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WW: William Harding Photo Exhibition

Welcome to William Harding Photo Exhibition 

I came across an amazing Photo Exhibition at New Zealand National Library.

As I finished my yoga session at the High Commission of India's office, I stopped by at the National Library to enjoy the exhibition of William Harding called Between Skin and Shirt, the photographic portraits of William Harding. 

At first, I didn't know who William Harding was but then I learnt more as I strolled around the displays. All the portraits captured by him really showed strong emotions and truly attracted your attention. Noting that these photos were taken in the 18

Here are some of them.

So, what do you think?
I really enjoy all the photos and the emotions clearly displayed from them. I hope I can always enjoy stellar works like this here in Wellington. For sure, I will share it to you in my blog then.

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WW: The Beauty of Indonesia

Sunset captured from Bukit Randu Hotel, Lampung
sunset at Bandar Lampung, Indonesia

I know that August is almost coming to an end and I still want to celebrate this glorious month where we all celebrate Indonesia's Independence Day.

It has been my intention since I was young to go around Indonesia and witness its magnificent beauty from different provinces. 

Flying Garuda Indonesia to Ambon, Maluku
on my way to Ambon, Maluku

So many to enjoy indeed, starting from its amazing landscape and natural wonders, incredible food and beverages deriving from its abundant and indigenous sources, wonderful handy crafts and art works, heart-warming and friendly people, intricate designs and vividly colorful fabrics, and astonishing cultures. And that's not all as you will have lovely surprises as you travel around the country.

Tenun Buna NTT
Tenun Buna, hand made with love in East Nusa Tenggara

I know that the pandemic has restricted us from traveling around and exploring its divine beauty, but I take the liberty to take 'virtual tour' through my blog, external hard drives, social media platforms and more. 

One fine evening at Puncak Mas, Lampung

It has been quite entertaining and is considered satisfactory until we can actually go out again and travel without fear. How I long for that time.

Morning view of mountains across Jogjakarta and Central Java I saw on my first flight from Jogjakarta - Jakarta

Here are some photos I took along the way and some of them might have been published here, while others are not. 

The beauty of wayang and wooden craft, Solo, Central Java

I just realized that I was lucky enough to explore some parts of the country and I really hope I can travel more at later stage. Indonesia is huge and beautiful and for that, it will take sometimes to actually explore most part of it. 

wonderful sunset at Ambon Bay, Ambon, Maluku

My hubby and I, together with the kids, simply can't wait to plan and do the road trip again. Well, We did have the plan before but it all shattered thanks to COVID-19.

So now, let's enjoy the beauty of Indonesia.

Sunrise at Punthuk Setumbu, Central Java, with Borobodur Temple afar

Climbing up Mount Krakatau, holding the national flag

the famous Krakatau or Krakatoa Mountain

one fine day at Bunaken Islan, North Sulawesi

La Rascasse or the Lion Fish at Bunaken, North Sulawesi

On my way to Pahawang Island, Lampung

greeneries along the road in Bergen, South Lampung

Morning stroll at Purwakarta, West Java

Please fee free to check out the video I have shared in my YouTube channel about Indonesia as well. 

I prepared this one for the celebration of Indonesia's 76th Independence Day. Please take a look.

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WW: Hotel Nacional de Cuba - Havana Revisited

Welcome to Havana, Cuba

Hi everyone.

Hope everyone is well and remains calm, cool and collected during this pandemic. Things are a bit out of control again these days and we do have to remain positive!

One way to keep me happy is by looking at my traveling journal and photo as well as video collections. I fully realize that I haven't really shared many of them in my blog. I stumbled upon my files from my trip to Havana, Cuba, in summer 2018. 

Boy, how I miss traveling and how much I haven' t shared about Havana in my 4-day trip. It was done on my last days in the US, before heading back home to Indonesia in August 2018. Together with my dearest sista in NYC, Erma, I took the liberty to explore Havana. Well, 4 days is obviously not enough but we tried to enjoy what we can. 

