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Vintage Lovers and Foodies, Don’t Miss Sambel Hejo Sambel Dadak

Cheers from the Frakarsas!
Hi there,

Looking for a cool place to hang out with your family, beloved ones or your wonderful friends?
I just find the right place for you then.
Especially to those loving delicious Sundanese cuisine, endless photo sessions in vintage setting, and friendly services. Not to mention wonderful packages that they have will surely make you smile as it doesn't rob you or your bank.

Vintage Lovers and Foodies, Don’t Miss Sambel Hejo Sambel Dadak Rawamangun!

Gurame goreng yang enaaak iniii
Sebenarnya aku udah lama banget pengen review tempat ini.
Lokasinya yang deket banget dari rumah, makanan Sunda yang enak dan less MSG, plus dekorasi vintage dan booth photo yang asli lucu membuat tempat ini kontan menjadi tempat favorit keluargaku. 
Lucunya, kami sering banget melewati tempat ini setiap keluar dari kompleks rumah dan memutar ke arah Rawamangun, namun baru sempat mampir beberapa bulan lalu.  
Dan sejak itu restoran ini jadi tempot favorit kami sekeluarga.
Pas deh untuk kumpul - kumpul merayakan hari istimewa maupun sekedar makan sina tau makan malam bersama orang - orang tercinta.

So, let's see what's on the menu!
For sure, they serve traditional Sundanese (tribe from West Java, Indonesia) cuisine which is quite famous in Indonesia.
They have the package called Liwet (for 2 or 3 people) and a la carte menu as well.

Nasi Liwet is the specially prepared steamed rice, cooked with a mixed of traditional herbs like lemon grass, bay leaves and salted fish. The complete package also include ayam goreng basah - fried chicken with traditional spices; tahu and tempe goreng; cimplung or the potato fritters, sambel dadak and sambel hejo - the famous chili sauce; and peda bakar or the grilled salted fish.

You can also have them a la carte, per item or per portion.
Some additional menus like vegetable sautée with tauge and kangkung as well.
Our favorite is also the fish menu, different kind of gurame,  or the carp fish. They do excellent grilled or fried fish on the spot. 

The package for 2 persons costs you Rp 75.000,- , while the package for 3 persons is Rp 120.000,-. Complete information on the menu and its prices can be checked at . The outlet that we visited is the one in Rawamangun.

Here are some photos of the menu we enjoy in this place.

sambel hejo sambel dadak
Cimplung and sweet corn fritters
the famous sambal dadak

tumis tauge

rendang mengkol, anyone
fried tempe and tofu

Sambal hejo or the green chili

Don't forget to check my video at YouTube channel for more stories and photos of those delicious menu plus lovely vintage setting.

And that's not all folks.
Besides those yummy food, they also have free vintage photo booth, complete with all the properties and costumes.
We definitely love it!
The setting is like a traditional hub in the middle of the rice field, complete with paddy, vintage utensils, and more.
Check it out...we had so much fun taking those pictures.

Mbo Jamu Obi :)

Now you know why we love this place sooo much.

If you get a chance to come and visit, here's the complete address. 

SHSD Sambel Hejo Sambel Dadak Rawamangun
Jl. Cipinang Baru Utara no.35
RT.9/RW.3, Cipinang, Kec Pulo Gadung, Jakarta Timur, Jakarta 13240

Have fun and enjoy your visit.
Bon appetit!

5 Favorite Restaurants in New York City a la My Purple World

Here comes the review of our favorite restaurants!

Well, as we continue #BPN30dayChallenge2018, day 7 requires your honest reviews about 5 of our favorite restaurants.

I guess I will start with 5 restaurants in New York city then in Indonesia.

Sounds delicious?

Berhubung saya belum banyak mampir ke restoran enak di tanah air, kai ini saya mau menuliskan 5 restaurant favorit saya dan The Frakarsas di New York City. Boleh kan yaaa.. karena memang restorannya asyik-asyik lho.
Let’s start!

The Halal Guys

The best gyro and chicken I have tried. 
And NYC loves it too! 

Whenever I go get it,  there will always be lining up, be it in the after noon, evening, or even midnight.

Let's line up :P

With only $8 for platters of chicken, beef, combo, or falafel and $6 for the sandwiches, surely people love this taste food.

And the's simply exquisite! I don't think I can do justice in trying to describe the delicious taste of beef and chicken gyro from the Halal Guys.

You can find them on West 53rd st and the 6th Ave.
They also open the restaurant in the 14th and 2nd ave.
Try it if you are happen to be in the Big Apple.

