Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday in this sweet February

Here comes February, the month of love, as many would say.

The beginning of the month is dotted with my back - to - back virtual meetings as well as my doctor visits. As I have probably shared in previous post, this year marks the 5th year of me consuming the hormones suppressant due to my breast cancer. I am so ready to stop taking Lezra if everything is well. I need to do many screening test to ensure it. Hopefully everything is fine and my cancer is NOT coming back in any ways nor forms. Wish me luck!

Back to hospital to check things out!

Anyway, I have been exploring so many local businesses near my residence and as I have shared in my Google Maps account, I have many more to try and enjoy. It is a bit tricky as we still have rampant COVID - 19 cases but as I take a long walk to have my daily exercise, I sometimes ended in those food stalls for takeaways or if it was not too crowded, I ate on the spot swiftly. Last week, my mom and I tried mie kocok bakso Bandung, a typical Bandungnese meatball soup with egg noodles and vermicelli. The other day we bought gudeg Jogja, krecek and perkedel at one of the food stalls in Rawamangun traditional market. Then we also tried es cendol, a traditional beverage from the vendor around the area. Well, it feels good to support the home-based and local business while at the same time making sure our health is well protected. How is you week so far by the way?

Mie kocok bakso Bandung
Mie kocok bakso Bandung near my house

Now, let's enjoy Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends 

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  1. Menggoda banget deh mie kocoknya, belum pernah makan tuh. Di Semarang entah ada yang jualan gini atau endak hehehee.. Enak ya, segeeer gitu kalau lihat isian di mangkoknya itu.

  2. Mbak itu kelihatan enak banget mie kocoknya. Saya udah lama gak makan mie ini. Kangen juga.

  3. Aamin ya Allah semoga kankernya tidak kembali lagi ya, Semangat mba Indah semoga bahagia dan sehat selalu bersama keluarga ya.

  4. Sending prayers your way and wishing you the best of luck my friend. And on another note, I want to thank you so much for featuring me- I'm honoured!! Have a great rest of the week xx

  5. HAduduuu, gagal pokus disuguhin bakso begini, mie kocok yang menyegarkaan mata dan enak di lidah, plus mbayangin eta gudeg, krecek, prekedell..Lavaar.

    Ahh, mari kita nyemiil syantik biar happy jaga kesehatan selalu Mak Insav

  6. ya ampun tengah malem BW liat foto mie baso kan jadi laper wkwkwk angsung bongkar freezer nyari stock baso sama kaldu :)

  7. Sehat-sehat ya mbaaa..
    btw, kulinerannya banyak uga.. hehe.. daerah rawamangun emang banyak jajanan enak mbaa.. dulu aku ngekos daerah sana..

  8. Semoga ada keajaiban yang mampu menyembuhkan dari penyakit kanker payudaranya ya mbak. Big hug for u. ❤️ Btw aku belum pernah nyoba mie kocok Bandung, padahal aku suka bakso, beberapa kali ke Bandung entah kenapa kuliner satu ini seringkali gak kepikiran untuk coba. Hehe

  9. ya allah basonya bikin ngiler deh,,,aku di weekend kmrn lagi bersantai di rumah krn cuaca mendukung (cakung) utk mager

  10. Thanks for hosting and featuring my Hoddeok Korean Pancake, really appreciate it....

  11. Good luck with your tests! I will be praying that all goes well for you ♥

  12. Langsung fokus ama mie kocok Bandung. Traktir aku ya mba pas kapan kapan hahaha

  13. Mie kocok Bandung mank the best ya kak, anyway jaga kesehatan selalu ya. Itu yang terutama dalam hidup ini... Welcome February

  14. Saya belum pernah makan mie kocok bandung, itu baksonya kok keroyokan bikin pingin nyomot hahaa.. apalagi tetelannya, haduuuh paling lemah lihat tetelan di mangkok bakso :))

  15. Nyaaamm baksonya bikin ngiler, apalagi cuacanya lagi adem kyk gini.
    Semoga selalu bagus hasilnya ya mbak saat cek up.
    Lezra ini apakah nama obat mbak Insav?

  16. alhamdulillah mbaaa, senang membacanya. 5 tahun yang menguji konsistensi. Itu setiap hari harus konsumsi obatnya?

  17. Kak Indaaah...sehat-sehat selalu.
    Semoga bahagia dan semakin banyak kuliner yang enak-enak, hihii..

    Seneng banget liat mie baso.
    Ini dimakan saat hujan paris di Bandung, aduduu...memorable banget.

  18. Salfok sama mie kocok Bandungnya mba sejujurnya aku belum nemu mie kocok yang enak sekitaran tempat tinggalku hahaha jadi pengen pesen ngegofood :d

  19. wow, aku lihatnya pas jam makan siang dan disini hujan, langsung laper deh kak hehe.

  20. Oh that food looks so good!

    SO many in the U.S. that are lazy about this pandemic. It's frustrating!


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