh, North Sulawesi

Please don't get bored when I keep saying  (again and again) t
hat I miss diving terribly :)

And now, while exploring my underwater album, let me introduce you to one posy mimic octopus I met while diving back home in Lembeh, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

swimming free....

on the sea bed...

what are you trying to mimic, dude :)...

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WW: I love the blue of Indonesia

I love the blue of indonesia...

Remember those verses? :)

Tanjung Putus, Lampung, Indonesia...

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Happy Wednesday...

WW: Scorpion Fish

Have you ever seen scorpion fish? 
Say hi :)...

taken at Lembeh Strait, North Sulawesi, Indonesia..

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WW: Dancing with Nemo :)

Just love to see and watch these beautiful creatures...
Nemo, the clown fish :)

Recorded during my diving trip in Tegal Island, Lampung, Indonesia, May 2014...

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Amazing Indonesia: Underwater paradise, Bunaken #1...

In times of writing, I am desperately missing my underwater adventure...

So, while waiting for my next trip, I just remembered I haven't fully shared my joy of strolling around the beautiful and serene wold-famous underwater world of Bunaken...

Coined as one of the most beautiful Underwater Natural Park in the world, Bunaken National Park covers an extensive area of 89,095 hectares..featuring 200 - 1.840m deep sea depth between the islands and comfy homes for  thousands of different species of fish, coral, endangered marine mammals and reptiles, birds, molluscs and mangrove species, Bunaken certainly has its world-class reputation...Stretching from Manado Tua, Bunaken, Mantehage, Nain and Siladen to Sangihe, I can never get enough of its beauty...From enchanting walls, cracks and caves full of marvelous fish species to its chart-of-rainbow corals and many more...

I love the blue of Indonesia....

Despite the fact that I am relatively new to this heart-wrecking sport, I am already addicted to diving...No words can express my feeling while adventuring down there...

with the giant triton in Bunaken :D...

Bunaken, with its sparkling, crystal-clear water, has stolen my heart...

As amateur as can be, I try to enjoy every single dive I made in Bunaken while trying to capture its heart-stopping beauty..I managed to get 6 dives, which are a far-cry from enough...For me, every dive is like the first time...with the same excitement, the same anticipation :D...

Under water tree full of life :D>..

Wherever you go, Bunaken will warmly welcome you with its colorful seabed and its cheerful residents :D..


Like this puffer fish, which seems to be eager (naaah, they are actually sy and afraid, sorry....) to greet us :D..

such huge beautful eyes...hope we don't bother you...

Fuschia, bright purple, shocking blue ...rainbows are laying beautiful everywhere....a lifetime guarantee to cheer you up...
one of the many fuschia corals....
We also visit the giant clamps...too bad not so many are left ...

One of my favorites is the huge blue starfish..they are sooo cute, at least to me :D...I also see red or pink one if I'm not mistaken, but I didn't get the chance to take picture of them...

I still got more photos and stories to right baaack :D.....

come swimming.....come swimming.....