Ravagh Persian Grill

Halal and great taste indeed, that’s the first thing I have in mind when it comes to Ravagh Persian Grill. And the portion is big. No, it's huge! 

I always try the combination grill, with delicious grilled chicken, beef, and lamb in one huge plate. Of course I will not eat them all myself but share tem with othere or take them home.

We usually have 2 plates of rice which you can change or upgrade into sweet and sour one (with Cherry on it) or the one with saffron. The standard one is a plate of Basmati rice, which is alao good because it has low GI.

The desserts are also interesting. Try the traditional ice cream and faloodeeh, then tell me what you think about the taste :)

Blue Box at Tiffany’s

Favorite corner!

Remember Breakfast at Tiffany’s? One of the classic movies I love to watch.
And Tiffany’s itself is a world-famous jeweller, known for its intricate design anda high quality diamonds and gemstones.

And now they have the cafe!
The Blue Box cafe, to be exact.

It's a super cozy cafe indeed! And simply beautiful with blue robin ambience here and there and Tiffany's famous silver and dinnerware :). 

Besides all those top-notch Tiffany's trade mark blue tableware, the ambience, the food and the service is lovely! 

We had to wait a little while although my reservation was for 12.15, but as soon as we got our table we were served right away. We tried the lunch menu and I looooove the mushroom soup! Super tasty! The lobster salad is also fresh and my Emerald as well as NY Cheese Cake is great. 
Happy me :)

They only have breakfast menu, lunch or tea, for a fixed price of USD 29, 39, and 49 respectively. Will try the breakfast and tea menu next time :) 

It's crazy to get the reservation here as it's fully packed all the time but would be happy to come back here again with more friends. I learned the tricks from the Tiffany's staff btw, try it to RSVP slightly after midnight, didn't get the reservation right away but I put the notifications and they send me updates once the tables are available. And I got it after trying it once :)

Ali Baba

Looking for restaurants serving halal food in NYC, particularly Manhattan, can be a bit challenging, if not difficult.

Although we have a , but most of the halal restaurants are located in Queens, in certain areas such as Astoria, Elmhurst and Jamaica.

Turkish pizza, pide :)
But luckily, in Midtown Manhattan, we have one lovely restaurant serving halal food that we love.  Ali Baba Restaurant.

This Turkish restaurant serves a good variety of delicious mediterranean food.
My favourite is chicken adana and chicken kebab, as well as their lentil soup, salad, as well as pidé and cheese roll. Their falafels are also delicious.

Taverna Kyclades

grilled calamari
Last but not least, it's Taverna Kyclades.
Our love for fresh seafood, which reminds us of home, brings us to this famous and most authentic Greek Taverna in Astoria, Queens, NYC, our dearest neighbourhood.
We love all the seafood, starting from grilled and fried calamari, grilled whiting, salmon steak, oyster, crab cake and more!
With super friendly service and a long line, this family restaurant is coined as one of the most authentic Greek restaurants in NYC.
And my family fully supports that!

So, that's 5 favorite restaurant that the Frakarsas often visit and enjoy in NYC.
Do you like any of those restaurants as well?
Which one do you think is your favorite?

Thai Phuket Restaurant, Geneve, Switzerland

"Are you ready to order?' asked the female waiter, beautifully dressed in flashy purple Thai silk dress, to me as I flipped the menu book.
"Oui.." I confidently answered in French, which felt only appropriate as I sat comfortably with my friends at Thai Phuket restaurant, Geneve.

Super hungry, I have a long list of my favorite appetizers and main courses, as well as dessert, if I have some place left in my happy tummy.

The last time I visited this place was 2015, in November, during my last visit to Geneve, or as I frequently dubbed as my second kampung,- hometown, in bahasa Indonesia,  after Lampung, Indonesia.

Whenever I crave for yummy and fresh Thai food, Thai Phuket restaurant is my choice while in Geneve. It becomes sort of a habitual action to go to this place during my lunch break 

Strategically located near the UN Office in Geneve and UNHCR HQ, this restaurant offers a great variety of Thai food you will definitely love. They also have lunch specials with two choices, with or without desserts. For Geneva standard, the price is reasonable, around CHF 30 for the special lunch menu but before drinks and tax  (although for the US standard, that's quite expensive :)). If it is a la càrte, then it might be around CHF 50 per person..

So now, let's take a look at my choices here.

