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Tasting Middle Eastern Food at Abunawas Restaurant Jakarta

Are you a big fan of delicious mandi and biryani rice?

With lamb or chicken, both are so good by the way, on top of the rice?

Then join me here in this post as I am taking you to one of the best restaurants serving Middle Eastern food in Jakarta. Abunawas Restaurant.

Are you familiar with the Middle Eastern food? I have been enjoying more and more Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food when I was in New York City. My hubby loves lamb a lot and Middle Eastern food has been very famous fo their lamb menus. Since we lived in Astoria and there are many mosques as well as moslem communities in some parts of if, we also found many restaurants serving these wonderful cuisines and they are halal! Not to mention the famous Halal Guys, the food cart selling delicious chicken and lamb gyros as well as falafel. Oh my... I really miss them! That is why up until now we really miss this type of food.

So back to Jakarta, we do have some choices when it comes to Middle Eastern food. As you have probably be aware of, there are huge Arab communities in Jakarta and they do have their authentic restaurants. This place, Abunawas Restaurant, has been very famous for it Arabian cuisine and the setting as well as the ambience of the place is also beautiful.

When you arrive, the front part of the building is so lovely and it directly reminds of the jazeera, complete with shoe-horse shaped patio and door. As you step in, you will be transported to the Middle East as the coordinated theme and accents used depicts the unique Arabian cultures.

For sure the health protocol is implemented so the mask in obligatory and your temperature will be checked and you have to wash your hands or use the hand sanitizers. and physical distancing is also in place.

Abunawas Restaurant, Jakarta
health protocol is implemented.

As you can see here, the interior is wonderful and I really love the details. It reminds me of La Alhambra in Granada, Spain, as well as La Mesquita in Sevilla, Spain. The fresco, the color choice, the ceilings, the walls.. they are just lovely! I feel so nostalgic when I saw all this beautiful setting. It has wonderful murals and amazing sofa that I would like to bring home LOL. Take a look at them here.

Abunawas Restaurant, Jakarta, Indonesia

Look at the murals!

I am IN LOVE with this sofa!

Now.. Let'
s take a look at the menu here!

As I have mentioned before, they are very famous for their mandi and biryani rice. You can have this rice with chicken, lamb or fish. All of them are so good! There is also Zurbiyan rice but I haven't really tried it.

You can have the menu in individual plate or portion, or the portion for two, which for me, can accommodate 4 hungry people. 

Quarter lamb or chicken over your choice of rice is people’s favorite. You can have mandi or biryani rice, or half - half on them. Complete with spicy sauce as you like it.

Middle Eastern Food at Abunawas Restaurant Jakarta
Chicken over half biryani, half mandi rice

If you order any dippings, like babagamush or hummus, you will get the pitta bread as well. I also tried the cheese samosa and I love it. Tabouleh is so good and fresh, although I would love to have more lemon and fresh tomatoes on it so it has more kick.

I managed to try the smoothies as well. It has I chose the one with peanut butter, which is very nice and creamy. I guess the name of this beverage is Iskandaria Peanut Smoothie. It has a nice ring one it, right! Next time I will try the one with dates I guess!

Iskandaria Peanut Smoothie, anyone?
The restaurant has two floors so you can choose where you are going to eat. You can also have the tables or the ‘tent’ where you can sit on the floor for full Arabian experience. They have private rooms you can use as well. I love the ambience, it’s pretty with fountain, cave-like and tent-like decoration, murals on the wall and Arabic accents.

the tent looks so exotic

It has spacious parking lot, so it won’t be a problem. I am not sure it is disability friendly though, especially for those with impaired mobility. It has spacious room but to reach the second floor will certainly be problematic. I hope they will fix it soon.

So, what do you think? Will you try the food here? I will definitely be back here again soon with my hubby!

Stay safe and healthy, everyone.

Mural at Kendal Tunnel, Jakarta

Art Mural at Kendal Tunnel, Central Jakarta
Art Mural at Kendal Tunnel, Central Jakarta 

After quite some times, I visited one of the new  additions of artistic corner in Central Jakarta, Kendal Tunnel.

Have you been here? 

I recently visited this very spot for a little photo session with a friend. This tunnel is unique as it used to be an active road, but it was then repurposed as mini skate park and artistic hub built near the MRT Station of Dukuh Atas. After all those times, I just managed to visit it!

Art Mural at Kendal Tunnel, Central Jakarta
Many enjoy the art mural at Kendal Tunnel, Central Jakarta 

It was really fun to see the development in this area. As the MRT route was inaugurated in March 2019 by the Indonesian President, Pak Joko Widodo, the areas near the stations have been beautifully developed. Kendal Tunnel is one of them, dedicated as an artistic pedestrian spot which has been elaborated with murals. 

Art Mural at Kendal Tunnel, Central Jakarta
the beasty wolf..

One part of the tunnel is adorned with animal - themed mural, particularly wolves and wild dogs in the artistic forms, with bold colors and shades. 

Art Mural at Kendal Tunnel, Central Jakarta

Art Mural at Kendal Tunnel, Central Jakarta
Art Mural at Kendal Tunnel, Central Jakarta 

the bold design of art mural at Kendal Tunnel, Central Jakarta 

On the other side of the tunnel, rows of 2 murals are depicting the life in Jakarta nowadays. You will see the MRT, the sky scrappers, Trans Jakarta or the Bus Rapid System in Jakarta, as well as  others.

Art Mural at Kendal Tunnel, Central Jakarta
Art Mural showing New Jakarta at Kendal Tunnel, Central Jakarta 

Art Mural at Kendal Tunnel, Central Jakarta

Art Mural at Kendal Tunnel, Central Jakarta
Strolling around the Art Mural at Kendal Tunnel, Central Jakarta 

I took the liberty to take some pictures, of course, as I enjoyed strolling around the area. Sunday morning walk is getting more and more fun!

