WW: Heavenly Bodies at the Met Cloister

Heavenly Bodies at the Met Cloister

Have you been to the museum lately?

Weeks before I go back home to Indonesia, I spent so much time strolling around the museums at NYC.

One of the most outstanding exhibitions I have enjoyed so far is Heavenly Bodies, Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.

heavenly bodies, Cloister Museum, NYC

This top-notch exhibition is beautifully showcased at the Met Fifth Avenue and the Met Cloisters museums.

the angel...

Curated by one and only Anna Wintour (for sure you have heard of her or her version at the Devil wears Prada :)), you will see how incredible the exhibition is.

Those fascinating dresses are beautifully positioned among the permanent collection of the Cloister. Beautiful, religious, yet extravagant.

Check out some of the photos I took I there.

the Lady in red by John Galliano for the House of Dior

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  1. Udah lama nggak ke museum-museum. Ohya baru ingat terakhir Maret lalu deh ke Museum Linggam Cahaya di Daik Pulau Lingga.

  2. Those are some very interesting fashions! I enjoyed seeing your pictures.

  3. love it, especially the first one that looks like Elizabeth 1st!

    1. You’re right, Dezzy.. those costumes are amazing!

  4. Those are really cool to look at!

    I wanted to go to a few museums last Sun., but they were closed. Some other time.

    1. There will be some other time, Alissa..so many to explore

  5. Baju2 patungnya cantiiik.
    AKu jarang ke museum, terakhir ke museum di jatim park dan museum house of sampoerna aja.

  6. tahun lalu terakhir ke Museum, yuk mbak kita ke museum bareng

  7. The Met always has top notch exhibitions. Lucky way to see it yourself

  8. Wonderful exhibit! The outfits are amazing. I think my favorite is the one that looks like stained glass.


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