The Hobbiton - A beautiful journey for the fans of the Lords of the Rings and the Hobbits

 Hi everyone... 

It's been quite sometimes I haven't been updated! Well, life has been super fun and busy, and I haven't manage to sneak some times to write some of those adventures here in my blog. 

But, now, here I come, with some photos and stories about the Hobbiton.

Before I start sharing more, have you ever heard of this wonderful place before? or perhaps familiar with the movies?

For those who claim themselves fans of Sir Peter Jackson's works, - the Lords of the Rings and the Hobbits,- 
 like me, then you must be familiar with J.R.R. Tolkien's books as well as the movies.

Living in Aotearoa for a mere 2 years, #thefrakarsas are lucky enough to take some road trips around Aotearoa, New Zealand, For sure, 2 years is far than enough to explore this wonderful country.

So, our trip to The Hobbiton took place in 2022, during fall, just before winter. We went to Rotorua and had so much fun there. Then we drove to Mata mata, the name of the area where the Hobbiton is located. Before coming here, I have already booked the tickets for the 4 of us. So they have different time for the tour, where one tour will take around 1.5 hours.

For sure, you are highly recommended to book the tickets in advance as this place is extremely popular all year long. The chances to just walk in and get the ticket is quite slim, so you better book it through their official website. It costs us around NZD 675 (including the tax) or Rp 6.500.000,- for the 4 of us.  I know it's quite expensive but it's really worth it..

I have to say we are very excited to be here! Before I share more details, please check out these photos from the Hobbiton.


  1. Hobbiton tu lucu yaaaa, duh mengingatkan sama film jadinya, btw tiketnya lumayan yaaa

  2. Hi mbak Indah, miss you 😍 bisa dimengerti siih bagaimana pun harus utamakan yg lebih prioritas yak namun tetep jangan lupa bersenang-senang 😘

  3. Waah...serasa masuk ke dalam film Hobbit ya mba .. Terima kasih sharing pengalamannya..jadi pengen maen ke sana juga..

  4. aaaa bagus banget ini rumah rumah hobbitnya yaaa, spotnya cantik semua buat foto foto, kayanya kalo aku ke sana bakalan foto di semua spot cantiknya hehehe

  5. Cakep banget The Hobbiton. Karena cakep banget itu jadi tempat syuting film-film ya, Mbak. Harganya termasuk mahal sih kalau menurut saya si kaum mendang mending tapi kalau secakep itu ya sesuai dengan harganya ya, Mbak

  6. Saking bagus dan menakjubkan rumah Hobbit ini, di Indonesia jadi banyak juga lokasi wisata yg buat tiruan rumah Hobbit ini ya... Di Curug Citambur dekat lokasi rumah viral Abah Jajang di kecamatan tempat saya tinggal juga ada dibuat rumah Hobbit ini lho. Yah meski jauh dari kata mirip sih. Hehehe


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