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WW: Last Days of Holiday at Sari Ringgung Beach, Lampung

Cheers from Sari Ringgung
How is your summer break?

Here in Indonesia, the kids only enjoy 2 weeks of holidays or summer break.
The new class starts on July 15th, 2019.
It seems so short a break but the kids actually enjoyed a long break, around 3 weeks, during Ramadhan and Eid al-Fitri, prior to the summer break.
So all in all, they have enjoyed 5 weeks off, which is not that bad at all.

the gate..

Again, we went back to my hometown to meet our parents and say hi to the beach again.
We went to Sari Ringgung Beach a bit late so we didn't go to one of the islands surrounding it. But we managed to have a little reunion with our extended families here on the beach. Two huts, tons of delicious food, and endless photo sessions, that's what we had. Moreover, the kids enhoyed their swimming and canoeing sessions at the beach.

It took around 1 hour 15 minutes from down town Bandar Lampung to reach this beach. it takes a while mostly becuase we only have one busy road leading to the area. 

The entry ticket is Rp 20.000,- (or less than USD 2) per person, including kids, with car (including driver) for Rp 20.000,-. You can rent the big hut for Rp 100.000,- for 5 hours and rent floats fro Rp 10.000,- or canoe fro Rp 25.000,-. They also have Banana Boat package for 1 - 5 persons for Rp 150.000,-.

It was a beautiful weekend celebrating the last days of our kids' holiday.
Happy to see all those smiles!

Here are some pictures from our last days of holiday at Sari Ringgung Beach, Lampung.

Selamat datang

the playground

Bo..enjoying the sun!

Obi and I..super hot day..

Love the swing..

They have many spots here on the beach

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Back to Tegal Mas Island, Lampung

Snorkelling time!

Snorkeling time!
It becomes sort of a tradition during Lebaran Day break for us to go to the beach.
Or in our case, to the island.

The first day of Lebaran is always filled with family gatherings as well as visiting the graves of deceased family. 
Not only one or two, but we might visit 4 - 5 houses as well as graves. It was fun but at the same time tiring. But again, Lebaran Day is only once a year and it worth a celebration!
Not to mention the food!
Oh my, glorious food so rich and delicious and sometimes it's only available in this super special occasion!

Cheers from our family..

And now ... back to snorkelling.

As you can see in my previous posts, whenever my family and I go back to Lampung, we always manage to go hopping the islands or snorkelling. 
I have to say it becomes sort of a habit that we all love so much.

Back to Tegal Mas Island...
This time, we decided to go back to Tegal Mas Island.
The last 2 visits we went to Spot Sari near Sari Ringgung beach as well as Tegal Mas. I shared that in WW: Tegal Mas Island Lampung - continued and WW: Tegal Mas Island Lampung in a glimpse.

We went early from home, around 8.30 in the morning.
Even that early morning, we were already stuck in the traffic LOL.
It was a long queue on the main road heading to the beach as people are heading to the beaches dotting along Lampung Bay. It was a bit frustrating in the beginning but we just enjoyed the trip with movies and books.

The elephant statue...

Once we arrived in Sari Ringgung beach, we directly went to our rented boat as we had booked for it. Good thing we have our usual boat renter, Romi, standing by at this crowded beach. We brought all our stuff, including food, drinks, and snorkelling gear, to the boat and off we went to the island.

It took us 20 minutes to cross the bay and reach Tegal Mas Island.

It was super packed with visitors indeed!
Well, it was Lebaran Day, so it's as expected. Besides, Tegal Mas has decent accommodations so we have people who have stayed in. We saw boats coming and going off the island as well, bringing more visitors.

When we arrived, we directly found the spot where we put our stuff and getting ready to swim. My kids were super ready and they plunged themselves on the ocean. For sure they enjoyed the sun, the weather, the ocean. 

Here are some photos from our last adventure.

Nemo and watch underwater..

it was a lovely day!

Will get you more details for you all.
See you on the next story!

WW: Lebaran Day - Eid Mubarak

Wishing my family and friends who celebrate it 
A Wonderful Eid!
Eid Mubarak from all of us
It's the time to enjoy  solemn and blessed days with our loved ones and may Ramadan bring the best of us for the next 11 months ahead.

Here are some snaps for this joyous day.

We started it with sholat Eid al-Fitr at Al-Falah Mosque near our house in Lampung.

the male section at the mosque..

my daughter Obi and I...

Then we visited our neighbors as well as visited our loved ones who have passed away. Al-Fatihah for all of them.

My dearest papah..

at my father-in-law's grave.. 

My dearest Grandma or nenek..
Then what's next? 
Visiting one family gathering to another, eating all those yummy food and doing our traditional saweram, or giving money to our nieces and nephews. 
It was fun & hilarious!

My favorite sambal goreng hati

lapis legit, everyone?

Opor, kari, and more

all the girls..


let's see who gets the most!

Then on the 3rd day, we went to the island!
It's snorkeling time..

Sari Ringgung Beach

At Tegal Mas Island..

My brothers and I...

Again, Eid Mubarak, wherever you are!
So, what's your Eid story? 
Share with us!

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Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls, and Friends

snorkeling in Lampung
Let's go snorkeling

What a week we had!

After the Election Day, we had some days off for Easter Break!
So off we went to Lampung, again, to enjoy its endless beauty and for sure to meet our family.

tegal mas island
Welcome to Tegal Mas

This time, we went to Sari Ringgung beach and headed straight to its snorkelling spot, Ringgung and Tegal Mas, around 2o minutes ride by boat. My kids were super excited and we went there with my sister and brother-in-law as well as their kids and my niece.

My son Bo enjoying snorkelling at Tegal Mas island
We had 2 snorkelling sessions and enjoyed our yummy lunch at Tegal Perak, an isolated beach behind Tegal Mas Island. We took tons of picture, went free diving and had ton of fun for sure.
Will certainly share more photos and videos from our fun time here and I sincerely hope you can visit this lovely place as well!

Bo and his cousin, Abin.

We certainly had so much fun
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