Hotel Nacional de Cuba, Havana
One beautiful corner at Hotel Nacional de Cuba, Havana

So, on the first day, we arrived already midday. We went directly to the hotel, NH Capri. After getting out of the airport and change the local currency as they have a separate monetary unit for international tourists, we headed to the hotel and after checked in and rest for a while, we walked around the area and went to Hotel Nacional de Cuba.

Being around since 1930s, the hotel is indeed an icon for Cuban splendid and colorful history. Its elegance is outstanding, you can easily spot it from afar, even from the famous highway El Moleçon. It has been graced by famous names and big personalities from all over the place, including Prime Minister Winston Churchil, Frank Sinatra, Ava Gradner, and more. 

Hotel Nacional de Cuba, Havana
Overlooking the backyard of Hotel Nacional de Cuba, Havana

Here are some more photos you can enjoy. 

These ones were taken  around Hotel Nacional de Cuba, one of the beautiful and historical landmarks in Havana, Cuba.

After strolling around the area, we sat down at the bar and chilled. I guess the one that visited was View Bar or the Hall of Fame. The place is cozy and surely filled with many memorabilia from the past.

Hotel Nacional de Cuba, Havana

I am writing more piece about my trip there as well. It was indeed a memorable trip for me and Erma. Hope more stories will be ready soon.

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WW: Bali from Above and Beyond

Bali, Indonesia from above
Bali from Above

I have recently stumbled upon old photos from my phone and just realized I have almost 5000 photos taken in and around Bali!

Bali, Indonesia from above
The view you enjoyed from your airplane as you leave this beautiful island

Well, coming back and forth to this breathtaking island of the Gods and Goddesses does not stop me from taking pictures here and there even though I might visit the same spot in Bali. No wonder I have so many pictures of them and that's only in one of my phones LOL. Not to mention other footages I took with my DSLR or GoPro and others. 

perfect blend of blue, green and teal

These one I took back in 2018, one of the business trips I had in Bali. I remembered staying in Kuta area for the meetings and strolling around in this never-sleep area (obviously before the pandemic) was joyous fun. 

Island of Bali, Indonesia, from above
Feels like plunging myself to the turquoise water

My recent trip to Bali also gave me the opportunity to capture more beauty Bali can endlessly offer. Lucky me, right! Here are some of the random photos I took while in Bali. 

Beautiful statue from Island of Bali, Indonesia
graceful Baliness dancer statue

Tell me what you think! 
Which part of Bali you enjoy most? 
The beach, the sky, the rice field, the food, the culture, the people, or all of them?

Island of Bali, Indonesia
tinted blue and beautiful Benoa, Bali

Penataran temple at Panglipuran Village, Bangli, Bali, Indonesia

Penataran temple at Panglipuran Village, Bangli, Bali, Indonesia
The lovely Penataran temple at Panglipuran Village, Bangli, Bali

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sunrise in Benoa, Bali

WW: Sunrise at Tanjung Benoa - Conrad Bali

Sunrise at Tanjung Benoa - Conrad Bali
Sunrise at Tanjung Benoa - Conrad Bali


Amazing phenomenon that is always successfully taking my breath away. 

No matter  where it happens, in different parts of the world, it will always such a solemn moment for me.

Sunrise at Tanjung Benoa - Conrad Bali
Morning with Sunrise at Tanjung Benoa - Conrad Bali

Recently I visited Bali again and as I stayed in one of my favorite hotels here, Conrad Bali, I once again witnessed the breathtaking view of sunrise here. That happened to be the Earth Day as well. I was so blessed indeed.

Tanjung Benoa area has been famous for its sunrise. It has become the center of water sport as well. As my room is facing the beach side of the hotel, I can hear the happy scream from those enjoying parasailing and jet skies near here. I even noticed some dive center around the hotel, although unfortunately I haven't got a chance to take a dive trip myself. Not during my working visit. Nevertheless, I would be happy to go back for that.

love the Sunrise at Tanjung Benoa - Conrad Bali

Well, hope you enjoy this sunrise as well.

Stay safe, happy and healthy wherever you are. Join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday and have fun with the link party.