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 Back to Bali and I am sooo thrilled!

I can never say no whenever a trip to Bali is on the table. This time, I stay for about 6 days for 4 different back - to - back meetings. I know that it's going to be tough, demanding and for sure tiring, but hey, Bali and its wonderful perks are just waiting around the corner! So here's to meetings, drafting, and enjoying the land of the Gods and Goddesses.

the beauty of Bali

We are lucky enough that most of the meetings finish at around 5 PM so that we have time to enjoy dinner in various places, especially those cute cafes and interesting places like spa and shops in Canggu and Seminyak. I have been visiting 5 so far during this trip, surely with health protocol being observed. I have Como Beach Club, Santorini, Bodyworks, Seminyak Village, Tepi Sungai and more. I can't wait to explore more. There is so much that Bali can offer and as everything is improving, the international passengers are be able to visit Bali again. I sincerely hope that this will bring all the benefits to the local people who have been suffering a lot from COVID - 19 since early 2020. Cheers to Bali and all of us as well.

sunset at Bvlgari Resort

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  1. Pasti lelah ya mbak, tapi insyaAllah berkah bekerja dan bisa keliling Bali itu sungguh pengalaman luar biasa. Saya aja iri mbak, karena belum pernah sekalipun ke Bali hehe jadi bisa intip tempat tempat kece di Bali lewat postingan mbak. Stay health and success

  2. Business meeting di Bali tuh emang deh, gak berasa sambil kerja. Tapi piknik ditambah kerja dikit. Seru banget nih kerjaan Mbak Indah, karier jalan terus,bisa nyambi menikmati suasana traveling

  3. Bali will always spark its beauty yaa...
    Bali di kondisi sepi dan tenang kayaknya bakal lebih terasa keindahannya saat dinikmati ya mba

  4. Wah asyik banget meetingnya bisa tepat selesai sebelum magrib jd bisa lihat matahari terbenam ya mbak? AKu juga suka pergantian siang ke malam soalnya itu artinya aku jd bisa istirahat haha
    Apalagi liat terbenamnya di Bali :D

  5. Wow, wonderful trip banget, Kak Indah. Visiting bali is never makes boring. There are so many place that can entertain us with the beautiful scenery, the taste of the delicious food and of course the kindness of the Bali's people. I still wait for the chance to visit bali with my two kiddos after this situation going normal.

  6. Bali adalah tempat yang menyenangkan untuk me time ya Mbak Indah ... kalaupun ada urusan pekerjaan, setelahnya, dengan menikmati keindahan alamnya - bisa dianggap me time kali ya. ^__^

  7. Bali semakin digali, semakin menemukan A hidden paradise ambiance yaa, kak Indah..
    Seminyak ini emmang rada jauh dari Denpasar, tapi keindahannya luar biasa.

  8. The beauty of Bali is never ending ya Mbak. Sekian kali ke Bali, kesannya berasa semuanya baru dan beautiful. Pengen ke Bali lagi dan Lagi, bahkan ketika masih berada di Bali.

  9. wah sunset nya cantik banget mbak
    menikmati sunset secantik ini bikin rileks sejanak dari rutinitas kerja ya mbak

  10. I've been planning to go to Bali with some of my colleagues since we're applying remote working after pandemic. But probably it will be next year and I can't wait to explore the beaches after work!

  11. Baliiii.. 1,5 tahun disana dan masih kangen sampai sekarang. Memang Bali selalu ngangenin ya mbak, semoga lekas membaik semuanya biar Indonesia ramai lagi hehehe


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