NYC Sky Here and There

I have been walking here and there during these summer days.
Especially when it is not too hot!.

Summer sky is mostly bright and blue, making me taking pictures again and again while strolling around Midtown Manhattan.

I was taking them with my iPhone 7 plus and Ztylus additional lenses.

Join me on Skywatch Friday and enjoy breathtaking skies from many corners of the world


  1. I love these 'summer' posts, when it is winter here in Australia. It always feels strange to know that people on the other side of the world are in a completely different season.

  2. Clear blue sky and friendly sun! Great summer days indeed

  3. Keren banget mba foto-fotonya, aku selalu suka foto-fotonya mba.

  4. Lovely set of images from my original home town.... I love the perspective /composition in the 3rd pic down; can almost get vertigo looking up.

    1. So true, Stanley! I have to wait for a while after taking the shots :)

  5. These are all beautiful shots, and so very New York!

  6. I love the building shot. One day, i hope.can visit new york

  7. Keren yah langit newgork padahal salab satu kota besar taoi langitnya biru gak kaya JKT heheh

  8. I hope to cross that bridge myself one day!

  9. Jembatannya itu kok mengingatkan aku dg film Godzilla ya hahahaa. Adegan terakhir yg diikat sama tali2 besi jembatannya itu.


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