My favorite appetizer is Tom Yang Khung soup (excuse my pronunciation) and fish cake.
Of course these two are people's favorite and I have to say the soup here is fresh and yummy, perfect balance between the tangy kick of citronelle or lemon the spicy chili with fresh shrimps and mushrooms. As for the fish cake, I love the guewy taste of fish, spices and herbs, and lemongrass on it. Dip it in hot, sweet and sour sauce and your good :).

hot and yummy tom yang khung..
fish cake..
Then for the main course, I chose steam fish, chicken curry and basil, and fried tofu with vegetable saute. The fried tofu is really good because it was freshly made from soft tofu, sautée with shrimps and veggies, served on hot plate. Sizzling and yummy!

my fave...fried tofu with shrimp, eggs, and veggie saute.

Mind you, I came here with 4 other friends so we shared all these yummy food.
And the size or the portion of the food is unlike here at the US. Decently enough for 2, or maximum 3 if they don't really eat that much.

chicken curry and basil

Pad Thai and papaya salad are two other favorite menus. Plus different kind of curry,- reed, green, yellow - with a toss of beef, chicken, or pork

And the desserts are delicious as well. I love the traditional mango and sticky rice as well as red ruby, the water crest with palm sugar and coconut oil!

the sticky rice with mango and coconut milk 

Well, if you happen to be around, don't miss the opportunity to try this one!
The restaurant is located at  Avenue de France 33, 1202 Geneve, near Coop Montbrillant and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees' office.
The opening hours : 12 - 2.30 PM, and 7 - 11 PM.

So, do you like Thai or other Asian food?
What's your favorite?

Hot Kitchen Restaurant, Manhattan, New York City

Anybody here loves hot pot?
You know... It's one of the traditional Chinese cuisines where you have boiling soup or broth filled with beef, chicken, shrimps, tofu, vegetables and many more :)

I loveeee hot pot.
I have to say, as an Indonesian loveing a bowl of bakso at any time of the day, hot pot gives me similar satisfaction.
Especially during winter and cold days..
and even in summer days ;).
And I have one favorite spot here in Manhattan..

Hot Kitchen.

Frequently I come to this restaurant, especially the one located in 53rd street. The restaurant is strategically located and not far from my office as well as the UN, so it becomes one great meeting point for working lunch or simply for good food.

We usually order hot-pot with a mix of fresh green vegetables, fresh shrimps, tofu, fish balls, and beef.  My favorite is the fish and shrimp balls. 
You know why?
Because They are fresh, not frozen. 
Made and prepared on the spot.
I also love the fish tofu.

For the soup, ask for the half-halp...or if you dare, try the bold one, the original Sichuan soup. 
It's super hot :)
And super yummy as well..

Fresh shrimps and slices of lean meat will be great for the broth.

Hot fave :)

It's delicious...especially in cold days we often have here in NYC. 

For the starters, we usually order vegetable spring rolls, dumplings, and scallion pancakes. It's super yum as well :).

They have a great variety of Sichuan authentic dishes as well, so you can certainly explore more. But as I said, hot pot is my favorite indeed. and Hot Kitchen NYC is one of my fave.

In terms of service, you won't Have any problems here. The service is good and fast! Can't complain.
Ask for Albert, our favorite waiter ;).

And of course, the price of the food is very reasonable. With around $25 - 30 you already got a wonderful lunch :). Lunch hours can be very full sometimes, especially if you need to have the special table for hot-pot. But the wait shouldn't be that long.

Enjooy ;)...

Hot Kitchen
251 E 53rd st., New York, NYC, NY 10022

The Best Seafood Paella at El-Pote Restaurant, NYC

To those who love authentic Spanish food, come closer :)

Have you ever heard, tried, or even cooked Paella?
Yummy Spanish rice dish cooked with saffron and seafod, chicken, or whatever you like to put in there :).
It's surely one of the famous, if not most enjoyed, food from Spain. 
I love it!

I tried it for the first time in Brussels, while I have my internship there. Then during our 9-day-became-12-day trip to Spain, seafood paella was our favorite platter in Barcelona :). And here, living in NYC, where Spanish communities are surely easy to find, my love to this yummy plate is easily fulfilled. One of the nicest spots I've tried for that is El Pote restaurant

Conveniently located on the 2nd Avenue, in the proximity of my dear office and the UN as well, El-Pote has been lovingly known as the place for seafood paella. And I fully concur with it!

So, in one ocassion, we have a farewell lunch here with some friends.

