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Spring at Madison Square Park, NYC

Enjoying spring so far?
Just like me then.
I hope you won't have issues with pollen and allergies during this colorful season, so that you can enjoy it fully.

Madison Square Park
don't you just love it!

I went strolling around the Flatiron and Madison Square Park a few weeks ago.
I always love this area as it has beautiful park, Flatiron as one of the NYC landmark, and Eataly, one of my favorite stores and restaurants. 
The Madison Square Garden itself is a public park located in Flatiron and NoMad area.
Officially opened as a public park in 1847, the Park dubbed its name from President James Madison, who was heading the US in 1814.

NoMad itself stands for North of Madison Square Park and it's quite self-explanatory.
Boosted with hip hang-out places, cool cafes and beautiful garden, this park is indeed one of my favorite as it's not that from my office.

Madison Square Park
Love the blooming flowers

This spring, this park is blooming with beautiful flowers and art works!
I truly enjoy lovely hydrangeas, hollies, redbuds, and more here.
Chirping birds singing happy songs make it even more magical.
Feels like strolling around the garden of eden!

We can also see Empire State Building, another landmark of the Big Apple, from different angles here.
I just love to experience with my phone and take pictures here and there.

And as you can see, it was a beautiful spring day.
Although the sky was not that blue, but the popping colors from the trees, potted plants and the surroundings really boost up my spirit!
Who wouldn't love those rose tulips coming in different shades.

And there, as you walk around the corner, you will see the Flatiron standing majestically.
I have taken pictures of Flatiron so many times, including Flatiron in Black and White posted before, but still it never fails to amaze me whenever I'm around. 
So here's another shot of this cool architecture only for you, with grayish sky in the backdrop.
Looking at all this beautiful part of the world, I can't stop admiring My Lord for all His blessings and kindness.

"So remember Me; I will remember you. And be grateful to Me and do not deny Me."
Al Quran, Al-Baqarah: 152 

 So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?
Ar-Rahman 55:13

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WW: Astoria and Midtown Manhattan After the Blizzard 2018

Wanna see Astoria and Midtown Manhattan after the blizzard?

Here we go.
Let's start with Astoria, particularly Astoria Park, our favorite spot.

It looks sunny and nice but it was minus 5 F at that time..super cold

And of course, we still had to clean the snow stuck on our car and the pathway behind the house. The kids really enjoyed doing it but we couldn't stay too long because it was too cold.

Right after Grayson storm on Thursday, we all were back to school and the office on Friday.
As expected, the streets were filled with piles of snow (some of them are obviously dirty)

You can see how Astoria and most probably the other parts of Queens look much nicer with clean, white snow pile, while Manhattan is the other way around.
Well, the City really tries to clean up all those snow so they did that right after the snow stopped.

Don't get me wrong.
The Department of Sanitation has done tremendous jobs indeed but it's just too much to handle all this mess at the same time for sure.

And I heard that we might have another round of blizzards and storms.
Embrace yourself, New York City.

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Flatiron in Black and White

I got a chance to stroll around Flatiron at Lower Manhattan last weekend.
I haven't been there for a long time indeed.

Then I got so tempted to snap this famous NYC landmark and edit it in black and white.
Even though the sky is blue.
And cold.

It was cold...yet busy Sunday for New Yorkers.
And tourists.
Like me :).

Do you like Black and white sky...or the original blue?

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Manhattan Stroll

I always enjoy strolling around Manhattan.
Sometimes, I got a bonus of having my hubby my kids coming with me.
And this concrete jungle never fails to amaze me.

 One fine Sunday, we were strolling around Midtown Manhattan.
With Bo et Udi, my hubby, we were enjoying the sun walking around 42nd street and 3rd Avenue, heading to Grand Central and the surroundings.
Watching people on the street gives a certain amount of pleasure.
New York City is truly a melting pot.

 We took the subway to go to SoHo, stopping here and there buy some stuff.

I took the liberty to take my Outfit of the Day photo as well, abusing my phone as always.
And for the outfit, I was happily wearing purple cat dress from Yogiswari Prajanti from Java Batik, one of my favorite Indonesia designers, with Ballerina flatters from Tory Burch and unique tassel earrings from dearest childhood friend, Deniheru UniqlyKamea
You guys like it? go check out their Facebook and Instagram accounts :)

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A Piece of Manhattan

Some snaps I took while welcoming myself to Manhattan!

clear blue sky and UN Building at far right..

