Getting cozy at Serendipity III Cafe, NYC

Anybody wants to have frrrrozen hot chocolate?

One, big cup of original frrrooozen hot chocolate? 

I do...
And I know we have cold days.
But that doesn't stop me from getting the one.
And that's why I love to come to Serendipity 3 cafe...

Have you ever heard of it before?
Or maybe you remember the movie titled Serendipity with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale on it?
It's one of my favorite movies eveeer...

serendipity...taken from here

Yuup..that's rite... 
This cafe is quite famous for its dessert menu and become even more famous after being used as scenes in several romantic flicks, including Serendipity.

Serunya menjelajahi New York salah satunya karena banyak tempat-tempat terkenal yang muncul di film-film :). Setelah mampir ke tower tempat alien berantem dengan Men in Black di Flushing Meadows (baca ceritanya di sini), kali ini mama Bo et Obi mampir ke Cafe Serendipity :).

Kafe ini memang ngetop dari dulu karena minuman hitsnya, frrrozen hot chocolate, ambience cafenya yang ngepop banget, plus segerombolan selebrities yang sudah pernah mampir dan menikmati kafe ini. Dan tentu saja, on top of that, jadi salah satu tempat scene yang nongol di film Serendipity :).

love love love..

Located in 225 East 60th St, between 2nd and 3rd avenue, New York, I was lucky that I came here during 'odd' hours, after lunch, around 3 pm in the middle of cold, oh-so-cold day. 
Yuuup..this cafe has been famously known for its long queue as well. 
Not surprising indeed... noting that it is the first coffee boutique cafe in New York City, beautifully adorned with Tiffany's glass lamps where Andy Warhol spent so much time and dotted this place as his favorite.

Tiffany's glass..
I came there with my friend, Melly. It was her last day in NYC and I thought it was only fair to take her here, after a brief destroying moment in our favorite eclectic beauty-dress-home shop :).

So there we were, surprisingly got our seats right away and came the best dessert we both loved. It was a blessing in disguise that our lunch spot offered no desserts :).

Once seated, I directly devoured their funky menu and found what I was looking for. 

The famous frrozen hot chocolate.... 

Melly had her hot chocolate and we topped it up with big apple pie with cinnamon ice cream. That was it...after a big bowl of hot ramen :).

But of course they have full-course menu as well...
I saw plates and trays were brought to other customers, filled with yummy sandwiches, smell-oh-so-good steak, healthy salad and many more.
Next time I will definitely have one of those big plates as well :).
The price of the food is pretty decent. NYC standard, I can say. My frrrozen hot choco only costed me 9 bucks, and so was my big apple pie. Not bad, not bad at all...

Before leaving, I definitely took some selfies. Not to forget, perfect corner for photo and there :). Take a look around...

cheers from the cafe :)

And they also have a petite boutique filled with cute things. I didn't get a chance to take 
pictures of them but surely you can check it out on their website,

Don't miss this sweet corner once you're around NYC. Or just give me a call :).
More than happy to accompany you :).

Now, do you want to share that huge frrozen hot chocolate with me?


  1. OMG ngiler banget sama pie dan frozen hot chocolatenya >.<

    1. iyaaa vie..asli enak bangeeet...dan kafe ini kondang jugaaa hehehe

  2. Maaauuuuuuu maaaaaakkkkkkkk *ngiler sengiler-ngilernya*

    1. iyaaa mak isti...coba buat frrrrozen hot chocholatenya sendiri hehehehe

  3. Wow seru sekali mba indah semoga someday aku bisa kesana ^^

  4. Wooow, itu menggoda banget mak makanannya :D

    1. bangeeet mak...untung aku berdua, jadi bisa abiiis :)

  5. I remember the film! It was a good one! I would love to visit the cafe. All the food sounds like something I would devour!

    1. I really enjoy the movie Theresa..and whenever you are around, just let me know :)

  6. That food and the decorations looks so good! I remember the movie to.

  7. Ah.. Mupeng sama hot chocolatenyaaaa :(

  8. Kereeeennya maaak, cafe2 di NYC emang keren yaaa tapi mahaal ngga siiiy?

    1. hehehe..iya nih, enak2 tapi harganya memang bervariasi :)

  9. I have never heard of it, but I will definitely check it out the next time I am down there.

  10. AAAAKKKHHHH... Envious!
    I watched the movie more than 3 times and hopefully, one day, I can be there...
    Lucky you, mbak ^ ^
    nice post!

    1. thanks dear...lemme know if you're around :)..cheers..


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