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WW: St. George’s, the Capital City of Grenada

I know it’s a #throwback edition of my visit to Grenada, the Island of Spice as I made my journey there in 2017. 
But as I was just finishing the video of my little adventure down here (better late than never) brings me all those good memories back. And I have to say, St. George’s, the capital city of Grenada, has a lot to offer.

I stayed in Grenada for 4 days and most of them were filled with endless meetings.
Nevertheless, Grenada has been a wonderful host and we really got a chance to actually see the city.

had so much fun diving in Grenada..
So besides diving and Catamaran sail, I did visit Fort Frederick, the historical site of the country as well as the best spot to see the city from above.
Not to mention a little stroll we had in the local market.
As I have probably mentioned before, Indonesia and Grenada are closely related, as we both

The local choco from Grenada

Mini me and I way back then..
I was there for a UN meetings and in between, we managed to see the beauty of the lovely state in the West Indies of the Caribbean.
I was lucky to stay at the Radisson Hotel right by the Grand Anse Beach.
The hotel is lovely and I had the full view on sunset on the beach.  

Let's explore the beach..

Down town at the city, we strolled around the market and bought some souvenirs.
We went up hill to see the bird eyes' view of the St. George's.
I love it!

right in the middle of the city

The rainbow..

Here are some photos I took along the way.
Most of them were taken around Grand Anse beach, the famous white-sandy beach in the country, as well as downtown.

Getting ready for our diving trip

Let's sail..

Care for some souvenirs

Yummy salad..

Let's relax..

The Radisson Grenada Hotel

the rainbow over the St. George's

Feel free to check out my video at my YouTube channel as well.

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WW: Family Trip to Cirebon, West Java

Cirebon, here we come!
Have you been to or heard about Cirebon before?

It is one of the historical cities in West Java, which happens to be the hometown of my late grandpa from my father's side.
The last time I visited this place was when I was 16 year-old. Ages ago!
Well, we did stop by for a while, only for a quick lunch, when we headed back home from Semarang to Jakarta.
But this time, we really spent the whole day exploring this lovely city again.

We went here with my mom and aunties as well as my little brother and his wife plus my niece. It was quite a big group, around 11 people all together.
The trip was fun and full of great food as well as laughter.
Plus visits to our ancestors' palaces.
Here are some snaps from Sunyaragi Palace, Sang Cipta Rasa Mosque and Kasepuhan Palace, Cirebon

The roof of the Mosque..all made of Teak Wood. Beautifully crafted!

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WW: Riding Horses at Gedong Songo Temple, Ungaran, Central Java

Cheers from Gedong Songo Temple, Ungaran, Central Jave

It's a super late post.
But for sure  we love riding horses at Gedong Songo Temple, Ungaran, Central Java.
Have you been here before?
It was the first time for us although I have been to Semarang several times.

Check out or happy faces here :).
Will share more memories and stories later.

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WW: Lebaran Day - Eid Mubarak

Wishing my family and friends who celebrate it 
A Wonderful Eid!
Eid Mubarak from all of us
It's the time to enjoy  solemn and blessed days with our loved ones and may Ramadan bring the best of us for the next 11 months ahead.

Here are some snaps for this joyous day.

We started it with sholat Eid al-Fitr at Al-Falah Mosque near our house in Lampung.

the male section at the mosque..

my daughter Obi and I...

Then we visited our neighbors as well as visited our loved ones who have passed away. Al-Fatihah for all of them.

My dearest papah..

at my father-in-law's grave.. 

My dearest Grandma or nenek..
Then what's next? 
Visiting one family gathering to another, eating all those yummy food and doing our traditional saweram, or giving money to our nieces and nephews. 
It was fun & hilarious!

My favorite sambal goreng hati

lapis legit, everyone?

Opor, kari, and more

all the girls..


let's see who gets the most!

Then on the 3rd day, we went to the island!
It's snorkeling time..

Sari Ringgung Beach

At Tegal Mas Island..

My brothers and I...

Again, Eid Mubarak, wherever you are!
So, what's your Eid story? 
Share with us!

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