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Indonesian Diversity Runway Show SS18 Collection

The light went out.
The cue music was in.
The models walked graciously, wrapped in beautiful works of  talented Indonesian designers.
Indonesian Diversity Runway Show SS18 Collection has just began.


It was a long line outside.
People, dressed impeccably cute and particular. 
Cool NYC breeze didn't stop the people to dress in beautiful thin layers or minis.
For sure, everyone enjoys one's freedom in wardrobe department the week.
We arrived fashionably late, thanks to the never-ending meetings I had.
But with the help of our dearest EO and PR agency, my mom and I managed to sneak in and sit in our designated seats.

So, long story short, I was sitting there on the front row with my mom next to me. 
Big flower bouquets were ready.
The room was packed indeed, with fashion industry reps, media, bloggers, influencers, and more.
Happy to see that Indonesian Diversity Runway Show SS18 Collection has attracted the attention of many and being an Indonesian myself, I am swelling with pride!
That day,  Thursday, September 7th 2017,  at the Gallery at the Dream Downtown, fashion world once again witnessed the beauty and immense creativities of 5 Indonesian Designers.

getting ready...

And how I love them all!
Those intricate designs, inspired by the rich and colorful cultures and traditional values of our homeland, genially combined with arts, and even science, make the show a unique and surely unforgettable one.
Laces, fringes, beads, jewels, textures, colors, feathers, leathers, in Batik, tenun, prints, dresses, pants, tops, jackets and even amazing headpieces were presented that night!

I won't tell you more.
I will these pictures (and video soon) for you to enjoy!

 Dian Pelangi

Bright colors, various textures, and geometric cuttings mixed with beads and turban-style hijab dominated her collection.

Vivi Zubaedi

I love the eclectic mixture of various ikat, songket, endek and rangrang Bali and many Indonesian traditional fabrics Vivi used for her Abaya-stlye dresses. 
Makkah, Medinah, Jannah, with Bhineka Tunggal Ika, boldly written on some of her dresses truly express her love to Allah SWT the Almighty and he beloved country, Indonesia.

Barli Asmara

Catherine Njoo

Batik Prada, Indonesian temples, Catherine Njoo's Legong, is a brilliant showcase how traditional works of arts are the perfect match for elegant, modern looks. 
And those breathtaking headpiece by G. Liem left me speechless! 
As I quoted from her IG account @g.liem "the world's first robotically0enhanced headpiece..."  that surely wowed you!

Melia Wijaya

What can I say..
Sawunggaling, on of the most famous folklores in Surabaya, Indonesia, is the inspiration behind Malia Wijaya's works. The story of Sawung  or the rooster and Galing, the peacock, creates Melia's edgy look with original touch of cock feathers, beads, jewels, lace and embroidery.

as well as 
           Doris Dorothea for the bags  and Grace Liem for the amazing head pieces.

I have to say Grace Liem's masterpiece with that robotically-enhanced  head piece is really stunning! It truly wowed the audience when the light went out and the finale piece of Catherine Njoo's Legong was showcased with the model wearing this intricate art-and-science head piece lit up while the petals were open. Love it!

the incredible head piece by Grace Liem

And all the models' make-up are provided by Wardah. Mba Carolina Septerita, Wardah's senior make-up, with her amazing touch and her wonderful team, has once again successfully bring the beauty of those walking on the runway for Indonesian Diversity. 
And for sure, the incredible team of Indonesia Fashion Gallery (IFG) and those I know who have been working really hard to make this event a dream come true!

So what do you think?
Which one is your favorite?

As I said on my previous 'teaser' post, put on your best smile, favorite dresses, stilettos and get ready to feel the vibe!

See you on the next story for the Trunk Show.

For more photos, check out Indonesian Diversity Runway Show SS18 Collection - Photo Gallery
Will be back!

 Indonesian Diversity for NYFW First Stage

Indonesian Diversity for NYFW First Stage

It's New York Fashion Week session, beautiful people!
Put on your best smile, favorite dresses, stilettos and get ready to feel the vibe!
I'm proud to again welcome Indonesian talented and young designers  here 
in New York City.
Not one, but 5 at the same time!


 Indonesian Diversity for NYFW First Stage

 Dian Pelangi
Vivi Zubaedi
Barli Asmara
Catherine Njoo
Melia Wijaya
as well as 
Doris Dorothea and Grace Liem

They will be having the show, Indonesian Diversity Runway Show SS18 Collection
  on Thursday, September 7th 2017, 12:00 PM
at the Gallery at the Dream Downtown 
346 W 17th Street, New York, NY US

So excited!
For sure you see wonderful works of these talented designers adorned with Indonesian wastra, Indonesian philosophy and more.

Check out more stories here!
Will be back with more details and photos 😘

DRAMA - Anniesa Hasibuan for NYFW Fall/Winter 2017

 "Please take a seat, everyone...we are about to start the show!"
I was hugging my dearest Melanie from and had a chat with Gina from as well as Heba Jay from when this super-efficient-looking lady was reminding everyone to take one's seats.

Gallery II of Skylight Clarkson Square was packed with people.
Media, fashion industries, bloggers, diplomats, and more.
Certainly those who have come back after a historical debut in NYFW Spring/Fall last season and those who were intrigued to see DRAMA.

