Manhattan Stroll

I always enjoy strolling around Manhattan.
Sometimes, I got a bonus of having my hubby my kids coming with me.
And this concrete jungle never fails to amaze me.

 One fine Sunday, we were strolling around Midtown Manhattan.
With Bo et Udi, my hubby, we were enjoying the sun walking around 42nd street and 3rd Avenue, heading to Grand Central and the surroundings.
Watching people on the street gives a certain amount of pleasure.
New York City is truly a melting pot.

 We took the subway to go to SoHo, stopping here and there buy some stuff.

I took the liberty to take my Outfit of the Day photo as well, abusing my phone as always.
And for the outfit, I was happily wearing purple cat dress from Yogiswari Prajanti from Java Batik, one of my favorite Indonesia designers, with Ballerina flatters from Tory Burch and unique tassel earrings from dearest childhood friend, Deniheru UniqlyKamea
You guys like it? go check out their Facebook and Instagram accounts :)

And join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy beautiful skies from many corner of the world


  1. Purple dress nya unik banget mba. Cakep.. cat ����

  2. That cat dress is all kinds of fun! Just the right amount of whimsy and pops of color. I ♥ it!

    1. I know, right.. I just love Java Batik and her design

  3. I love your dress! Such pretty pattern and colors.

  4. the joy of strolling Manhattan..always charming!

  5. enjoy strolling the Manhattan yaaa... i wish i could go there!

    btw the purple dress absolutely you!

  6. Keceee udah punya big boy buat diajak jalan. Keren banget ya Manhattan :))


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