So, what do you think about the art murals at Kendal Tunnel, Jakarta? 

Do you like it? which part of it you like most? I hope I can find more place like this and share it in my blog. Meanwhile, stay safe, happy and healthy, wherever you are!

cheers from the Art Mural at Kendal Tunnel, Central Jakarta 

Vintage Lovers and Foodies, Don’t Miss Sambel Hejo Sambel Dadak

Cheers from the Frakarsas!
Hi there,

Looking for a cool place to hang out with your family, beloved ones or your wonderful friends?
I just find the right place for you then.
Especially to those loving delicious Sundanese cuisine, endless photo sessions in vintage setting, and friendly services. Not to mention wonderful packages that they have will surely make you smile as it doesn't rob you or your bank.

Vintage Lovers and Foodies, Don’t Miss Sambel Hejo Sambel Dadak Rawamangun!

Gurame goreng yang enaaak iniii
Sebenarnya aku udah lama banget pengen review tempat ini.
Lokasinya yang deket banget dari rumah, makanan Sunda yang enak dan less MSG, plus dekorasi vintage dan booth photo yang asli lucu membuat tempat ini kontan menjadi tempat favorit keluargaku. 
Lucunya, kami sering banget melewati tempat ini setiap keluar dari kompleks rumah dan memutar ke arah Rawamangun, namun baru sempat mampir beberapa bulan lalu.  
Dan sejak itu restoran ini jadi tempot favorit kami sekeluarga.
Pas deh untuk kumpul - kumpul merayakan hari istimewa maupun sekedar makan sina tau makan malam bersama orang - orang tercinta.

So, let's see what's on the menu!
For sure, they serve traditional Sundanese (tribe from West Java, Indonesia) cuisine which is quite famous in Indonesia.
They have the package called Liwet (for 2 or 3 people) and a la carte menu as well.

Nasi Liwet is the specially prepared steamed rice, cooked with a mixed of traditional herbs like lemon grass, bay leaves and salted fish. The complete package also include ayam goreng basah - fried chicken with traditional spices; tahu and tempe goreng; cimplung or the potato fritters, sambel dadak and sambel hejo - the famous chili sauce; and peda bakar or the grilled salted fish.

You can also have them a la carte, per item or per portion.
Some additional menus like vegetable sautée with tauge and kangkung as well.
Our favorite is also the fish menu, different kind of gurame,  or the carp fish. They do excellent grilled or fried fish on the spot. 

The package for 2 persons costs you Rp 75.000,- , while the package for 3 persons is Rp 120.000,-. Complete information on the menu and its prices can be checked at . The outlet that we visited is the one in Rawamangun.

Here are some photos of the menu we enjoy in this place.

sambel hejo sambel dadak
Cimplung and sweet corn fritters
the famous sambal dadak

tumis tauge

rendang mengkol, anyone
fried tempe and tofu

Sambal hejo or the green chili

Don't forget to check my video at YouTube channel for more stories and photos of those delicious menu plus lovely vintage setting.

And that's not all folks.
Besides those yummy food, they also have free vintage photo booth, complete with all the properties and costumes.
We definitely love it!
The setting is like a traditional hub in the middle of the rice field, complete with paddy, vintage utensils, and more.
Check it out...we had so much fun taking those pictures.

Mbo Jamu Obi :)

Now you know why we love this place sooo much.

If you get a chance to come and visit, here's the complete address. 

SHSD Sambel Hejo Sambel Dadak Rawamangun
Jl. Cipinang Baru Utara no.35
RT.9/RW.3, Cipinang, Kec Pulo Gadung, Jakarta Timur, Jakarta 13240

Have fun and enjoy your visit.
Bon appetit!

WW: Festival of Lights, Jakarta, Indonesia

Welcome to the Festival of Lights in Jakarta

How do you like Festival of Lights?

I have just recently visited the Festival of Lights in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Held in Monumen Nasional or Monas, our National Monument in commemorating the 74th anniversary of Indonesia's independence, we took the kids out using online taxi and went to the Festival. For sure it was packed and we simply enjoyed the crowd.
And the shapes of the lights being displayed are interesting.
Let's check it out from my photos.

Monas in beautiful lights..

The national flag...
Merah putihku

Festival of lights, Jakarta
The colorful flowers

Closer look of the vase

Mostly purple..

More national flags..

Festival of lights, Jakarta
In blue and green..

Happy Independence Day, Indonesia


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Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

What a week I have here!

After spending so many mornings (and afternoon) at the hospital for total check-up and follow up to my hormone therapy regime for breast cancer survivor, this week I have so many farewell parties (mostly lunch and dinner) for colleagues who will be posted in other countries soon.

As I have shared in many posts before, Indonesian culinaries are super duper delicious.
I have been eating in many traditional restaurants here in Jakarta and the surroundings. 

Restaurant SHSD..vintage setting!

I have found some cute restaurants near my house, Warung Enjoi and Sambal Hejo Sambal Dadak, famous for its ayam goreng basah. These restaurants are indeed cute, very Instagramable, and the food is good. 

I love this fried chicken, traditionally marinated a la Indonesia

A glad of iced tea and sambal, the lovely chili!
Another restaurant that we tried around this week is Fook Yew, Shanghai Bistro and Bubble Tea Lab located in Grand Indonesia Mall.

Fook Yew in Grand Indonesia
I really love these restaurants and although I do pay careful attention to my food intake, I manage to find healthy menu and I specifically ask for not using MSG or flavour enhancer.

One of my fave... bean curd spring rolls. Yuum!

Bon appetite!
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