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WW: The Vessel, Unique Architecture in Hudson Yards, New York City

 Have you seen or read about The Vessel, unique architecture in Hudson Yard, New York City ?

Although we are still in the middle of the pandemic and we cannot travel freely as we used to, we can still visit those places virtually. For me, one of the best ways to beat my craving for traveling is looking into my external hard disk and publishing it.

And here's what I have.


The Vessel at Hudson Yards, New York City

The Vessel is one of the recent addition to the Hudson Yards Redevelopment project. Well, the unique, one-of-a-kind design which is inspired by honey comb started to be built in April 2017 and finished in March 2019.  I read that it costs approximately USD 200 million. Quite a fantastic amount of budget!

The Vessel at Hudson Yards, New York City

When I left NYC in August 2018, this building was not there yet. Then I was lucky to go back again in May 2019 and there it was, standing tall and grand, so whimsical that it certainly becomes the landmark in the Hudson Yards area.

It is very easy to reach this place. I only took line 7 of the subway and rode until the end of the line heading to Hudson Yards. Once you get out of the station, you will see the building on your right and you can also follow the sign.

Subway station at Hudson Yards

It was very windy when I visited this place. You can see me frantically hold on to my fedora when I took the selfie LOL.

Here are some of the photos I took around the area.

The Vessel at Hudson Yards, New York City

The Vessel at Hudson Yards, New York City

The Vessel at Hudson Yards, New York City

The Vessel at Hudson Yards, New York City

You can get the ticket to go up taking the elevator or walking up the platforms. They have the quota per day so make sure you get here early. I was late and didn't get a chance to go up.

The Vessel at Hudson Yards, New York City

The Vessel at Hudson Yards, New York City

The Vessel at Hudson Yards, New York City

The Vessel at Hudson Yards, New York City

The Vessel at Hudson Yards, New York City

I have the video as well about my visit to the Vessel and it is uploaded to my You Tube account. Please take a look.

That's The Vessel, unique architecture in Hudson Yards, New York City

So what do you think? it's pretty unique, right? Will you visit this place once you can come to the Big Apple?

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Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

President of Indonesia, H.E. Joko Widodo, addressed the UN General Assembly

It has been a busy week for me and my family.

Work wise, I have been attending meetings here and there, even from several hotel premises. The office is closed due to the pandemic but our deadline continues and pressing. 

As you now, as September kicks in, the 'storm' at the UN is coming in the form of UN General Assembly. The High Level Week to be precise. Nevertheless, this year is special because of two things. First, Our President, Joko Widodo, attended the meeting and delivered the national statement through a pre-recording message. Second, the event is conducted in a hybrid way, half online and half offline.  So we have a combination of pre-recorded messages, on-site meetings with limited attendance and many virtual meetings. Never ever the UN has such an arrangement in its 75-year existence. Oh..and the UN is celebrating its 75 year anniversary. We will definitely have a lot of commemoration and discussion about what the UN can do more in the future. The future we want, the UN we need.

President of Indonesia, H.E. Joko Widodo, addressed the UN General Assembly

Btw, the delegation from outside of New York City is obliged to follow 2-week quarantine arrangement, no matter what ranks are you. It means, even the head of government/state and ministers have to go through the same procedures. Moreover, one state can only be represented by 2 person inside the UN headquarters. So unlike previous years, we stay in Jakarta and work from home. Again, working from home does not mean we have less works. It is actually the opposite. Well, we can do it! We certainly can!

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WW: TimeOut Market NYC, Dumbo, Brooklyn

TimeOut Market, NYC

Apparently there are so many stories, photos, and videos that I have not published in my purple world, my blog. One of them is the story about Time out market NYC, located in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

I visited this lovely food court back in October 2019. 
That was way before the coronavirus pandemic. Now this place is temporarily closed, but I sincerely hope that it will open again after the pandemic is gone. Timeout, a free magazine that you can easily find in many corners in the Big Apple, gives us a lot of information and awesome guidance about what’s going on in NYC, including the latest, hippest and most-wanted restaurants and food vendors across the city. I really enjoy reading it. It’s like having your personal guide showing where to eat, what show to enjoy or parties to attend.

The Timeout Market in NYC houses around 21 food vendors, starting from Asian, Mexican,  Italian, Mediterranean, American, and many more. All of them are well curated and famous already, like Fish Cheek, Juliana's pizza, Alta Calida, Clinton St. and more.

So here are some photos that I took while strolling around Dumbo and stopped at timeout market for a delicious lunch. I really like this area because it’s so alive in you can feel the vibe.

The view from the 2nd floor

My spicy veggie Ramen

Crispy Chicken in rice bowl with roasted seaweed

The famous blueberries pancakes from Clinton St. Baking Co

Bon appetit
It is located at Water St., Dumbo, Brooklyn. As I have mentioned, it is temporarily closed now due to COVID - 19. But I guess they will re-open once everything is better.

The view near the Market

I also put them in my YouTube channel so feel free to watch it as well 

Well, what do you think? Will you come and eat here as well?
Which menu do you think you will choose?

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