Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

Another week of fun we have here!

We had much better weather for sure, so it's time to officially welcome spring!

We went to the Met last weekend with the kids and as you know, the Met's collections are a lot and indeed mindblowing. Will surely come back with tons of photos, stories and more on that!

Welcome to the Met :)

Moreover, we had a quick trip to the factory outlet (having fun choosing spring collection) and stopped over at the Hessian Lake, Bear Mountain, NY. 

Hessian Lake, Bear Mountain, NY

Super beautiful!
Half frozen, half not, the Hessian Lake looks as pristine as ever.
We promise ourselves to go back here again for Spring picnic :)

the three of us at the lake...well, it was a bit cold but sunny indeed...

Now, it'
s time for our weekly linky party! ENJOY!

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  1. I'm sure it will melt quickly with spring here. What a wonderful family photo of you and your kids!

  2. pasti seru ya mba, merasakan piknik di saat cuaca yg berbeda2 :)

  3. Met ini kayak Mall ya Mbak? Bentuk bangunan Met bagus banget. Ah, jadi ngiler lihat Hessien Lake yang ditutupi separuh Salju..

  4. Replies
    1. iya mba..aku sering bolak-balik ke sini dan ngga pernah bosen

  5. Hessian Lake is so beautiful <3
    I promise to myself, if one day I can stay longer in NY, i will visit that lake too :)

  6. Setengah beku, setengahnya cair, itu airnya kayak air es kali yaa. Brrr

  7. I love shopping at the factory outlets. My friend adores going to the ones in NY because they have better deals than what we get here. Can't wait to see your photos from The Met!

  8. the Met, the lake et the FO! What a weekend LOL

  9. Wah... bisa merasakan langsung musim dingin disana pasti seru banget.. semoga suatu saat bisa ikutan merasakan dinginnya musim disana (amin)

  10. always try to enjoy weekend :)


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