And I for sure couldn't wait to try their famous paella. 
In addition to that, we also ordered some yummy appetizers while waiting for our paella. We ordered crispy fried clamary and stuffed mushroom or champinon rellenos. 

fried calamaries :)

My friends also tried the squid in their own ink or calamaro en su tinta :). 
It's all yummy ..
The appetizers taste really good indeed...
Then, while the appetizers were all gone amidst lively conversation and big laugh, there came our main course. And mine was of course the seafood paella...
I have to say even the smell of it, before you taste it, is sooooo good :).

the seafood paella
And it was great...
The dish was cooked in perfection that you could taste the rich seafood broth on the rice and saffron, the most expensive spice in the world, gave its signature hint and perfect color. And what a generous plate it was...I had lobster legs, giant shrimps, clamps, scallops and many more. So now that explains why it has good review and seafood paella is one of their most-wanted dishes here. Highly recommended!

happy me :)

seafood paella at El-Pote Restaurant NYC

For sure you can order many others as well, including the catch of the day with fresh fish and more, chicken, lamb chop, veals and many, many more.

Since it was a huge plate, I missed the dessert :)..but surely they have many options as well, like flan, cheese cake, tres leches. 

For the price range from USD 8 - 10 for appetizers, USD 17 - 58 for main course,  and USD 5 - 7 for desserts, this restaurant is surely a great place to dine.

So, what do you think....
Even the pictures looks soooo appealing, right :)
Wait until you taste it...

What's your favorite Spanish dish? :)

El-Pote Restaurant
718 2nd Avenue, between 38th and 39th street.
Open everyday from 12 - 3 PM and 5 - 11 PM

Getting cozy at Serendipity III Cafe, NYC

Anybody wants to have frrrrozen hot chocolate?

One, big cup of original frrrooozen hot chocolate? 

I do...
And I know we have cold days.
But that doesn't stop me from getting the one.
And that's why I love to come to Serendipity 3 cafe...

Have you ever heard of it before?
Or maybe you remember the movie titled Serendipity with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale on it?
It's one of my favorite movies eveeer...

serendipity...taken from here

Yuup..that's rite... 
This cafe is quite famous for its dessert menu and become even more famous after being used as scenes in several romantic flicks, including Serendipity.

Serunya menjelajahi New York salah satunya karena banyak tempat-tempat terkenal yang muncul di film-film :). Setelah mampir ke tower tempat alien berantem dengan Men in Black di Flushing Meadows (baca ceritanya di sini), kali ini mama Bo et Obi mampir ke Cafe Serendipity :).

Kafe ini memang ngetop dari dulu karena minuman hitsnya, frrrozen hot chocolate, ambience cafenya yang ngepop banget, plus segerombolan selebrities yang sudah pernah mampir dan menikmati kafe ini. Dan tentu saja, on top of that, jadi salah satu tempat scene yang nongol di film Serendipity :).

love love love..

Located in 225 East 60th St, between 2nd and 3rd avenue, New York, I was lucky that I came here during 'odd' hours, after lunch, around 3 pm in the middle of cold, oh-so-cold day. 
Yuuup..this cafe has been famously known for its long queue as well. 
Not surprising indeed... noting that it is the first coffee boutique cafe in New York City, beautifully adorned with Tiffany's glass lamps where Andy Warhol spent so much time and dotted this place as his favorite.

Tiffany's glass..
I came there with my friend, Melly. It was her last day in NYC and I thought it was only fair to take her here, after a brief destroying moment in our favorite eclectic beauty-dress-home shop :).

So there we were, surprisingly got our seats right away and came the best dessert we both loved. It was a blessing in disguise that our lunch spot offered no desserts :).

Once seated, I directly devoured their funky menu and found what I was looking for. 

The famous frrozen hot chocolate.... 

Melly had her hot chocolate and we topped it up with big apple pie with cinnamon ice cream. That was it...after a big bowl of hot ramen :).

But of course they have full-course menu as well...
I saw plates and trays were brought to other customers, filled with yummy sandwiches, smell-oh-so-good steak, healthy salad and many more.
Next time I will definitely have one of those big plates as well :).
The price of the food is pretty decent. NYC standard, I can say. My frrrozen hot choco only costed me 9 bucks, and so was my big apple pie. Not bad, not bad at all...

Before leaving, I definitely took some selfies. Not to forget, perfect corner for photo and there :). Take a look around...

cheers from the cafe :)

And they also have a petite boutique filled with cute things. I didn't get a chance to take 
pictures of them but surely you can check it out on their website,

Don't miss this sweet corner once you're around NYC. Or just give me a call :).
More than happy to accompany you :).

Now, do you want to share that huge frrozen hot chocolate with me?