It always gives me a wonderful feeling looking at the majestic blue sky.

Some mornings, my hubby drops me at the office.
So we drive around Gueensboro Bridge, taking us from Queens to Manhattan, where the Mission and the UN are located. 
While we are slightly stuck in the traffic, I took some snaps with my smartphone.

my hubby drove me to work :)

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From the 39th Floor

Spend some time at  the 39th floor in between the UNGA HLW madness
And the sky is my refuge...
Here are some snaps I took during those days. 

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NYC Sky Here and There

I have been walking here and there during these summer days.
Especially when it is not too hot!.

Summer sky is mostly bright and blue, making me taking pictures again and again while strolling around Midtown Manhattan.

I was taking them with my iPhone 7 plus and Ztylus additional lenses.

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Commuting after the storm

Well, Stella is long gone but NYC still somehow bares the consequences up until now.

Although many of us (read: me and my kids :)) have sooo much fun right after (and even during) the winter storm Stella, but the aftermath is always troublesome. 
Particularly since the weather continues to plunge and get colder.
Guess what happened!

waiting for my W line to take me home..

As you know very well, when temperature drops, snow soon turns into ice. 
With the help of salt, some will melt but some remain. 
Then NYC, particularly Manhattan turns into a messy place. 

Badai salju Stella yang baru lalu memang banyak menyisakan salju (ya iyalah..masa menyisakan bakso - terinspirasi film Cloudy with the chance of meatballs) di mana-mana.
Waktu badai datang dengan setumpuk salju 'segar' yang lembut dan cantik yang asli keren buat foto-foto, saya sekeluarga menikmatinya dengan bermain salju di taman Astoria dekat rumah.
Seru? Pasti dong... dan banyak teman-teman yang berkomentar tentang asyiknya berfoto dan bermain salju usai badai di akun Instagram dan Facebook saya.
Tapi banyak yang mungkin tidak menyadari dampak keseruan badai salju tersebut panjang lho, dan juga menyebalkan!

How messy could it be?

Well, just cars getting stuck, super slippery roads, delayed trains and buses, and piles of (dirty) snow and ice here and there are just some of the situations we face. 
Of course the Mayor's office as well as the Department of Sanitation have done their utmost to sort things out but the snow is just too much. 
I saw plow and salt trucks along the streets to clean but the temperature was not helping as we continue to have freezing wind right after the storm.

Jadi, badai salju Stella kemarin diikuti dengan cuaca dingin yang sukses membuat beku salju-salju cantik tadi. Akibatnya, putri salju berubah menjadi ratu es yang durjana!
Kok durjana? Soalnya selain dingin, juga licin, susah dibersihkan, dan berbahaya.
Sebel kaaaan.

on my way to the UN.. the snow pile is higher than my 6-year-old daughter >_<

So commuting can be a bit tricky sometimes, be it using the subways or any other public transports or driving your own car. Because of snow and cleaning time, some MTA lines are delayed. Let alone the buses which have to endure extra traffics as plow and trucks are cleaning the snow.
Even if you walk, you have to be extra careful if you don't wanna fall down or step on puddles of dirty, cold icy water.

in the morning, while taking the kids to school

But what I like most in this freezing session is the clear blue sky and clean air!
Never felt fresher!
That I will never complaint.

one cold day at the UN

Here are some snaps I took on my way to the office and home commuting after the storm.  
After being stuck in the car due to traffic, subways are still my favorite line of  transport

At Queensboro Plaza station
Near M34 Bus stop..

we waited for the bus on the street!

enjoy the snow :)

So, what do you think about NYC after the storm?
And how's your winter?
Do you have winter storm as well lately?

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WW: Midtown Manhattan in Black and White

Just a little stroll around the city
On the second day of Ramadhan :).

The sky was super cloudy and resulted in gray scale hue in my phone.
Well, Midtown Manhattan in Black and White is not that bad after all...

in BW..

the shapes..

before the crossing ..

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