Couture Fashion Week 2015

New York Fashion Week is hereeee ..
And so is the New York Couture Fashion Week 2015 ;).

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I don't know about you, but I got so excited indeed.

I love to see those stylish pages from famous magazines and TV shows and living here in NYC, I am always intrigued to see them live.

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But you know NY Fashion Week tickets are not for sale. It's only by invitations.

Of course there are ways to get the tickets as suggested by the official website of it, but still it involves submitting your application to be the volunteer and 

But on the spin of the NY Fashion Week, we also have Couture Fashion Week.

Founded around 10 years ago, in 2015, by Andres Aquino, the Couture Fashion Week has become people's favorite for couture and luxury fashion shows in New York City.

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And this year, we also have Indonesian Designers coming and participating in the Couture Fashion Week here in New York City :).

For 2015 show, we will have Diana Couture, Anniesa Hasibuan, Shafira Collection, Vicky Shu, and special performance by Violist Tengku Ryo. Starting Friday, September 11, 2015, the shows are scheduled on Friday, 11 September 2015  at 6 pm for Diana Couture and  Saturday, September 12, 2015 for Shafira Collection, Anniesa Hasibuan feautring Tengky Ryo at 4 pm and Vicky Shu at 8 pm.

Check out the complete schedule at Couture Fashion Week website.

We will also have the #TrunkShow at the Indonesian Consulate General at the New York City on Sunday, 13 September 2015 .

Last year we had Dian Pelangi, Asri Welas, Barli Asmara and Zaskia Sungkar ;)

Asri Welas collection from last Fall...
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Check out my post on that here :)

I just can't wait :).
Get so excited to see the beautiful designs from Indonesian talented designers :)

Stick around for more details and I'll get back to you soooon :)

Stay fabulous, peopleeee :)


  1. I also loooove Jakarta Fashion Week!

  2. perasaan baru kemarin ya mbak Dian Pelangi ikutan, ini udah ada lagi pagelarannya

  3. WOw ... orang Indonesia ke sana? Kereeen

  4. Desainer Indonesia sekarang makin keren2 ya. Rancangannya udah makin mendunia

  5. yang punya Mbak Asri Welas aku suka banget

  6. Eh...gak terasa udah ada lagi..perasaan baru aja mama bo nulis ttg fashion show dian pelangi di NY

  7. Uuuhhhh... baju - bajunya unik2 yaaa. Bangga deh org Indonesia bs ikutan...

  8. Wonderful designs and spectacular dresses, pretty pictures!
    Limbo Delirium
    Black & White Abstract

  9. Oooh! I would LOVE to see a fashion show in NY some day! I bet it's quite an experience!

  10. I bet living in NY this is really cool!

    When I went to Savannah College of Art and Design they had a fashion show in their old restored theater. The school even got judges to judge their costumes. It was so cool!


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