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Welcome to the American Museum of Natural History #3 Dinosaurs

The claws are hanging high, ready to snap whatever standing in front of it...
The head is slightly tilting to the upright, checking what's coming from behind.
And the smile... those jaws are grinning widely, letting out the roar we are so familiar with...

Yuuuup... I'm talking about the dinosaurs.

Well, we're not back to the era when all these giants were alive and kicking. Or in the middle of the movie theater clinging our hands on our seats as the t-rex were viciously chasing their dinner.

We were on the 2nd floor of the American Museum of Natural History here in New York.

I have to admit that when I first asked the kids and Udi to come and visit this museum, dinosaurs are the main attraction that I used to lure them in.
And as always, it worked its magic.

We started our dinosaur tour from David H. Koch Dinosaur Wing. 

And by the time you enter this hall, you'll be amazed to see those giant structures fulfiling the room.
The exhibits we have in this hall belongs to Ornithischian Dinosaurs, those which are classified as bird-hipped dinosaurs. In short, they have similar structure as big birds, if I'm not mistaken. 

Like this Stegosaurus, for example
Do you see how big they are ... although they are obviously not the biggest one.
It's amazing that Stegosaurus can manage their big body with one small brain and even with this huge structure and fierce look, they were actually herbivore.

There is something misteriously attracting many, if not all, of us to these extinct giants.

Well, as we no longer see them alive,  anything to do with them successfully intrigued us. At least in my family's case.

The eggs, the bones, their tracks, the magnificent structures, even the replica of it all have kept us digging for more and more information.

wanna have some eggs :) ...
As you can see above, we had Stegosaurus. 
Below, we saw Triceratops, which is also classified as Ornitischian dinosaurs.
Those large frills are their trademarks, including their horns. 
aaaargh...Bo et Triceterop and his scooter :)
Another highlight of this hall is Corythosaurus.
In the photo below, Corythosaurus is the one on the wall...that looks like big bird running with its hind legs.
While two big ones here are Anatotitan or the duck-billed dinosaurs.

Another major group of the dinosaurs is Saurischia Dinosaurs, or the reptile-hipped dinosaurs. Some of the examples of there dino are Velociraptor. and again, the famous T-rex.

Say hi to uncle T :) is taken from here
You see...there are definitely many types of dinosaurs, not only T-rex that is notoriously famous :)

It's also very convenient to get more information from one of the monitors provided there..
Very handy for me who have almost-zero knowledge about dinosaurs except what I got from the movie :). And kids love to check it out, too ...

After the visit, for sure my kids are getting more  and more obsessed with these giant creatures.  And we were lucky enough to find one colorful children book Bones, bones, Dinosaur Bones by Byron Bartan.

And the kids instantly love it... Asking mama to read it again and again before bedtime :).
bones, bones, bones.

In this floor, we have many more exhibits showcasing primitive animals, advanced animals like mammoth and saber-tooth cat, and many more.

Our visit to American Museum of Natural History, especially the dinosaurs parts, is indeed a very rewarding one. Would definitely come back and explore more :). Truly one museum in  the long list of NYC attractions that you shouldn't miss :)

Do you or your kids like dinosaurs as well? Which one is your favorite :)..

American Museum of Natural History  (AMNH)
Central Park West, 79th Street, New York City, New York, 10024-5192
Phone: +1 212 7695100
Open daily from 10 AM - 5.45 PM, except on Thanksgiving and Christmas 

Thank you :)