Then the lights went out.
As the first model poised under the sign bearing Anniesa Hasibuan's name and the dramatic music intoxicated me, I could barely breath.
Let the show begin.


Please don't blame me for still getting so excited with DRAMA, Anniesa Hasibuan's latest show at NYFW Fall/Winter 2017.

For the second time, she is back with a BANG!

super ready for the show..

And coming back, like those one-hit-wonder trying to prove its lingering existence, is not easy at all, right. Being the first Hijabi and Muslim wear designer coming to NYFW and showed her collection with all models wearing Hijab, Anniesa certainly stole the world's attention for making this historic debut.

Now that people has certain expectations towards the collections being shown, Anniesa certainly endures a lot of DRAMAs while preparing for this collection. Literally.

After showing flattering pret-a-porte collections with a luxurious touch of haute-couture and intricate details filled with pastel colors in dresses,tops, jackets, pants, capes and more, Anniesa continues to work on her signature touch for a series of deluxe collection for fall/winter season.

And once again, Anniesa proves to the world that her labour of love and her passion for intricate, elegance designs perfect for Muslim ladies, as well as those wearing no hijab. 

some of the details...don't you just love it!

Being pregnant for her second baby obviously does not prevent here from creating those marvelous, out-of-this-worldly elegant pieces!

So, we arrived at around 3 PM at the venue. Took some pictures in front of the venue and off we went backstage to get ready. was taken by @aldiphotoofficial

In case I haven't mentioned it before, I help Anniesa with the translations for all interviews she got before and after the show. What fun! And such an honor as well..
And she did have a lot of interviews. The New York Times, the Washington Post, Vanity Fair, and Pop Sugar as well as Elle are some of the medias lining up to interview Anniesa that day. Besides questions about her collections and inspiration for DRAMA, many asked about her saying on the latest administration policy about immigration and how fashion can be used to bring peaceful messages.

And indeed she was.

The decision to cast all-immigrants models, including the first and/or the second generations, for her collections is to show the world that fashion is an open world. It's beautiful, just like America, which has been long known as the land of opportunities and equality. Differences are something you shouldn't be afraid of! 

For Anniesa, coming back to the NYFW means she is given the opportunity to once again show the beauty of Islam through modest fashion and the richness of Indonesian cultures and values as projected in her works. 

Getting ready for the show!

Then, it was time to start the show!
48 looks and I'm blown away!

some of the looks..
Truly inspired by the incredible life story of women who have power to change weaknesses into strengths and uphold the ethics they hold dear as true women, DRAMA present the immaculate combination of premium materials, colors and sumptuous details, creating the astounding beauty for elegant and glamorous women.

the perks sitting on the front row :)

What do you think?

Let alone the pleads and oh those intricate embellishments!

Those arduous embroideries, laces and premium fabrics paired with pearls, beads, and crystals are just awesome.

the final one!
DRAMA successfully bring out my inner strength and energy as I see those mixture of bold , strong colors in black, white, silver, gold and copper tone, accentuated with firm lines and rich structures.
So proud of you, dear Anniesa!
And I know Indonesia and the world are, too.

great job, Anniesa

with the team :). Photo taken by @aldiphotoofficial

And of course, just like last year, Anniesa stole the attention with her works and her message of peace, diversity and equality in NYFW.

God bless you, Anniesa...and keep up the great works!

Till the next show, people :)

Couture Fashion Week 2015

New York Fashion Week is hereeee ..
And so is the New York Couture Fashion Week 2015 ;).

photo is taken from

I don't know about you, but I got so excited indeed.

I love to see those stylish pages from famous magazines and TV shows and living here in NYC, I am always intrigued to see them live.

photo is taken from

But you know NY Fashion Week tickets are not for sale. It's only by invitations.

Of course there are ways to get the tickets as suggested by the official website of it, but still it involves submitting your application to be the volunteer and 

But on the spin of the NY Fashion Week, we also have Couture Fashion Week.

Founded around 10 years ago, in 2015, by Andres Aquino, the Couture Fashion Week has become people's favorite for couture and luxury fashion shows in New York City.

foto is taken from

And this year, we also have Indonesian Designers coming and participating in the Couture Fashion Week here in New York City :).

For 2015 show, we will have Diana Couture, Anniesa Hasibuan, Shafira Collection, Vicky Shu, and special performance by Violist Tengku Ryo. Starting Friday, September 11, 2015, the shows are scheduled on Friday, 11 September 2015  at 6 pm for Diana Couture and  Saturday, September 12, 2015 for Shafira Collection, Anniesa Hasibuan feautring Tengky Ryo at 4 pm and Vicky Shu at 8 pm.

Check out the complete schedule at Couture Fashion Week website.

We will also have the #TrunkShow at the Indonesian Consulate General at the New York City on Sunday, 13 September 2015 .

Last year we had Dian Pelangi, Asri Welas, Barli Asmara and Zaskia Sungkar ;)

Asri Welas collection from last Fall...
photo is taken from

Check out my post on that here :)

I just can't wait :).
Get so excited to see the beautiful designs from Indonesian talented designers :)

Stick around for more details and I'll get back to you soooon :)

Stay fabulous, peopleeee :)